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More great shares of the #aushomeschoolsummit! Great to see so many happy to be a #madkeenhomeschooler.
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And the #aushomeschoolsummit is finished! There's been some great posts using our hashtag #madkeenhomeschooler - swipe to see more.
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One of the final sessions of the #aushomeschoolsummit  Herding Cats - How to Make Homeschool Groups Work | Tamara Kelly  #madkeenhomeschooler #homeschoolconference #homeschoolmum #homeschoolfamily
As we struggle to finish this season- like really really struggle- a reminder for gentle curiosity in my parenting was just what my heart needed today.  That, and some wine.  But that's just kinda standard. 😉 There's still a few free sessions in the #aushomeschoolsummit this week. Get on that 👍👌😘
Another incredible presentation on the #aushomeschoolsummit  on Natural Learning. The slides were an effective way to get the information across. #Freshhomeschool#homeschoolbowral#homeschoolmossvale#homeschoolsouthernhighlands#homeschoolnsw#homeschoolaustralia#homeschool #madkeenhomeschooler #australianhomeschoolsummit2017 #naturallearning
This little one woke up feral. I totally get it though, I have those days. We had frustration at ever turn, frustrated that she didn't want to snuggle near her baby brother eating banana, "I don't like banana", then not being able to glue rocks together to make a sculpture, then escaping to our room all grumpy, then she found this bottle and the paints and all seems better. The #aushomeschoolsummit has been really great for me just what I needed. The like minded discussions, all the hints I needed to just calm down and trust that all is how it's meant to be. This morning let go great discussions about how Zip feels and how she felt after doing some painting, knowing things that will make us feel better at times like this. #madkeenhomeschooler #ilovethattag #willuseitforever #arttherapy #zipporah #zipporahdinte #itsallgood #homeschooling #unschooling #painting
Shannon Young gave a lecture for the #aushomeschoolsummit that gave me massive insight into myself. I live largely in a place of expecting perfection, in myself, the kids, Matt, others. I expect my kids to do as I say often, not always, and act a certain way. To a point at times they must wonder if they think "Can do anything right?", and that breaks my heart. It doesn't really matter where this came from. I just know I don't want my kids growing up with the same high expectations or feeling like they can do anything right 😢. To recognise it feels promising though. To understand why I don't follow through with things for myself, I'm afraid it won't be perfect, why when I do anything I give it my 100% but also risk attacking myself if not quite what I envisioned. And why I live in a goal setting mindset...always striving for perfection. Now I can see that now I have recognised it, I can use it to my advantage. I published my first blogpost, not caring if it was perfect. I eased up on my expectations of the kids. Even though I know this will take practice and time I have been more relaxed about not "micro managing" them. I feel a weight lifted, I don't have to be the perfect parent, the perfect wife, the perfect homeschooling mum. My Insta note on me even said "setting my standards high", I deleted that. Now I will recognise the feeling and behaviour, be empathetic to that self, and work through it. Journaling is a big one for me so I'll start there. #madkeenhomeschooler #wholeheartedjournal #peterperfection #thankyou #shannonyoung #grateful #wholeheartedjournal #downtownalicespringswithmyclan
Behind the scenes at the Australian Homeschooling Summit! It's not glamourous 😁 I had to come to Melbourne to run the summit, because my nanna has better internet than me. And I had to take over her storage room, so this is my view - the boxes that i've shoved to one side so I can fit my little camp table full of equipment in the corner. It's very un-insta-worthy, but it's getting the job done! #keepingitreal
Join us for the rest of the FREE live sessions via the link in my profile!
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Another session of the #aushomeschoolsummit @therockstarhomeschoolingmum talking about homeschooling multiples. Still time to join in!  So much great information from the convenience of your home.  #madkeenhomeschooler #homeschool #homeeducation #homeschoolmum #aussiehomeschool
Watching another session of the #australianhomeschoolsummit "Nurturing a Love of Literature" #aushomeschoolsummit #madkeenhomeschooler #homeschoolconference #literature #reading @sevenlittleaustralianscounting @fearlesshomeschool
This #madkeenhomeschooler is reading like a pro. Doesn't come easy for all kids so feel really grateful that they have both become bookworms. When they wake in the morning, they read to themselves until everyone is awake. I taught both Archie and Zippy with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. Then let them read what they choose. No pressure, no testing comprehension or goals. Reading in their head was a natural progression. #ilovehomeschooling #unschool #homeschool #reading #grateful #zipporahdinte #libraryisoursecondhome
I've been struggling letting this one have messy hair. Sometimes I'll even find myself saying horrible things, like "It looks like a rats nest" and "You look homeless with it like that." #worstparentever Little me remembers being told this stuff, not cool. Gotta break these patterns. The only reason she let me tie it up today is because she spewed and I tired it back so she wouldn't get it all over her hair. I explain that I love seeing her beautiful face, eyes and neck. But she doesn't give a fuck! She just wants control over her own body. So I'm learning and I'm biting my tongue. Instead, enjoy her independence and strong will. #strongwill #letthembekids #childhoodunplugged #madkeenhomeschooler #wonderfulworld #opshopfinds #zippy #zipporahdinte