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Nothing beats the feeling of giving back to those who suffer from hair loss. I love Rachael Welch wigs they are so well made. Go to my Facebook live to learn more. www.thesalonbylorabrown. #loraatthesalon #givingback#amarillo
3 shades of light with shades eq between the foils make a great combination. #amarillohair #loraatthesalon #amarillohairstylist #amarillo
Living in Texas everyone like to be a blonde, so it is always fun for me to do a red head. #amarillo#loraatthesalon#amarillotexas.  We did 3 colors and shades eq coloring between the packs after the highlight. Using Framesi 8rp+6kr, L’Oréal blonde idol 20v, shades double fushions 8cc+6cc. For the glosser shades eq 08c+08cr+06rb+ clear.  She makes a beautiful red head would you not agree?
My client came in with top of the head highlights with bleach only placed in horizontal sections. This will look like a line in the hair. I wanted to break the line up and give depth and dimension in the hair. We used blonde idol bleach, shades cream 7wn+9wn+9wb for the lowlights and depth, and Redken VV 40 volume. Color blended to help break up the line and feathered in some v and w’s  hope  you like the end result. #loraatthesalon
Tried a new twist on Balayage today after watch @behindthechair_com and Amy @camouflageandbalayage 
Education last night. Elevation is the key! Thanks Kim. I would highly recommend you watching this video. For Bailey @baileybrown3_6 we took out a zig zag in the part for a better grow out. Still triangles in the sectioning. Redken blonde idol 20 vol, 7wn shades cream for the lowlights with oloplex. Toned with 9wn, 9g and clear shades eq. I will definitely use this technique again! #loraatthesalon #amarillo
#amarillotexas #amarillo #thesalonbylorabrown #loraatthesalon
#loraatthesalon #amarillohair #texashair #thesalonbylorabrown
The secret to going a year at a time for a collage student is to color underneath the part, so the growing out process is not as noticeable with a little ombré and color blending. The only bad thing is you don’t get to see them as often to catch up as you would like. Thank goodness for social media.😂#amarillohair #loraatthesalon #amarillotx #amarillo #thesalonbylorabrown
Natural looking highlights and lowlights with an upkeep of 4 times a year is always worth it. #becauseiamworthit #amarillotx #amarillo #loraatthesalon #borger
It is always great to see my daughters smile. Welcome home from college! #amarillotexas #amarillo #cullowhee #loraatthesalon #lovemydaughter
The great benefit of Redken shads EQ is you can change the color every 4 to 6 weeks without a root line. This is a good way to start off your summer. #loraatthesalon#amarillotexas#texas#blondes
I love hearing my friend tell her story on how she loved on an African orphanage over the past 2 weeks. What a great example of paying it forward. #loraatthesalon #amarillo #amarillotexas #thesalonbylorabrown #payitforward