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A cool walk inside the Flower Dome and came across beds of tulips. #alinathewanderer
I enjoyed the view around Marina Bay a little too much. You can tell by now I just love the view from afar of the Singapore Flyer. #alinathewanderer
Singapore, it was a short stay but I enjoyed every minute of it. Went there without anything really planned out but everything just fell into place. Met and chatted with some locals, foreigners and even Malaysians - love is everywhere and when we are nice, people are nice too. Also discovered a few things about myself like I didn’t know how to call a bus to stop and let 5 buses passed by with the drivers looking confused; that I could really live with an efficient public transportation system, who couldn’t; and I realised what and who matters to me most. Thank you Singapore, I had a great time. This is probably one of the best highlights of the year. #alinathewanderer
Hakone, Japan || The Symphonic Sculpture by Gabriel Loire. It is actually a lookout tower with stained glass wall and a spiral staircase in the middle. Probably not for those who have a fear of height but if you ever climbed to the top, you'll able to see the lush green landscape of this open-air modern art museum. #alinathewanderer #flywithairasia #hakone_pachiri
Hakone, Japan || Boarded the cruise enthusiastically because I wanted an up close shot (of which I did get, scroll down my profile to view it) with that striking red torii gate of the Hakone-jinja Shrine. #alinathewanderer #hakone_pachiri
Taking a step back in time at Warp Station Edo in Tsukuba. The Warp Station is a detailed replica of the traditional​ Edo-period town and is actually used for filming 17th century period dramas and films. #alinathewanderer #ducktravels
The red tori gate of Hakone-jinja Shrine on the shore of Lake Ashi. This shrine was the place where the Tokugawa and other samurai families worshipped. #alinathewanderer
My kind of window and a French themed place is always ❤ #alinathewanderer
Had fun playing tourist in Pahang and realised I really need to explore more of this state. So much to see, so much to do and so much to eat! #alinathewanderer
I have always been a strong believer of we don't meet people by accident and that we are meant to cross each other's path for a reason. Life is even beautiful when you look at it that way. Saying hello to Sabrina, a new friend made during an old friend's outdoor photoshoot :) #alinathewanderer
Enjoying this tiny part of the town on a very sunny day. #alinathewanderer
A detour bcs we have had enough of ketupat rendang. This, I can say, is my favourite spot in the cave. Somehow it reminded me of the Cave of the Seven Sleepers. Gave me the same vibe, these caves. #alinathewanderer