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With our build your own main dishes and classic options the possibilities for deliciousness are almost endless. 😋🌱Today is Taco Tuesday which means $2 off regular main dish tacos, and $3 Jackfruit taco / $3 Zucchini taco. 🌮

Shout out to @onehungrylatina for winning this weeks free taco give away!  @onehungrylatin please DM us your email so we can send you those tacos 😊🙌🏼
When we created our new menu our goal was to make food as closely to its natural state, that is delicious, and nutritious. Our signature sauces are made with fresh herbs, spices, vegetables, and olive oil. They add the perfect flare of flavors and punch of health into each bite. Our sauces featured above: Maple Herb Vinaigrette, Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce, Vegan Cream, Turmeric Aioli, Avocado Ginger sauce. 🌱🌶🥑🍋
It's Taco Tuesday! How are you going to have your tacos today? With or build your own tacos you can pic your protein, veggie topping, and sauce. The possibilities are countless! 😝🌮Save $2 on the build your own main dish tacos, or try our single tacos on special. $3 Jackfruit taco, and $3 Zucchini taco. 👌🏼 Featured in this photo are tacos with vegan Carnitas protein, herb roasted veggies, and red pepper sauce. Side of potato wedges. .......
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Want a more vibrant life? Eat more whole foods! 🌱🍊🍒🍏🥕🥑🍓
With our design your own style menu, the healthy combination possibilities are almost endless. 😍🌱👌🏼
Tacos!!! It's that time of the week again. Come on in for our Taco Tuesday deals. $3 Jackfruit tacos, and Zucchini tacos. Also $2 off regular build your own tacos. 🙌🏼🌱🌮 This weeks free taco winner goes to @jcadventurez for sharing this awesome picture! Please DM us your email @jcadventurez so we can send you those tacos 😊🙏🏼❤️
The Pupusa. A Central American classic that is sold on street corners, restaurants, and made in homes. Not anyone can make one of these delicious morsels of food as it takes a delicate yet quick trained hand. Ours our special because we use organic corn masa, as well as organic beans and cheese for the filling. Topped with a fresh sauerkraut and tomato salsa. Also made with spinach and cheese, and both options are available with our vegan Daiya cheese. 😋👌🏼🌱
Almost every morning before we open the doors we have our team huddle. This moment brings us together and helps reinforce our mission as a team and family. We remind each other that what we do transcends just making food, we are here to make a positive impact in this community. The love we put into the food heals people's bodies, and the smiles and kind words build community and nourishes the soul. Thank you for being a part of our lives! 🙏🏼❤️😊 Special thanks to @faces_and_places_of_riverside for capturing this moment. Please check out and follow this lovely page, helping to capture the beauty that is life and the individuals of our community.
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It's Taco Tuesday Oasis family!! These Zucchini tacos are the perfect indulgence on a day like this. Seasoned with garlic and turmeric, topped with lettuce, pico de gallo, and our vegan cream and avocado ginger sauce! 🌮🔥🤤 Shout out to @jennie_fussell for this epic share of her Taco experience. You are this weeks free taco winner. Please send DM us your email Jennie so we can send you some tacos! 🙌🏼❤️
Our tamales feature organic corn masa as the main ingredient, mixed in with some spinach and spices. Topped with our vegan cream and tomato salsa. The perfect small plate or side dish! 😋👌🏼
Ordering tip: substitute your veggie option for any of our add ons like Avocado, coconut bacon, or cheese (vegan or regular). If you haven't had the coconut bacon yet, it's a must try! 😋👌🏼🌱🥑