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Pudding, AKA 'Little Balls,' with all the trimmings ❤️ Perfect for morning tea (or any other meal 😁)
💚Buckwheat noodles w cocomino teriyaki sauce. 💚Veggie & Fruit pieces. . .
💚Homemade Trailmix
With my market goodies. @mummaraw Flatbread, (instantly my gut is thanking me... SOOO good 😊) Sprinkled with @wildforlife Ancient Earth. Tastebud heaven! @mullumfarmersmkt
WINTER SUN ☀️ How lucky are we up here in the subtropics?!? I roam around in shorts and tshirt most days (ok, and ugg boots, coz I hate my feet being cold! - You can take a girl outta Perth... 😉) It was pikelet kinda morning, so whipped up the usual brew. . .
1 small banana
1 egg
1 tbs activated almonds
1 tbs activated cashews
2 tsp chia seeds
1/2 tsp cinnamon 
1/2 tsp vanilla
Pinch sea salt
All blitzed together then cooked up in coconut oil. Topped these ones with some raspberry jam ❤️
Playing around with some sugar-gluten-nut-free lunchbox-friendly snacks that don't taste like cardboard 😐
B A L L S ❄️
Recipe testing to find the perfect; gluten free, nut free, refined sugar free Balls. These ones are ok. But I'll share the recipe once they're perfected! These are going in the freezer for next week's lunches! 👊🏻
Devouring the second batch from our @kulturedwellness coconut yoghurt. This batch had some VERY happy little cultures busting out of the jar after only 8hrs of fermenting.💪🏻
Made for one very happy little toddler! #coconutyogurt ❤️
💜💛A rainy day calls for warm comfort food. Sweet potato and beetroot wedges. Sprinkled with sea salt and paprika then roasted in coconut oil. Slightly crispy, slightly chewy perfection 💛💜
Had the pleasure of putting together the Bestie's lunchbox. (Fingers crossed she eats it!)
No cute rice pandas yet, but I've got the veggie shapes sorted 👍🏻
The Baby's veggies are merely token. But, like I've said before, persistence is key (and maybe those carrot stars will win her over 😉) 🌸🌈❤️
Always stealing my food. If I want them to eat something I can just start eating it myself and pretty soon the little seagulls swooping in! 🌸
One sick little lady today 😔 nourishing that little tummy with my first batch of coconut kefir from @kulturedwellness ❤️ At first she hesitated but then it hit her lips and she says "It's a little bit fbizzy" ☺️
#probiotics #kefir #nourishingtraditions #kulturedwellness
"I'm Ana, wearing Elsa's dress" is making some pretty awesome pasta tonight. She's actually a bit of a perfectionist and I was only allowed to unravel from a certain pile 🙊 #chefinthemaking #cookingwithkids ❤️