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Near, far, web cam, visit, classroom, homeschool co-op . . . Love any opportunity I have to meet more Messengers! 💙❤💛 These readers had GREAT questions. 😁

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Awww, isn't he cute? My baby is 6 months old today!! 💙❤💛 #TheMessengers #MessengersRevealed 
When family comes from out of town, they show The Messengers a lot of love! 😄 💙❤💛 #SimonSightings
Had a great time at @immanuelwaterloo and @campwartburg today! 
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Love to see #SimonSightings! Thank you, @the.garden.of. 🤗 Do you have your set yet? Get your summer reading ready and save 19% at cph.org. 💙❤💛 #Repost @the.garden.of (@get_repost)
The complete set! This is on my "must read" list. Are you ready for the final book,  #MessengersRevealed ? #SimonSightings
Love all the #SimonSightings coming my way! Where will you take Simon this summer?
Such a blessing to visit @word_of_life_stl! Love getting a chance to bring Simon into the classroom. 
#TheMessengers #SimonSightings
The complete set! This is on my "must read" list. Are you ready for the final book,  #MessengersRevealed ? #SimonSightings
Yes. Yes it is.
😢 💙❤💛 #TheMessengers #MessengersDiscovered #MessengersConcealed #MessengersRevealed 
What an inspiring #SimonSightings post! Honored to be a part of it. 
With whom will you read #TheMessengers? 
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We used to be so good about reading books to our kids. Greg read almost the complete Chronicles of Narnia and we started the Wingfeather saga by @andrewpetersonmusic but we slacked off and let "busy" take over. Can we all agree to stop the glorification of "busy"? Please. I'm as guilty as the next person but have been more aware of it and started calling things as they truly are. We choose to spend our time doing certain things, wether they seem like conscious decisions or not.

So we are taking back our family reading time. "The Read-Aloud Family" @readaloudrevival book has been instrumental in encouraging me to get back to it as a family.

We are reading "Discovered" by @lisamclark.lc to the big kids and I'm reading "Mr. Popper's Penguins" to the little two during lunch. It just takes baby steps friends, 15 minutes a day to start. Soon your kids and mine (hopefully) will be asking for story time!
Available for preorder now! 
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In The Messengers series, Lisa Clark weaves a tale of standing firm in your faith in the midst of trials. The final novel in the series, Revealed, is available now for pre-order. Check it out at the link in our profile.