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I placed 2nd at an international science conference with my research from GGC about the Antioxidant and Cytoprotective properties of Durian and Jackfruit! So grateful to be able to represent my school during a Study Abroad Trip #GGCabroad #GGC #gilmanscholar
My Durian and Jackfruit research won 2nd Place at the International Seminar of Science 2018 at Khampaeng Phet Rajabat University. I can’t believe it! #ggcstudyabroad
Presented my Durian/Jackfruit  research at Khampaeng Phet Rajabat University! I’m so happy, so proud, and can’t wait to see what that future holds! #ggcstudyabroad
@emandanotamanda has us feeling serious #FOMO. 😩 Check out her travels through Thailand and South Korea. #ggcabroad 🌏
after i met nemo and marlin #phiphiisland #ggcabroad
Good luck getting me back to America (I know the swaying means they have been abused a lot ! Aka why they are in a rescue home now! They were abused and chained up in a circus as newborns) Grew up trying to make others laugh even if they were in pain. Yes, I’m crying #ggcabroad
all of the kids here are so joyful! while we visited the Korean folk village, multiple primary school students came running to us because they had a “talk to a foreigner” assignment due. the questions were pretty basic like what our names were, where we are coming from and what our majors or profession is, and to take a picture with us,,, since there is obviously a language barrier we couldn’t understand one another well but i could tell how sweet and excited they were. since we had no idea how to get around and all of the maps were also written in korean they gladly helped us get to the amusement park part of the village , I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!! (the stone behind me is the story behind the folk village) #day2insouthkorea #ggcabroad
Handstands on a volcano are he best kind of handstands ❤️❤️ #ggcabroad #ecuador #elpichincha #handstand #volcano #flair #acrobatico #acrobat #circusfreak #flexibilidad #flexibility #strength #balance #yoga
Studying abroad this summer? ✈️ Don’t forget to share your travel pics with us using #GGCabroad. 📷  @icamillebeach
Sad to be leaving this beautiful place in the morning 🇬🇧❤ #ggcabroad #itsfinewerefine
Not everyday you get to stand next to the pitch where one of your favorite player plays lol #ggcabroad