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Came back yesterday from Hawaii to 2 hula performances today! Justin and I were both asked separately to do a performance in different places to the SAME song on the same day!! Seriously so crazy. Since I had to learn Pua Lililehua for my performance at @kaulanatoyo 's event at @halelaniterrace in the evening, I was able to dance while Justin played uke and sang at the "aloha picnic" earlier on in the day! :) Today was a really fun and interesting experience. Ever since moving to Japan, Justin and I are so much more in touch with Hawaiian music and culture... lol. #halelaniterrace #ハレラニテラス #halelanistudio
💖【美BODYウォーク』✨健康プロジェクト✨現役モデル「あかね」BODYメンテナンス 美ウォークコンシェルジュがプロデュース✨正しい姿勢と歩き方で美しく健康に✨正しい姿勢に変わると小顔効果に✨O脚も改善されます✨

#美BODYウォーク  #健康  #姿勢 #女子力up 
#健康寿命  #覚王山  #halelanistudio 
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(English below)
ALOHA! 初めまして!ハレラニのインスタ担当のKeiko Kongです!実は私はハレラニのオーナーの娘でもあります。私はロスで生まれて、6歳の時にハワイに引っ越してからはハワイで暮らしていました。そして、1年半ほど前に旦那様と名古屋に越して来てからはハレラニでお仕事を楽しみながらやっています!私のハレラニでの主な役目はグラフィックデザインと写真とソーシャルメディアです。カフェのすぐ上のスタジオではフラも教えています!私は今日から二週間ハワイの家に帰ります。その期間中ハレラニのインスタとインスタストーリーにロコガールの目を通してのアメージングなハワイをアップします!ご期待を!

Hi guys! I think it is a good time to introduce myself, the person behind this instagram account! Hi, my name is Keiko Kong and I am the daughter of the owner of Hale Lani Terrace. A little about myself - I grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii but moved here to Nagoya with my husband just about a year and a half ago. I've had the pleasure of working at Hale Lani since, helping with graphic design, photography, social media and teaching hula upstairs from the cafe in #halelanistudio ! Anyway, I will be heading home to Hawaii today for the next 2 weeks and will be documenting my experiences through our Hale Lani instagram! My hope is to give you an authentic glimpse into my amazing hometown through the eyes of a local girl. I'll be posting a few photos as well as updating our instastory regularly throughout my stay! Stay tuned!! -Keiko🌴
All the musicians and dancers at Kakuozan Summer Festival this past weekend! (Yes even my sister danced one song with us lol!) #覚王山祭り #halelaniterrace #ハレラニテラス #名城大学 #名城オハナ

#美BODYウォーク  #ダイエット  #健康
#姿勢改善 #正しい歩き方  #女子力高い 
#名古屋のウォーキングスクール  #覚王山
#モデル  #ハレラニテラス  #産後の体型
We'll mees u Kelseeea T_T #halelaniterrace #ハレラニテラス
Our @halelaniterrace hula class ladies and Meijo University Hawaii club girls performed today at the annual Kakuozan Matsuri!! I'm so sad I couldn't be there but so proud of all of them!! They all look sooo beautiful! @kelsealynn709 and @kaiklein09 thank you for your awesome leadership and making it happen today!! So thankful for you guys. Can't wait to hear about it when I get back!