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Forever my neighborhood 💫💫 #bexinboston
Taste of an all American autumn
Cottage house perfection 🏡 #BexOnMarthasVineyard
Hi Martha's Vineyard! 👋It has been way too long 💖Our first stop was a walk through Oak Bluffs & I finally got to show Lukas all my favorite cottages and Circuit Ave gems. Best part was watching his face transform as he started to fall in love with the island 🍇#BexOnMarthasVineyard
Last views from Georgetown 😍🏡 From D.C. @lukasposch and I flew to Martha's Vineyard to spend time with family and I got to show him around the island! ✨I'm excited to share our whereabouts soon 💖💖 #BexInDC
The perfect place to spend our rainy afternoon 📚🌧 #BexInDC
Our D.C. trip would not be complete without a walk around Georgetown University 📚📚#BexInDC
After an unexpected 8 mile walk (in this outfit 🙈🙈) we finally made it to the Lincoln Memorial ✨#BexInDC
Clouds started to break up just in time as we neared the Washington Monument. It's a pretty surreal experience walking towards it and realizing just how large it is. We also really enjoyed walking it at night and the top faded into the fog. ⛅️#BexInDC
I regret not finding a way to fit this robe into our luggage 🙈☕️ #FairmontMoments #BexInDC
Admiring the playful tones of Georgetown 🏡 #BexInDC
Evening coffee runs while exploring D.C. ☕️ #BexInDC