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Pudding, AKA 'Little Balls,' with all the trimmings ❤️ Perfect for morning tea (or any other meal 😁)
💚Buckwheat noodles w cocomino teriyaki sauce. 💚Veggie & Fruit pieces. . .
💚Homemade Trailmix
With my market goodies. @mummaraw Flatbread, (instantly my gut is thanking me... SOOO good 😊) Sprinkled with @wildforlife Ancient Earth. Tastebud heaven! @mullumfarmersmkt
Playing around with some sugar-gluten-nut-free lunchbox-friendly snacks that don't taste like cardboard 😐
A shout out to @larnoldeats for this brainchild. Inspired by her Zucchini Oats post, I added carrot and beetroot (fruit and seeds). Pink Porridge: a massive win over the 3yo and any hidden veggies for the meat-cheese-bread-only eating toddler is a sigh of relief for this Mama! Why have I not thought of hidden veggies at breakfast before?! 🤔 A totally #plantpowered breakfast. Winning 🙌🏻
▪️1 tbs spoon each of:
Pepitas, sunflower seeds, buckinis, Linseeds, coconut chips/shreds, toasted almonds; all pulsed 3 times in Bullet/blender. .
▪️1/2 cup gluten oats.
▪️1/3 Zucchini, grated
▪️1/3 Carrot, grated
▪️1/4 Beetroot, grated
▪️1/2 Apple, grated
▪️2 Dates, chopped
▪️ 1 tbs honey
▪️ 1 tsp cinnamon.
🔹Rinse/strain oats under cold running water. Add to pan with all above ingredients and add 2 cups water. Bring to the boil, stirring regularly, then turn heat off and put pad lid on. This will steam everything up with over-cooking and turning it to sludge. Cut up/prepare any toppings (these are topped with coconut chia yoghurt and berries, but when I plated mine up there was no coconut yoghurt left (go figure) so I had it au naturale and it was delish 👌🏼) Enjoy 🍓
B A L L S ❄️
Recipe testing to find the perfect; gluten free, nut free, refined sugar free Balls. These ones are ok. But I'll share the recipe once they're perfected! These are going in the freezer for next week's lunches! 👊🏻
💜💛A rainy day calls for warm comfort food. Sweet potato and beetroot wedges. Sprinkled with sea salt and paprika then roasted in coconut oil. Slightly crispy, slightly chewy perfection 💛💜
Trying to get a clever shot in the morning sunshine, but tiny fingers kept stealing (and fighting over) the raspberries! 
Market day today so using up what was left in the fridge... .
🔹Morning tea: coconut chia puddings, with a sprinkle of @bareblends bare greens (shh, they'll never know).
🔹Lunch: @fish4ever_recipes sardines, with @debra_allard_cheesie grilled halloumi and assorted veggies (steamed the carrot with the corn and tossed in seasalt and butter - otherwise they just chew it up and spit it out 🙄). .
🔹Arvo tea: leftover breakfast omelette and raspberries.
The baby won't eat 90% of the veggies, but I try to alway include them so one day she might pick one up and realise it's not poison. I also grated some steamed carrot and added some grated cheese (tricky mummy). Don't know if she'll fall for it... I'll let you know 😬