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This time last week in Edgartown🍃 using a rainy day to review photographs from a sunnier time ☀️
Gardens of Edgartown ❤️🌱☀️🌺 and our future summer home, right @lukasposch ? 😉
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 😎🤗😍 #onvineyardtime
Attempting to get lost in the old neighborhood 🏡 Louisburg Square ☀️ 86°F Sunny
Scarborough, Maine ❤️ A near perfect weekend (only some rain on Saturday!) reconnecting with family and celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, homecomings and the like. It’s easy for everyone to love and get along with views like this ✨
Love our little neighborhood 💙⛵️
Freckle face ☀️☀️☀️ Today celebrating harbor birthday in Hamburg 🎂⚓️ After a couple hours in the sun I’m always shocked how many of my freckles peek through!! I used to really dislike them but they’ve grown on me 🙉
Daydreaming of Florence and all the gelato on this hot day🍦☀️🍦 but actually sitting on the couch right now procrastinating on getting my last final paper done 👩🏻‍💻
Thinking I’d much rather be trapped up here as we enter finals week 🙈📚
Streets of Peccioli ☀️🌿 I just uploaded a new round of pretty photos from this little Tuscan village, now on the blawg 📸 #bexinitaly
Tuscany is an absolute dream and this has been one of my favorite trips ever! ❤️❤️❤️One of our (many) highlights was this moment horseback riding through the vineyards at Tenuta Torciano 🐎☀️ #BexInItaly
Tuscany you have my heart ❤️☀️🍷🍦🌿🍋 #bexinitaly