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Hannah, Claudia, Mags and I 😛#fathomiers #spearfishing #divergirls #speara
Pretty much how it goes. 🤣😂😁
Nothing brings me more joy on the water than finding the fish and putting my friends on them. Yesterday was another amazing day. I knew it was going to be challenging to find them as they are pretty spread out. But I also had a feeling that it was going to end good. All in all I covered 175 miles and it was all worth it. Found one group of fish by around 2 pm. They were breezing at first and then sunk down to 100 feet. I kept on tracking them on my sonar. Found the general heading, speed and pattern they were traveling and stayed on them. Started dropping my divers on them and after couple opportunities fish was on. Did that over the course of the next few hours. Hardest part was every time we landed a fish out of that group I had to recalculate the time lost, their speed and direction and try to find them again. Ended up tracking the same group of fish for 10 miles and got 5 fish out of it. By far the most diverse fish in the ocean. I can't even count how many different behavior the Blue fin tuna has. I guess for a fish that travels around the whole world they better be that way. Learning them has been some of the most challenging and exciting part of my career. Special thanks to my best sidekick @leaveittoblumer. The chase would definitely not be the same without him. Special thanks to one of my best buddies @craig_petersen for just being the nicest and best pointer friend I have 😄. And congratulations to one of my idol and one of the true Spearfishing legends in the sport Gerald Lim on his personal best Blue Fin Tuna in California. Most importantly thanks to one of the greatest tuna experts and one of my best friends Jeff Richardson for helping me figure these fish out. Special thanks to @spearamerica @gannetdiveco @surffur for always providing me with the best gear required to be in this game. Ok my body is sore from head to toe and have been on 3 hour sleep a day for the past month it feels like. I think I need a day off😄😄 #fathomiers #spearamerica #surffur #gannetdiveco
The sandals don't lie!!! This #throwbackthursday is featuring one of the #fathomiers true tuna slayers, great friends and salty OG @seaholic20 ... Richie has been killing it for years and he won't stop anytime soon. Richie, give us some dirt on this fish?
This year has been a whole different game than last year. So much tougher to find the fish, get on them and put them in the boat. No way I can do it by myself. Having the right crew to all work together is a must. Everyone needs to be on it or else it's easy to get skunked. Here's to one of the best days of the year. When you got 2 of the biggest fish bags @reliable_fishing_products makes and they are both staked with a limit of Blue Fin Tuna smallest being 120#, you know it's an unforgettable day. Best part is friends and family gonna be eating some of the best fish you can get from anywhere in the world. That's truly one of my highlights. Killing it with @leaveittoblumer #spearamerica #fathomiers #surffur #gannetdiveco #bluefintuna #bft #sashimi #organic #spearamericasouthbay
First blue fin tuna I caught and biggest fish on R&R. 2 personal bests = Stoked. Thank to one of the most knowledgeable fisherman I know and one of my best friend Jeff Richardson. He's the reason for the success on this day. #bluefintuna #spearamerica #fathomiers
I went to my first Neptunes meeting... To pick up my trophy! Blue Water Meet 2017 champion! It's a true honor to have my name on "Big Jim" among some many legendary spearfishermen! Many thanks, and can't wait till next year! #raabephoto #spearfishing #fathomiers #fishing #catalina #bigjim #bluewatermeet
Grateful for another successful dive despite the obvious handicaps... Lol
Halibut limit!

#spearfishing #freedive #spearo #spearamerica #spearolifestyle
#spearamericasouthbay #halibut #spearitandsearit #fathomiers
Whatever it takes: get your gear ready and get out there this weekend! 
#fathomiers #throwbackthursday #spearos #ogspearo
Could dragons have really existed? 🤔
Local American Spoils. Surf & Turf! Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸😘
Took my nephews out Spearfishing for their first time on a 2 day Catalina trip. What a blast it was. It was a gorgeous sunny clam 2 days. We had plenty of water time, fishing time, BBQ steaks and just hanging out. The boys got to shoot their first fish and more. The excitement on their faces was priceless. Unbelievable how natural they were. They loved it so much that even when they started shivering from being so cold they still wanted to keep Spearfishing. Reminded me of me when I started. 😄😄. Now they can't wait to do it all again. 😃😃#fathomiers #spearamerica #surffur