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It's a beautiful day! Everyday is a blessing, a new opportunity to do and be the very best versions of our selves. We hope you have wonderful day! 😊🙏🏼❤️
Oasis is where the Queens and Kings eat! Shout out to queen @saishastarseed for this epic post! You are this weeks Instagram share winner 🎉 DM us your email so we can send you that prize.
Don't forget to ask about our seasonal Ice Cream Sandwich flavors. 🍪🍦Vegan & GF 👌🏼😊
Yet I’m still single. .
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Sorry guys we're all out of tacos, this little guy ate them all! 😱😆🌮 Just Kidding!! See you today for Taco Tuesday 🌱👌🏼😘
It's that time of the week to go nuts for tacos again! Build your own tacos today and save $2 for our special Taco Tuesday discount. Try them like this with or Carnitas protein, citrus slaw, Avocado sauce and Red pepper sauce. Or build them anyway you like! You can also get $3 single Jackfruit tacos and Zucchini tacos 🤗🌮🌱👌🏼
The lovely faces of Oasis 😍🌱
Bowl or Salad? What's your pick?! 🥙🥗😋
🌱🌮😍Organic, plant-based, & delicious.
Is the corn you are eating non-GMO / Organic? 🌽99% of the corn served in the U.S. is genetically modified and over time can have major negative implications to your health. That's why we only use Organic non-GMO corn in our food, because health and flavor shouldn't be exclusive. Come try our our Taco Tuesday specials today! 😋🌱❤️ Thank you to @svndralyn for this awesome capture 📷You are this weeks Taco Tuesday winner. DM us your email so we can send you some FREE tacos 😎
Mexico City Tacos! 🌮
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It's a bowl kinda day 🥙⛅️