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My latest book, The Monkeys Who Tried Kindness is a wonderful lesson for a child searching for a core value to guide his or her life. Kindness is not just monkey business, it's everybody's business 😊 Available on #kindleunlimited and #amazonbooks #sallyhussbooks #bekind #kindnessmovement #kindnesshelpseveryone
My latest happy book "Everyone Has Eyes" 👀 is about taking care of our wonderful gift of sight!  A great #rhyming #earlyreader #preschoolbook available on #amazon and #kindleunlimited and sallyhuss.com 👓
I spent the day with the Wounded Warriors group from across the country who had been invited to participate in a special camp in Balboa Park, San Diego to work with tennis coaches — to learn the game, improve their skills, and enjoy themselves. It was a joy to be with them and gather information for another children’s book in my series designed to help children of military parents. I shared with them the books I had already created and asked for their input on what young children should know when a parent who has been wounded returns home.
The information was invaluable and the day priceless. 🇺🇸❤️
Let's Everybody Fish! A delightful tongue-twisting children's story about the value of teamwork and working well with others 🐟💛🐠 Available as a free #ebook on #kindleunlimited and in print 😊
Saturday #April22 is #EarthDay which in my opinion is everyday! 🌟🌎🌟"Think Green! Think Green!" is a #rhymingbook about encouraging children to do their part so that we can all enjoy our precious planet! Available on #Amazon #kindleunlimited and #paperback 🌎🌱💚♻️🌎🌱💚♻🌎