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#littlenourishboxes from this morning...
•Raw fruit & veggie pieces.
•Soba noodles, with a little teriyaki sauce.
•Homemade sesame snaps.
•Choc Puddings (banana, avo, cacao & yoghurt) with Berries stacked on top.
•Homemade seedy rice crackers with cheese chunks.
•Banana + Carrot Muffin (that didn't make the edit 📸🙈) 💚
Late night baking for school lunches tomorrow. Banana+ Carrot Muffins and Sesame Snaps. #madwithlove 😙
Gluten free, refined sugar free and nut-free! Perfect for a cheeky lunch box snack 👍🏻#littlenourishboxes
▪️Also; swapped out the Golden Syrup for Blackstrap Molasses - half the sugar and double the vitamins and minerals 💪🏻
Mushroom Arancini balls. Veggie pieces and beetroot dip. Fresh fruit. Gluten free muffins. Chia banana yoghurt. Cheese n crackers and a cheeky bit of popcorn.  Lookout pre-schoolers 🍎 #littlenourishboxes
Do you use nut milks at home? Have you ever read the ingredients on the back of the cartons? 😐 My girls LOVE their "milky" but the overwhelming snot and phlegm they come home with from daycare prompted me to cut down on the dairy! I now alternate between; cow, coconut and almond milk. They also don't get a whole cup/bottle of milk, I brew up a herbal tea, usually a chamomile or bedtime blend, 'topped-up' with milk. 
To buy a good quality nut milk is a good whack on the hip pocket and I loathe all the additives, cheap ingredients and/or thickeners added, so I make my own! This almond milk is super easy and has no nasties 🙅🏻
I used:
~1 cup organic blanched almonds.
~1L filtered water
~1 tbs organic rice malt syrup.
Add everything to a food processor and blitz for 2mins. Stand and soak for a few minutes then blitz again. Strain through a cheesecloth into a bowl and squeeze out all the liquid. Store in a jar in the fridge. With the leftover pulp; lay out on a baking tray and put it in the oven on 100* for an hour or until it has dried out. Use in your next batch of bliss balls ❤️
Her new favourite (and mine)! @thebaysmokehouse smoked fish rillettes dip on brown rice crackers. We've been gorging on this for the last 3 days. Hubby and I went though half a loaf of sourdough with this smeared on top for our Saturday 'Afternoonsies' SO GOOD!!! #wildandlocal
Anyway, this little one woke early this morning so early lunch of:
"Shishi" crackers, coco-strawberry yogurt, roasted fav-va bean and blueberries (she enthusiastically fed the olives to me 😏) Lets hope that full tummy helps her have a looooong nap 🤞🏻
Coco-Avo-Cacao pots. Made with the coconut yoghurt I blitzed up yesterday. A few little trimmings to entice those little 👀: Homemade gluten+nut-free granola, 'nana's and raspberry sprinkles ✨ #littlenourishboxes
Prepping some day-care morning tea for the monkeys 🐒🐒 ❤️
Pudding, AKA 'Little Balls,' with all the trimmings ❤️ Perfect for morning tea (or any other meal 😁)
💚Buckwheat noodles w cocomino teriyaki sauce. 💚Veggie & Fruit pieces. . .
💚Homemade Trailmix
With my market goodies. @mummaraw Flatbread, (instantly my gut is thanking me... SOOO good 😊) Sprinkled with @wildforlife Ancient Earth. Tastebud heaven! @mullumfarmersmkt
WINTER SUN ☀️ How lucky are we up here in the subtropics?!? I roam around in shorts and tshirt most days (ok, and ugg boots, coz I hate my feet being cold! - You can take a girl outta Perth... 😉) It was pikelet kinda morning, so whipped up the usual brew. . .
1 small banana
1 egg
1 tbs activated almonds
1 tbs activated cashews
2 tsp chia seeds
1/2 tsp cinnamon 
1/2 tsp vanilla
Pinch sea salt
All blitzed together then cooked up in coconut oil. Topped these ones with some raspberry jam ❤️