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tbh idk why i was looking that way // first board photoshoot is complete and couldn't have asked for anything better~
PC: @sunsgravity
throwing confetti seemed gr9 in retrospect // shoutout two these lovely lahdies for being a part of my support system this past year and hurray to celebrating the end of the term last weekend and beginning a new chapter in my circle k career~

PC: @laikoooo
Top 10 Anime Finales-SDSU Circle K's End of the Year Banquet: Member-ies. I have the best members in the world! Thank you very big to everyone for giving me such a memorable year as your 2016-2017 president.  #sdsucirclek #volcanoes #LilB #swag #whoscoming
This year was pretty tough, but thank you very big to Lil B and all of these Distinguished Members for making me feel like it was worth it. It was pretty neato and an honor to be your president. #sdsucirclek #LilB #mylahdies #mybahdies #xoxo #cyanerds #memeories
Happy Austin 3:16 friends. Shout out to the best club and the best members for making me this champion ship belt. #sdsucirclek #bahgawdmyclubisthebest #austin3:16 
PC: @tatiana_rizo
In 2014, this yellow nugget forced me to go make sandwiches with Circle K. Begrudgingly, I went after a lot of negotiating. Flash forward 3 years, 1 major argument, many midnights driving down the freeway listening to Taylor Swift's Style, and a million Christian Fries later, IM ALMOST DONE BEING CIRCLE K PRESIDENT! THANK YOU VERY BIG VIVIAN! Never forget, YOU BROUGHT ME HERE! 😄 #thiswasgenuwine #sdsucirclek
Lol have fun hating your life and dealing with board members for the next year as VPA jk I couldn't have asked for a better successor c: The VPAs were always the more attractive ones 💁🏽 I know you'll be a great VPA and good luck :3 #sdsucirclek #vpayy #vpbaes
Julia is super old having such a big lineage. Shout out to @chhitmeister for being the new member of ROD Squad and new SDSU Circle K treasurer. Super shout out to everyone that ran and the new 2017-2018 E-board #SDSUCirclek #RODSquad #swag
guess who has two thumbs and did it y'all?! // after dedicating the past four years to circle k, your girl finally took a leap of faith and ran for president. thank you to everyone who has been one hundred percent supportive and shown how much trust they have in me. i can't wait for the new term to start! #sdsucirclek 
PC: @amanda_lynn06
my face because this event was with all of the tears that were shed || new member install took so much out of me and my amazing co but we're so ridiculously happy that everyone enjoyed it and that it was a success; only the best for my club #sdsucirclek #latepost 
PC: @farlowsworld
Swaggity McSwaggin Swag Swag Swagger Swag with some of the guys from the club before M'ball. Thank you UCSD Circle K for hosting such an awesome event and thank Mr. Banaña for coming out and doing a photoshoot with us. #sdsucirclek #swagAF
Codename Kids Next Door in Operation: F.E.W.D. Feat. Masters of Disasters. #SDSUCircleK #tybasedFrancisforsisig #TheOriginofD.I.C.K.