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Rotarians having a bit of fun at the Rotaract Club of Montserrat’s Sip n Paint Event. Leonardo De Vinci would be jealous if he saw these #rotaryclubofmontserrat #rotaryinternational #rotarydistrict7030 #rotary #rotaryfamily #rotaryboard #ri #rotarylife #joinrotary
#rotaractmni #fellowship #rotaryfellowship #communityservice #peopleofactionRCM🇲🇸 paintings!! Good job Rotarians!!
The Rotary Club of Montserrat completed the donation of well needed science lab equipment to the Brades Primary School on Friday Sept. 13,2019. The Principal Mrs Yvonne Julius and students, happily received the items as they assured the Rotary Club, that they will greatly assist in Lab assignments and future tutorials.  #rotaryclubofmontserrat #rotaryinternational #rotarydistrict7030 #rotary #rotaryfamily #rotaryboard #ri #rotarylife #joinrotary
#rotaractmni #fellowship #rotaryfellowship #communityservice #peopleofactionRCM🇲🇸
The Rotary Club of Montserrat welcomes its newest member Rotarian Audris JnoBaptiste to our family!! Service Above Self, Rotary Connecting The World 🤝#rotaryclubofmontserrat #rotaryinternational #rotarydistrict7030 #rotary #rotaryfamily #rotaryboard #ri #rotarylife #joinrotary
#rotaractmni #fellowship #rotaryfellowship #communityservice #peopleofactionRCM🇲🇸
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View PRIP Barry Rassin address the needs of his native Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian.

For financial donations via credit card, visit: https://7020rotary.org

For more information on how to help and lend aid, visit: https://7020.org/page/hurricane-dorian/

For an update on the great work of rotarians in the Bahamas, visit: https://7020.org

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The eradication of polio is one of Rotary's longest standing and most significant efforts. Along with our partners, we have helped immunize more than 2.5 billion children against polio in 122 countries. Since 1988, we’ve seen a worldwide reduction in polio cases of 99.9%. For more than two years, we’ve seen wild polio cases in only two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We won't stop until we end the disease for good.
We’ve been making history and bringing our world closer together for over 100 years. The first Rotary club was started in Chicago, Illinois, USA, in 1905 by an attorney named Paul Harris. Harris wanted to bring together a group of professionals with different backgrounds and skills as a way to exchange ideas and form meaningful acquaintances. In August 1910, the 16 Rotary clubs then in the United States formed the National Association of Rotary Clubs, now Rotary International. In 1912, Rotary expanded to a few more countries, and by July 1925, Rotary clubs existed on six continents. Today, there are more than 35,000 clubs, in almost every country in the world. For more information about Rotary’s history, go to rotary.org/history.

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Select an action verb for your People of Action headline. “Together, We …” is part of the headline for this campaign and must be used in all People of Action ads. To finish the headline, select one of the predetermined action verbs that best represents your message. Think about what your club was trying to achieve, or how you approached the local challenge you decided to address. Which action verb best describes what you did? Please choose from the following list:
• Connect
• Empower
• End Polio
• Fight Hunger
• Inspire
• Learn
• Mentor
• Promote Peace
• Save Lives
• Transform

PLEASE NOTE: The predetermined action verbs have been cleared for legal purposes. To avoid legal issues, do not create and use other action verbs not listed above.

#peopleofaction #rotaractdistrict7030 #District7030
Choose an image or take a photo. Imagery is critical to showing that we are people of action. Through our images, we want to feature authentic moments of Rotarians working side by side with the community and project beneficiaries. Documentary-style photography generally meets this expectation better than portraits, handshaking, or group photos, which do not show Rotarians in action. Staged snapshots of people do not portray people of action.

To bring the campaign to life in the best way, depict your club in powerful images that capture the public’s attention and ignite real emotion. This is what will make our campaign successful. Here’s a checklist for how the photos should look and feel:
o The image represents genuine, unstaged moments of Rotarians at work.
o It shows a clear visual narrative that represents the headline.
o Subjects’ faces and actions should be positive, happy, and engaging.
o Work with warm and natural lighting. Often, natural light in the early morning and late afternoon achieves the best results.
o Make sure you represent the diversity of your club in age, ethnicity, and gender. Highlight these qualities in your photos. You want people in your community to see themselves in the photo — this will help grab their attention.
o If the project has beneficiaries on-site, capture some images of Rotarians interacting with the beneficiaries to represent the work of the project.
o Ask yourself, “Will people in my community connect with what they see in the photo?” You don’t have to be a professional photographer to do this. When you’re taking photos, just keep the following in mind: You want to use powerful images that capture your viewers’ attention and inspire interest and an emotional reaction.

For more assistance with photography, download the People of Action Style Guide from the Rotary Brand Center.

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People of Action, our public image campaign, is more than advertising, it’s the way we talk about ourselves. It is designed to build an understanding of Rotary by answering:
• What is Rotary?
• Who are Rotarians?
• What impact do Rotarians make in my community and around the world?
• How is Rotary different from other organizations?

Through a variety of creative materials, the campaign shows Rotary club members as people of action. We know that Rotarians share a unique perspective and a passion for taking action to improve their communities and the world. Where others see despair, Rotarians see hope. Where others see problems, we see solutions. Where some might see challenges, we see opportunities.

This is our chance to show others how Rotary club members see what’s possible in their communities and to highlight what we can achieve when we join together to bring those ideas to life.

#peopleofaction #rotary #rotaractdistrict7030 #District7030
What is Rotary? This seemingly easy question has many different answers, depending on who you ask. The new Rotary public image campaign aims to provide a simple, consistent answer and rally Rotarians around a single idea: telling — and showing — the world that we are people of action.

Although most of the public knows our name, research tells us that too many prospective members or supporters do not fully understand Rotary. They don’t know what we stand for or what we do in local communities. And the majority of those surveyed said they were unaware that a Rotary club exists in their own community.

It is up to all of us to tell Rotary’s story. The People of Action public image campaign strives to bring Rotary to life for those who don’t know us. It does this by showing Rotarians as the people of action we are: leaders who work together in communities to inspire, transform, connect, and celebrate what’s possible. This campaign also engages and inspires current and prospective members, as well as donors, partners, and supporters.

Narrowing the gap between awareness and understanding will take time. With help from the Rotary Brand Center, you’ll find ways to let your community and the world know that we are people of action.

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