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::..Muka excited budak2 tgk nombor cabutan bertuah..::
Perbezaan thun 2013 and 2017
These are my sight words.  Hahaha saje nak share.  Banyak kot buat.  Utk year 1 & 2. Ulang2 ajar dlm kelas. :) #sktatau #teacherslife #malaysianteacher
Terobek too hehehhe. 
Poem recitation for my year 3. Hehhehe I dont remember the topic. Good job children. 😘😉💪
#sktatau #teacherslife #malaysianteacher
A little throwback. The kids sing the song. Using the 'are you sleeping melody'and the change the lyrics for the topic of days I think.  Got the lyrics and ideas from ticer @dgsyuhadanabilah  Thanks ticer syuhada 😘😘😘 my year 1 pupils now remember the song okay.  Hehehe they will use their fingers to recall the days.  Tq again ticer syuhada 😘😘😘
#sktatau #teacherslife🍎
Dinner with YB Datuk Lee Kim Shin. Thank you YB Datuk for your hospitality in Miri. It was the best trip ever. Sightseing in Miri was awsome, the people were nice and the food was very delicious.. And yes, our YB Datuk kindly sponsored this dinner.
#sktatau #sarawak #miri

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Morning and Happy Friday everyone. 💕💕 just wanna share my exercises that I gave to my pupils.  All these exercises I got it from TeacherFiera.  Thanks to TeacherFiera, you help teachers out there a lot. 😎😎 #sktatau #teacherslife
Hi everyone.  Good morning 😎😎😎 on Tuesday,  my kids played 'What do you see' game.  All the pupils were in circle. Each person had to say 'what''do''you''see'and the next one would say I see...... They are required to say all the things in the classroom such as shoes, book, window, table and so on.  They enjoyed it so so so much. Yesterday,  they insisted to play this game again and I refused.  This was what I usually did before we went to the learning part.  To boost their interest 😄😄💕💕 #sktatau #lifeofateacher #ignoremyvoice
Hey everyone 😎 yesterday,  my kids insisted to play "Broken Telephone". They always play this game and they love it so so so much.  This game will require their listening and speaking skills.  So, it is good to carrry out this game okay!  And I did this with them so many times already.  They like it when I write the marks on the blackboard,  so they are more into the game,  they want to win,  so they will do the best for it. 💪💪💕💕💕 #sktatau #teacherslife
Hi everyone :) nothing much.  Last Friday,  my year 3 pupils did their drama performances.  But,  I guess it wasnt drama.  It was not like I expected.  Never mind, we will do better in the future.  They were like reciting a poem or singing I guess.  Huhuhu.  Oh,  I miss my drama group when I was still a student.  Hurmm.. Well,  on Friday,  our periods are separated.  The 1st class started at 1.40 pm and ended at 2.10 pm and continued at 4.30 pm and ended at 5.00 pm.  That is how my language class goes every week and every month.  Hehhehe. 😘😘 The kids explore their own learning.  This is what we call #PAK21 I think hahaha 😂😂😂💪💪 #sktatau #lifeasateacher
Hi everyone.  I hope there are people who read this.  Hahaha. 
Okay,  this is the activity that I carried out in my class in this week for my year 1 pupils.  First,  I taught all the sounds and words' pronunciation. Then after some time,  I got tired.  And here my little teachers with their group members.  The little teachers have to teach their friends.  And I see the others pupils kinda like it when it came to them.  Yeah,  you know the little teachers are not like me.  I always scream and go mad with themm hahaha.  So,  dont wanna go crazy ask the little teachers to teach and I monitor :) Guess what?? It works.  The others pupils wanna be a little teacher too.  So,  I said if you wanna be one of it,  you gotta know how to say the words and the sounds.  They work hard for it.  See,  no spoonfeeading :) the kids explore their own learning. 💪 continue later. 
#sktatau #teacherslife