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Hakone, Japan || The Symphonic Sculpture by Gabriel Loire. It is actually a lookout tower with stained glass wall and a spiral staircase in the middle. Probably not for those who have a fear of height but if you ever climbed to the top, you'll able to see the lush green landscape of this open-air modern art museum. #alinathewanderer #flywithairasia #hakone_pachiri
Hakone, Japan || Boarded the cruise enthusiastically because I wanted an up close shot (of which I did get, scroll down my profile to view it) with that striking red torii gate of the Hakone-jinja Shrine. #alinathewanderer #hakone_pachiri
Taking a step back in time at Warp Station Edo in Tsukuba. The Warp Station is a detailed replica of the traditional​ Edo-period town and is actually used for filming 17th century period dramas and films. #alinathewanderer #ducktravels
The red tori gate of Hakone-jinja Shrine on the shore of Lake Ashi. This shrine was the place where the Tokugawa and other samurai families worshipped. #alinathewanderer
My kind of window and a French themed place is always ❤ #alinathewanderer
Had fun playing tourist in Pahang and realised I really need to explore more of this state. So much to see, so much to do and so much to eat! #alinathewanderer
I have always been a strong believer of we don't meet people by accident and that we are meant to cross each other's path for a reason. Life is even beautiful when you look at it that way. Saying hello to Sabrina, a new friend made during an old friend's outdoor photoshoot :) #alinathewanderer
Enjoying this tiny part of the town on a very sunny day. #alinathewanderer
A detour bcs we have had enough of ketupat rendang. This, I can say, is my favourite spot in the cave. Somehow it reminded me of the Cave of the Seven Sleepers. Gave me the same vibe, these caves. #alinathewanderer
Magnifique 👌🏻 #alinathewanderer
Madakaripura Waterfall, by far the best waterfall experience (it's not like I've been to hundreds of waterfall in my life anyways) despite the 2KM slippery walk and rocky pathways.
This is still not the main fall, it was closed by the time we reached this point as it was raining at the main. Nonetheless, the experience was still awesome! Coban Rondo is nothing compared to Madakaripura but do visit both!
#alinathewanderer #flywithairasia #travel3sixty
I had instant noodle while enjoying this view a few weeks back.
It's raining heavily outside and I wish I'm having another noodle now, too. 
#alinathewanderer #mountbromo #flywithairasia #travel3sixty