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I attended the @hbloggerscom HBC Summit last month and had the best time! I feel I have gained so much knowledge and valuable information that will not only help me in my journey as a new blogger but by providing me with the tools to expand and grow🌱The workshops were amazing💫I attended the shelf help book club by @chloebrotheridge and @ms.toni.jones focusing on anxiety around social media, and the workshop by @wellspokenmark which was incredible, discussing credibility in the blogging industry. I learnt so much and got to hear others talk about their own journey. I also enjoyed listening to the beyond mat conversation with fitness influencers, as well as meeting other bloggers and influencers which made my day! A truly inspiring and memorable day💖
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It’s #friyay and the sun is trying to shine here in Yorkshire ⛅️. I’m at the beginning of day four of my freelance life and I’ve got to admit, it feels so natural and right; like I’ve always been doing it! Weird...
Anyway I’ve just jumped on here to wish you all a FABULOUS Friday, it’s almost the weekend!! 🤗💕.
Oh, I almost forgot...MINI LEMON AND BLUEBERRY SCONES recipe coming this evening!! 😍.
(📸 Just throwing it back to the @hbloggerscom Summit with the babe that is @rhitrition ☺️)•
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II fly to America today for a whole month! Shooting with @therunnerbeans and I can’t help reminiscing on the last month. 
From like minded people, discussing the health industry and yummy food. An awesome day ran by @hbloggerscom 🥑 
To shooting with all my regulars and meeting some lovely new clients like @littlepocketrocket and @g_who_dares. To all my regulars I’ll be back on the 28th of June! #americabound #healthandfitness #photographer #hbcsummit
When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower , you water it daily…..One who understand this, understand life….
— Buddha
Throwing it back to @hbloggerscom event where I was lucky enough to speak in front of you lovely lot with some awesome people next to me 😍 Swipe to see more cute pics 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 Love a good panel discussion and although I was pretty nervous, I actually really loved talking on the panel 🤗 Definitely will be doing more in future! 🙋🏼‍♀️ #hbcsummit #healthblogger #ootd #weekend #fitnessblogger
I got to pick the brain of the amazing @romylondonuk last week & talk to her about pairing veganism with work. Thank you @hbloggerscom for taking this snap 💛
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Right!? 🙌 If you were at the #HBCSummit last Saturday you'll know that our lovely founder @fabgiovanetti would definitely choose 'let it go' 😉💖 which one would you try first? Tell us below👇 #perspective #selfcare [📸 : @positivelypresent]
LOO ART - admiring the walls at @mindspace.me last weekend. A belated thanks to @hbloggerscom summit for having me speak with @blogosphere_magazine. Was a great event!  #art #looart #toiletart #illustration #illustrated #swimming #swimmingart #instaart #instadraw #instadrawing #mindspace #aldgate #eastlondon #mindspacewhitechapel #whitechapel #bbloggers #hbcsummit #hbcommunity #healthbloggers #artbloggers #artoftheday #artsofinstagram #artwork #artsy
So ABOUT LAST WEEKEND. I was at the @hbloggerscom and was learning and connecting (as one does). 😘
I finally met the INSPIRATIONAL and down to earth @rhitrition one of  the leading nutritionists I look up to in the field (I have a few that inspire me) and I also met the lovely @shona_vertue (one of the leading personal trainers) both ladies were giving me some advice about self employment as a personal trainer/nutritionist (self care also) and developing my personal training specialisms (more on that in the near future). Pics will be on website bare with me k just finishing up an assignment 😅.
I’m a sucker for a GOODY BAG and unfortunately I can’t show you all the contents (unless you want to see empty wrappers more deets for the review). I devoured it ASAP (I mean it I went INNNNN with the edible stuff that is I got shampoo but you can’t eat that ).
I also caught up again with @healthyandpsyched and got the deets on her PhD thesis (I do have a firm interest in health psychology so I wracked her 🧠) I met the lovely lady of @livewellevents (coming in March 2019). It focuses on the MENTAL HEALTH aspect of health and wellbeing which is often neglected and I thought I’d mention it in light  of mental health awareness week last week (so be on the look out for it k 𗁬💕👀).
Also last minute sorting out my GDPR compliance so I’m being a law abiding citizen sending newsletters and tips to those that are on my EMAIL LIST (bare with me I’m new to email marketing 🙈). If you haven’t yet SIGN UP on my website www.nutrifitchick.com (GRAB your motivational PRINTABLE FREEBIE NOW! 🤗) and I’ll send a double opt in to confirm your subscription. CHEERS 🥂
‘Always go with you passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not. Just start, begin.... today. With a simple, tiny habit & thought change. So many dreams and hopes are not fulfilled because we over think it, run ahead with a story or what ifs, or look behind to gather evidence to prove its not possible for us. 
Over the years I’ve learned, whilst anything is not always possible right now.... something is always possible right now, and by taking action to change your habits and thoughts, you never know who you will meet, what paths will open & what possibilities could occur. 💙
So today, be brave... make a connection with someone you wish you could, change a habit that’s limiting you (keep it simple, consistent and accountable), and shift a mindset thought to something more helpful.... all in line with your bigger vision, passion and purpose. And if you have no damn idea what that is, that’s totally cool... just take some action, with these changes and I promise things will shift. 🌈
Growth is scary, change is uncontrollable, yet courage to allow this to happen is where the magic happens. Be vulnerable, be open and trust you. I get how challenging this can be, I often write things which are a reminder to myself to keep flowing and growing. 🙏🏻
If I can help You it would be my privilege. It’s my passion to help people embrace fear with courage to live their wild, adventurous life with inner confidence and contentment. Let me help you, don’t be sacred to ask. I spent years being scared to ask and grow for fear of what if.... let’s grow together, today... Big big support, Always. Pop me an email kim@energisedperformance.com and do come to my in person workshop 9th June, Bristol UK, handful of space left to help you #make2018brilliant part 2🙌
For great people, my shares for today (I always love to share, please tag and do the same, it’s inspiring and grows your Tribe) to help are these awesome humans @loriharder @chriswharder @davidrhamiltonphd @burrell_education @deepakchopra @hbloggerscom (abundance of goodness) @camilladallerup 
I believe and see you potential, Kim 🌠 🦋
#actionacademy #atribecalledbliss 💙
Great to meet @thefashionfitnessfoodie Lucy at the #healthybloggersummit this weekend.

It’s safe to say blogging...or any kind of social media isn’t necessarily a strength of mine, however I can also safely say I learnt 100% more than I knew from being at the event!

What I do know is that it takes talent, ambition and creativity to become a top blogger and @thefashionfitnessfoodie and all of the bloggers in the room on Saturday have it in abundance!💪 #hbcsummit #blogging #vithitdrinks #vithit #entrepreneur #healthybloggers #ambition #talent #creativity
We thought this was pretty fitting after the #HBCSummit on Saturday 🙌 a HUGE thank you to everyone who came along and to all of our fantastic speakers, workshop hosts and brands 💖 we love having you in our wonderful community 🙃 #community #shoutout [📸 : @b.ethanygrace]