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“what if we start calling you ‘president mommy senpai?’” - my members // attended my very last cki south today and supes happy that i got to spend it with not only members of my home club and division, but with fellow presidents and southern dkff committee members 💞

Congratulations to our first member of the week for fall semester! 💞 Kyrielle has gone above and beyond in joining us in multiple service and social events that our club put on not only during Rush Week but the following weeks after!

wow i actually wasn’t out of breath during the hike??? // it’s tenet tuesday of cnh circle k week! one of the tenets of circle k is fellowship. because of this organization, i found people who i can hang out with and call lifelong friends. thanks for making my years in college so memorable 💞

PC: @eileendoverr and @dennyizhere 
#sdsucirclek #cnhcki
you're not supposed to laugh if it's a serious pose // the first week of school has been somewhat stressful with managing 45 hours at a job, 18 units, and running an organization. but your girl is pushing through and killing it (or at least trying) ✨

PC: @razzamajazz
tbh idk why i was looking that way // first board photoshoot is complete and couldn't have asked for anything better~
PC: @sunsgravity
Top 10 Anime Finales-SDSU Circle K's End of the Year Banquet: Member-ies. I have the best members in the world! Thank you very big to everyone for giving me such a memorable year as your 2016-2017 president.  #sdsucirclek #volcanoes #LilB #swag #whoscoming
This year was pretty tough, but thank you very big to Lil B and all of these Distinguished Members for making me feel like it was worth it. It was pretty neato and an honor to be your president. #sdsucirclek #LilB #mylahdies #mybahdies #xoxo #cyanerds #memeories
Happy Austin 3:16 friends. Shout out to the best club and the best members for making me this champion ship belt. #sdsucirclek #bahgawdmyclubisthebest #austin3:16 
PC: @tatiana_rizo
In 2014, this yellow nugget forced me to go make sandwiches with Circle K. Begrudgingly, I went after a lot of negotiating. Flash forward 3 years, 1 major argument, many midnights driving down the freeway listening to Taylor Swift's Style, and a million Christian Fries later, IM ALMOST DONE BEING CIRCLE K PRESIDENT! THANK YOU VERY BIG VIVIAN! Never forget, YOU BROUGHT ME HERE! 😄 #thiswasgenuwine #sdsucirclek
Lol have fun hating your life and dealing with board members for the next year as VPA jk I couldn't have asked for a better successor c: The VPAs were always the more attractive ones 💁🏽 I know you'll be a great VPA and good luck :3 #sdsucirclek #vpayy #vpbaes
Julia is super old having such a big lineage. Shout out to @chhitmeister for being the new member of ROD Squad and new SDSU Circle K treasurer. Super shout out to everyone that ran and the new 2017-2018 E-board #SDSUCirclek #RODSquad #swag
my face because this event was with all of the tears that were shed || new member install took so much out of me and my amazing co but we're so ridiculously happy that everyone enjoyed it and that it was a success; only the best for my club #sdsucirclek #latepost 
PC: @farlowsworld