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#mountaindew  They have 6 packs of Mountain Dews that are 24 oz each!!! #coecollege Need my Dew before coffee!!
#cedarrapids Love it@here!
"Devin is a special person because she is my exact opposite, she is cool under pressure and always has a very rational perspective on any situation going on in her life. At times she may get a little flustered, but she always has the poise to step back and figure out how to work through a situation. Although we are different in some ways, Devin still finds ways to make me smile and laugh exactly when I need it. Devin is not only my sister but a dear friend, she has been there for me in my times of need both in chapter life as well as our personal lives. I constantly thank Alpha Gamma Delta for bringing her into my life. " ❤️🐿Jessi
Regardless of all the hustle and bustle that come with a college move, I still took time out to get my workout in, this time indoors! Day10 of Core de Force MMA KICKBUTT
Crimson and gold! 
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@coecollege We are back at Coe for @meghanperson junior year! Excited for her!
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So ready for the new adventures! #coecollege
"ideas & plans", reads the cover. inside, each page starts with kind words, includes questions for myself, and requires daily action.
we've all seen the inspiration journals, flipped through the idea books, and scrolled through pinterest...wondering, "why can't i have that?" today i decided that i can.
in three short weeks, i will move into my new home in a city i have never walked through, with people i know nothing about yet. this little, pink, zipped-up journal will hold my heart on the days it is full, my fears on days that anxiety is on high, and my plans for the DC adventure that my life is needing.
if you have not yet, please click the link in my bio to learn more about my plans, goals, and financial needs for success this fall semester.
Test run 1 = success! It all fit! We are going to do some repackaging to get even more room.
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明日はみんな派遣先の大学にいくのでガンバロ。10ヶ月後また会いましょ👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 #Coecollege
Baby sis moves back to #CoeCollege on Monday for year two and I'm just here with my coffee trying not to be too jealous.  #not4years4life #homesweetCoe @laura_sue98
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Congrats Justin & Holly! #coecollege