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Don’t forget the MTB season opens this weekend with the Ignition Event hosted by Falls Creek and Blue Dirt. The weekend is full of activities and there’s room in the lodge... check out the event at www.fallscreek.com.au/listing/ignition-mountain-bike-festival-falls-creek/ and https://ignitionmtb.com.au. This also means a start to the summer so start planning your trip over the warmer months. You’re always welcome at the lodge. #aacfalls
With the last 2 weeks of the season and the school holidays on our doorstep, why not get up here and enjoy these conditions. There’s still plenty of space in the lodge.
Where else would you rather be? Remember the seasons is still open and the snow is awesome. #aacfalls
Lodge Life... Espresso Martini’s by Karinda and Santo!! #aacfalls
Beautiful day skiing #aacfalls
#aacfalls beautiful day
Sunset from mount McKay #aacfalls
The team cutting up the slopes
Another bluebird at falls creek #aacfalls
Bluebird #aacfalls
42cm fresh here, #aacfalls