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Since every human being has different skin type, you don't know if the product will fit you until you actually try it. Try each brand's skincare and see if it works for you.
Another great daily deal on kmall24. Laneige multiberry yoghurt peeling gel + Laneige pore deep clearing foam $12.90 only! 🍓
I know the clearing gel supposedly has a pretty high pH and I'm not aware if they have changed the formula or if that is still the case, but you could always use it for shaving your legs.
The multiberry yoghurt peeling gel on the other hand is absolutely amazing. It gently removes the dead skin cells on your face and it smells divine. I use it once or twice a week and I love it. I was really excited to buy another one at such a good price, the foam cleanser is a bonus.
It was a pleasure meeting these awesome guys from @tiki.vn Vietnam! 🤝
Incomparably superb, NEW Laneige BB Cushion! Expresses ultimate bright skin without darkening.
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Please comment below what you want for next MEGADEAL!
Brightens inside and outside skin!
"Whitening BB Cushion" by Laneige makes skin look clear and bright with dual whitening care ⭐️
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Are your lips too chapped for a lip balm to handle? Are they covered in old skin cells that won't go away? Before going to bed at night, apply this Laneige lip mask an adequate amount on the lips using the built-in spatula. The next morning, your lips will be reborn.

Today's MEGADEAL : [LANEIGE] LIP SLEEPING MASK only for $9.9 with free shipping.
Laneige lip sleeping mask only $9.90 on kmall24! Less than 21h left! 
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“VIXX is the only legacy I want to make in my youth. There are so many memories we’ve made with VIXX and with Starlights.” - Ken in NYLON's July issue.
The fanciest handy fan I've ever seen in my life. Today's MEGADEAL : [VIXX] Official Goods LIVE FANTASIA LED Portable Handy Fan 🔱 only 9.99 with free shipping.
True quality and true value
belif kit 🎁 Coming Soon
The Carat Bong looks like a little glittery snow globe with a 17 Carat diamond in it, and it proudly represents Seventeen's fan colors of rose quartz and serenity! Only 10 available today 💎💎💎