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Kind of pie! Slow cooked chicken stew all day then put in a pot with some of @sainsburys light puff pastry (4 syns for 25g raw) and baked for about 15 mind. Think I’ll cook it separately next time to get more rise but was still very good! Served with lots of green veg and boiled potatoes 🥔🥔🥔
#slim4xmas #optimisingoctober #slimmingworldpie #swpie #swwinterfest #slimmingworldtea #slimmingworldslowcooker #swslowcooker
This Winterfest we were glad  new teens were able to be part of this experience. We hope you had a great time! #SWWinterfest
if you wanna know how my weekend was @ winterfest 😋 go click the link in my bio oh and if you do just leave a like 👍🏽js it's my friends YouTube ok ? Ok @llexii1122 #swwinterfest
Bringing the fire back home 🔥 #SWWinterfest  #wecool
Me tryna be cool with like 400 people 😎 lol
Got a chance to do what I love at Winterfest this past weekend. Amazing experience.
Behind the mic, in front of God. #SWWinterfest #SpokenWord #Poetry #LetHeavenComeDown
You were awesome!
Mixtape coming soon! haha 🎸🎤
Had an AMAZING winterfest💛 thank you to my amazing pastors @salfaro72 and @malfaro98 and my youth leaders @maurz89 and @pekisq for taking me on an adventure to seek god💛 and a special thank you to my youth group for making it even more amazing💛 #swwinterfest 2K17
Winterfest 2017 was a weekend to remember. God was present. Our hope is that this weekend was the beginning of something big in your life▶ Tell us what was your favorite moment?#SWWinterfest
|If you have any pics or videos send to Sara through messenger|
Went to Downtown Disney, and I really want this Pooh bear 😭💗
#SWWinterfest was amazing this year, as every year. I cannot wait until next year!
#swwinterfest Was lit these past two days 🔥🔥 Oh yea and I got a shot in w my favorite foe 🤷🏼‍♂️