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This dear friend of mine turned 91 yesterday. We've never met, but we've exchanged letters since I was a girl. My Grandma Jessica listened to her radio program and got to meet her at several conferences. I listened to tapes of her radio program and read her books. Now, my children listen to her stories and read her books. They write her letters and send her pictures, too. 
Allegra McBirney is an author, speaker, and missionary extraordinaire. Despite failing eyesight and constant health struggles, she continues what she calls her "one-person publishing company" from home, coordinating the distribution and translation of her books around the world, for the outreach of the Gospel. And in between, she makes time to pray for and encourage people like me. ❤️ I'm grateful for Allegra's example of faithful service to our Lord and Savior, no matter what our "thorn in the flesh" may be. What an inspiration she continues to be to me! 
Happy Birthday, sweet friend (even though you won't see this social media tribute). Thank you for living your motto, "Heaven is my home, earth is my business address." ✝ (This photo of Allegra, taken by her daughter Kim, is one of my favorites because it represents to me Allegra's love for the animals God created. Many of her books use animals to tell the story of God's greatness.) #allegramcbirney
“Tell me, do you like stories about things that really happened? Wonderful things that the Lord did?” I grew up listening to Allegra McBirney’s stories. Not fairy tales or even parables, but true stories about real little girls and boys all around the world.

Our radio didn’t carry her program, “A Time for Sharing”, but she sent me cassette tapes of some of her programs. I treasured those tapes alongside my collection of Ethel Barrett and Uncle Arthur’s Storytime. I can still hear her sweet voice telling about Mrs. McGuffy, the mother hen who cared so for her chicks that she was willing to give her very life for them–just like Jesus did for us.

And then there were her books. My grandma’s library included some of Allegra’s hardback books, spiritual nonfiction “for grown-ups.” But my cousins and I read over and over again her tiny staple-bound, self-published books of 15 to 30 pages each. I especially liked The Rescuer because the St. Bernard on the cover (painted by Allegra herself, of her own St. Bernard!) reminded me of my cousin’s dog.

Now that I’m a “grown-up”, I find new meaning in her titles about family, like Children and Olive Trees and What Is A Home? I find great encouragement to persevere through the hard times in God’s Diamonds and God’s Harp. And The Shepherd Psalm for a Freeway Culture is much like another favorite, A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 by Phillip Keller.

But Allegra’s stories for children will always be my favorites. Perhaps because they remind me of the truth of Mark 10:15: “whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” @gretlouise is #onkindredgrace talking about a modern day #missionary, author, speaker, and #heroofthefaith: Allegra McBirney. #allegramcbirney (photography by @thejennimarie)
"Do we view our children as real treasures? Are we deeply aware of their tremendous value? ...really, isn't every child miracle? If we would simply not forget that, but would maintain that perspective--which is God's perspective--there'd be no alternative to valuing them as real treasures--yes, even when their care is exceptionally demanding, and may bring tears." Much needed perspective from this little book by #allegramcbirney after a very long week... #motherhoodissanctifying #raisinggenerations #whymotherhoodmatters
This little book is a gem. (Swipe for this morning's truth.) #allegramcbirney #prayer
Sometimes you need to just sit down and soak up the simple truths of Jesus and His love. I think the spiritual giants are really the ones with the most childlike faith. That's why I love Allegra's writing so much. It's so simple, but it's so full of love for Jesus. "Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 18:3)

When doubts and fears assail and your heart is burdened for ones you love, digitizing the cassette tapes that shaped your childhood faith is a good faith-building exercise. #ethelbarrett #allegramcbirney
Moved to tears this morning reading these stories by Allegra McBirney aloud to my children. So grateful for their faith-giving perspective on this Monday morning. #allegramcbirney
I'm curious if any of you are familiar with the author Allegra McBirney? I grew up reading her little children's stories--usually about animals--at my grandma's house. Grandma also had cassette tapes of Allegra reading some of her stories aloud. I can still hear her sweet voice telling the story of the mother hen who gave her life for her chicks.

Through the years, my grandma became "pen friends" with Allegra. Eventually, I began to exchange letters with this precious lady, too. 
In her eighties now, Allegra continues to spread Gospel around the world through her little books. Though her eyesight is failing, she uses every waking moment to write, for God's glory.

If you ever find one of her little gems of a book, get it. (I wish they were more readily available.) We just spent a delightful fifteen minutes reading this tale about the owl family (it's really a science lesson in disguise--don't tell my children!). #allegramcbirney #childrensbooks #readaloudrevival #homeschooling