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Il corso intermedio continua, oggi infusioni!!Sempre più bravi!!!! #carpigianigelatouniversity #carpigiani1946 #gelatoartigianale
Basic course at #carpigianibenelux. #carpigiani1946 . Cream gelato, sorbettos, variegato, #tiramisu , #popsicles. #gelatoconsulting #basvanhaaren
Seconda settimana di corso, prima la teoria e poi la pratica; gruppo di studenti super!!! #carpigianigelatouniversity #carpigiani1946
Sorbetto di fragola / Strawberry Sorbet! 🍓😍🍦 - It‘s soo mouthwatering 💕 Actually we can use freshly picked strawberries to make this, but I remember we used the best quality of strawberry puree instead! 😊 (a little advice: try to prevent using the fruit paste to make sorbet, because it kinda tastes artificial). I personally think the fresh ones or puree ones are definitely much better, not only in taste but also in colour! 😋 and as I learned how to make this, I found out the reasons why sorbet is reaaally good. It’s very light, sweet, fruity and mostly... refreshing! ❤️ #carpigiani1946
Honey Butter ‘n Cookies Gelato! 🍯🍪🍦😍 - This idea came up when our Chef said that we have to make a free-flavor gelato! 😆 At first we tried to cook the butter until it became a lil „browney“ before mixing it with the other ingredients! 💛 Then for a special aroma we also added some orange blossoms into it! 😍🍊 At the end, I’m so happy that the flavours of honey & butter were pretty balanced with each other! The crunchiness of the cookies (that we made as a Variegato) with an extra hit of honey drizzle at the end kinda made a layer of texture to the finished product and made the gelato tastes mooore rich in flavours! 😋❤️ Happiest Sunday everyone! 💕 #carpigiani1946
Peanut Butter & Cocoa Mass Gelato! 🥜🍫🍦💛 - Peanut butter is chocolate’s best friend! 😍 so I thought it stands to reason that this gelato cannot go wrong. 😋 and it’s actually made to low glycemic index, so instead of using sucrose as the main sugar, we used trehalose and fructose! 😊 I‘m so happy to have learnt how to use different types of sugars in the production of gelato. This one is very luscious, smooth and creamy! ❤️ I used to be a very picky person when it comes to gelato, but now I really love to always try and create new/different flavours, just because there‘s always something fun happening in making them. 💛 Hope you all have a great weekend! 💕 #carpigiani1946
Corso Base di gelateria, un grande in bocca al lupo ai miei studenti!!! Viva il gelato artigianale!!! #carpigiani1946 #carpigianigelatouniversity #carpigianimuseum #gelateriagambrinus
Ridiamoci su! Sotto il David!
Had an amazing week of intermediate course with our wonderful Chef, Bas van Haaren! 💙 Thank you so much for sharing your time, your life experiences, your expertise and your love for this gelato world to us. It was really nice having you as our mentor, instructor and chef! 😊 You show up everyday looking to make the most of it and therefore I‘m glad to have learnt from the best. ✨ People said time flies when you‘re having fun! and when you enjoy every moment you‘re in. It’s true though! 💕 From learning how to compose my own gelato recipe until making the international flavours‘ gelato, I cherished everything this week without even realizing how short it has been. Wishing you all the best, always, Chef @bas_gelato, and looking forward to the next time! Dank je wel. ❤️ #carpigiani1946
Intermediate Gelato course at #carpigiani1946. #gelato 🍦
Dark Chocolate & Lavender Gelato! 🍫🍦💜 - I really looove this one! 🙈 As I started the intermediate course last Monday, I realized that making gelato wasn‘t as easy as I thought. But it was indeed a great fun, and I don‘t mind to do it all over again for the rest of my life. ❤️ At first I thought the aroma of lavender leaves might be too strong because I kinda squished them too much when I did the infusions, but apparently, at the end, it was perfectly balanced with the dark chocolate flavour! 💛 So happy to have made this one! My most favourite so far. 😍 #carpigiani1946
Sempre con la testa fra ne nuvole.... direction #washingtondc 🎩🗽🗺🏛🍨🍦😱😂#gelatofestivalamerica2018 #carpigiani1946 #gelato #travelling #having_fun