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Touch Ground's Sneakers is made with the traditional method which use the kiln to provide originality of vulcanized sneaker, inspired from the archery shoes cover and 70s classic tennis shoes. 👟
Touch Ground use high tension vintage yellow color sponge so you can feel comfortable.
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Day16 of #HPskincarechallenge ⚡️by @gingersisterskin is Invisibility Cloak AKA Best Coverage✨
🌟#IOPE Intense Cover Air Cushion #23 Beige
Simple and lightweight packaging with a beautiful rose gold rim and a honeycomb cushion. The shade no.23 has a slight pink undertone which comes off a tad too warm on my skin. The formula feels light and although it can cover from pigmentation, redness to blemishes well to a degree, this is not necessarily suitable for concealing broken skin especially dry patches (first hand experience 😑) It's buildable with a light hand because the puff picks up good amount of the product already. However, I find that with thick layer it will accentuate pores and dry patches on my dry skin. Would be better for normal to oily skin. .
Initially, I didn't get along well with this cushion but I find it works so much better with stipple brush application for a nice, light natural matte finish. Kind of wish I picked up No.21 instead though🤔
Purchased @kmall24_official .
🌟#Memebox I'm Concealer #Vanilla 01
The best coverage concealer I've come across so far with just a small amount. I love this for heavy duty but it might not be best for the drier area because of a rather thick formula. 
Gifted by @annyeounghanna (thank you! 💕)
🌟#TheSaem Tip Concealer #NaturalBeige 1.5
Light, creamy formula that offers great coverage and blends well without creasing plus it's very affordable. I can see why this is beloved among the ABcommunity 😄
Purchased @altheakorea $3.5
🌟#NYX HD Photogenic Concealer #CW04 Beige
Another high coverage and longlasting power concealer with a ton of color selection however, the formula is on a dry side so you might have to work quickly.
Purchased @ultabeauty $5
Sorry I look so grumpy in the photo, I promise this is a good review 😂

After seeing @colebiancardi stories today, I decided to do a mini-review about this lovely mermaid mask. 
I bought a 10 pack of these from kmall24. After trying the first one, I purchased another 10 pack. 
The fit of these are great. Not as wonderful as the jayjun baby pure shining, but still good. The mask comes with a mesh backing to help apply, but to be honest I find most backings annoying and just separate even before I slap it on my face. 
I don't detect any strong scents here. If there are any, it's minor and not enough to cause irritation or headaches. 
There is a TON of essence in this mask. So much so that I find myself rubbing it off my lips the first few minutes after application. Side note: the essence is not tasty. I can wear this mask for 45 minutes easy and pretend I'm a luscious, slimy mermaid while I do it. 
As per effects, there are none except hydration. I don't see any reduction in redness or tightening of pores. However, the purpose of my masking (most of the time) is pure hydration, which I 100% get from this mask. I love this mask and recommend it to anyone who needs a good punch of moisture.
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안녕하세요. SITA 팀장 양현준입니다.
이번 KMF공모전에 SITA이름을 걸고 참여하게 되었습니다!! '한국무역협회 Kmall24를 이용한 중소기업의 해외 마케팅 방법 및 홈페이지의 발전 방향'을 주제로 진행하고 있는데 생소하실 수 있는 Kmall24를 소개 하는 글과 영상을 페이스북에 올려놨습니다. 읽기 쉽도록 카드뉴스 형식으로 만들어보았으니 한 번씩 읽어봐주세요!!
좋아요와 공유도 해주시면 큰 힘이 될 것 같습니다🎉🎉
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Time In A Bottle 274 #timeinabottle #painkiller #portfolio #halloween #kmall24 #kmall24_official
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Restore moisture back to your skin with KEEP COOL OCEAN MASK! Made of sheet which is thinner than our own skin, it feels comfortable and adheres well to your dry skin.
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The Saem’s Candy tints are known for it’s brilliant color and adorable package 🍬
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