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She said this to me during my lowest moments. When she saw the dark bruises after his visits. When she'd console me after a fight where I was being screamed at for merely asking to be spoken to with respect. For years I would jump to the defence of my abuser while my mother watched on, helpless. 
There is no greater love than that found between a mother and her child. Nothing quite compares. For her patience and for her love I will forever be grateful. 
On our journey to healing we often are hardest on the people who love us most. When you've found peace remember to thank those same people for standing by you, for fighting for you, and for never giving up on you. She was my biggest advocate and continues to be. Her fearless courage to advocate for my rights,and advocate to keep me safe, inspired me to raise my voice to help keep other women safe from abuse and sexual violence. No greater love. 
#enddomesticviolence #endsexualviolence #raiseyourvoice
Hey everyone! From now on whenever you post about Sister Act, use the hashtag #RaiseYourVoice! And if you tag us on Twitter, we’ll retweet!
Hey everyone!! So, with my anti-bullying programs growing wildly, I want to get some t-shirts made! 😄 
These will be available to anyone who would like to purchase one!! This survey allows you to vote on your 2 favorite colors and to let me know if you would like to purchase one! 
I will set it up so that whoever wants one can pay online and then I will distribute the shirts once they come in! If you live out of town I will mail it to you! 😊
The t shirts will be about $15 each, less if enough people are purchase the shirts!! The LINK TO THE SURVEY is in my BIO!! 💕 
I love you all dearly and SO appreciate your support! 
Please tag your friends in the comments to help spread the word!!
Cory Gardner just peeled in as fast as he could. Wow!
 #copolitics #wherescory #1% #recessofaction #raiseyourvoice #edfaction
Only $25,000 for Mitch McConnell's ear!  #copolitics #wherescory  #recessofaction #raiseyourvoice
#resist #recessofaction #copolitics #denver #raiseyourvoice
#copolitics #wherescory #resist #recessofaction #raiseyourvoice #savetheepa
We are always excited to team up with businesses that take take mental health as seriously as we do, and are proud to announce @millerleith as our newest partner.
Miller Leith, a boutique recruitment agency who come into contact with thousands of individuals a year at all different stages of their lives, are committed to supporting mental illness both inside and outside of the workplace. 
#mentalhealth #mentalillness #raiseyourvoice #stampoutthestigma #neveralone #noonetravelstheirjourneyalone #lovemeloveyou #millerleith
#copolitics #wherescory #resist #recessofaction #raiseyourvoice #savetheepa
Last night, Haley made her first call to a Senator & today she attended her first lobby meeting! In her voicemail message, she told @senthomtillis how important it was to protect #Medicaid. Today she showed up to tell the office of @repdavideprice how important it was to #bebold and speak up for change. Go Haley! We're so proud of you and glad you've joined @voices4results. #activist #advocacy #bethechange #happiness #raiseyourvoice #voices4results
If only everyone wanted world peace as badly as beauty pageant contestants. 🌎✌🏼🌍✌🏼🌏
Hello Friends. I know selling teacups and posting pretty pictures on Instagram doesn't fall within the realm of politics or social justice....But as a child of a family who survived through the horrors of the Second World War in Russia, I cannot go on without making my voice heard. 
I'm not an American but I know enough about history to recognize that this is a very dark path my neighbours are going down. 
Trump's refusal to outright condemn white nationalism is horrific and appalling. What happened in Virginia is a terrorist attack and should be acknowledged as such. 
We must all speak up against the division he's inciting, we must make it known that hate of any kind is unacceptable. 
#whitesilenceisviolence #impeachtrump #neveragain #stayfocused #charlottesville #raiseyourvoice #lovewins