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We fancy; workplace-holiday-party-fancy. #latergram #sylvainlabs #JessNJoshAdventures
🙌🙏❤ #sylvainlabs
When in Rome? #sylvainlabs
Ilana is all about that #sangratitude. #sylvainlabs
Early bird at the J. Pre-turkey day turkey day with the co-workers. Early onset itis and such. #sylvainlabs
The eyes have it. #whyyoueyeballinme #cuepetergabriel #sylvainlabs
The excellence of our work summed up in pastries... #sylvainlabs
#Repost @dammitalexis: A #sylvainlabs #Halloween2017! The Devil's Advocate, the Mad Hatter, a unicorn, #JoeyBowie, and Mrs. Robinson. (10/31/2017)
#Repost @joeycashmere: Found this art piece in the office. I call it “live free or die.” #sylvainlabs (10/30/2017)
#Repost @joeycashmere: Work hard, eat hard. Lobstah. #sylvainlabs (10/28/2017)
#Repost @marietheresegriffin: I fell in love at  @fastcompany’s Leading With Optimism Innovation Festival.  That’s what happens to me when I learn something new about someone or something.  I either fall in love for the first time or fall deeper in love as discoveries unfold in front of me.  Same thing happens in the work I do with @bunky_griffin.  With a deeper awareness and understanding comes big love.  @fabletics @katehudson, “I’m a professional optimist.” @walmartcom #marclore, “The #1 core value every entrepreneur must have is optimism.” Marc is brilliant and wildly successful having sold @jet to Walmart, but it was how he spoke about the people culture at Walmart that impressed me most.  Big-hearted @abbywambach, “Language is important.  You can’t remain silent.” @playerstribune @derekjeter, “Trust has been fractured between athletes and mainstream media.  Players’ Tribune is based on trust.” @mariobatali has built six libraries and is building six more.  He also created cooking videos so children could learn to prepare meals from food pantries.  He made me a fan for life.  @honest @jessicaalba on both of her parents working three jobs, on being a sick child, letters from moms and for explaining that mothers can only receive free daycare if she comes to the center with seven diapers daily thanks to @baby2baby.  I could go on and on.  Loved visits and exercises at @sypartners with @jmichele and at #sylvainlabs with @alainthierrysylvain.  A big thank you to @fastcompany masterful moderators, editors and organizers.  Wish I could have attended every event.  #fcfestival (10/27/2017)
#Repost @lehtorituomi: 'Helping engineer-driven companies think big, and productize their innovations' 👊 #sylvainlabs #fcfestival (10/24/2017)