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You can never be wealthy by saving, you can only be rich when saving but you can never be wealthy, investment is the gateway to wealth not by saving in a fixed account, check out our top richest men in the world they are not wealthy because they were saving, they are wealthy and are getting more wealthy because they are taking opportunities and are investing so they can keep their wealth stable you too can make it to their level. The best way to do that is by investing now. Start investing today and give your self from now to five years, you won't believe how much money you've realized.I don't want to be rich, I want to be wealthy, if you know you want to be wealthy and start investing today to get to that level please drop your 👉 👉 👉 👉 👉 comments or DM me #tedx #fedex #under30ceo #entrepreneur #smarthead #binary #bitcoin #win #whowantstobeamillionaire #good money #extra cash #goodlife #goodvibes #good vibrations #inc #success magazine #Ali brown #american airline #bankofamerica #Austrialia #wework #Gucci #Nike #womenworking.com
#yesicare "Many of us are aware that #nature is circular and therefore all it's resources are optimised. As a renowned chemist Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier summed it up: "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed" so, I think, our economy and consumption/waste relationship should be too. I believe in creating a conversation and leading by example. As a zero waste lifestyle practitioner, and a #vegan of 8.5 years approx. I want to share my journey - the ups and the downs, to paint a realistic picture of what it can be like living this way in today's age. I am still continuously awestruck by what I learn through practicing these lifestyles, things that I did not even think about after simply knowing that such movements and beliefs exist and what they stand for. In sharing my experiences I hope that it will provoke thought and a new perspective, potentially, leading to more conscientious behaviours. I am also a founder of an #ethical, #eco company at it’s juvenile stage. The primary reason for setting this company up is that I want to create a tool through which to inspire individuals to connect with our #environment in a positive and responsible way, to challenge manufacturers, councils and suppliers by creating demand for #circular products and #packaging, I want to work with #transparent banks, employ #digital business cards, work with #cryptocurrencies and join other likeminded individuals who use innovative techniques to define a new form of circular business - a business that respects nature and people. I think, a mutualistic relationship between the two is necessary to ensure that human beings flourish and progress in the #future." Dominyka Sausdrave, @zerowastegeneration (Klaipeda, Lithuania) #smarthead
Beyond proud of you! And I know this is only the beginning ⭐️👨🏼‍🎓 #proudsistermoment#graduationday#gesternwarstdunochsoklein#smarthead
Wir gratulieren @zerowaste.switzerland zu 3‘000 Followern!
Das wird mit einem Gewinnspiel gefeiert, das wir mit einem herrlichen Heublumenbad, geerntet auf biologisch bewirtschaftet Wiesen im Wallis, gerne unterstützen. Bei @zerowaste.switzerland auf Instagram vorbei schauen und mitmachen!
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#yesicare "I'm trying to help with several primary technology projects and live a good life. Make the world a better place. From my point of view, this task has two levels. One defines a sentence: Be the Change You Want to See in the World! Each of us contributes little by little, if I will be better the world will be better. In the second perspective, I believe in sustainable entrepreneurship. One of the core business functions is to solve problems. If it is more solved, the world will be better. This change is more significant in exponential technologies. Of course, the technological rise and simplification of life also brings great challenges. Mainly valuable leaders." Peter Dendis, @peterdendis (Bratislava, Slovakia) #people #nature #smarthead
#yesicare "Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, sustainability and a love for the outdoors were always  highly held values in my household, but it wasn't until I encountered a dead whale and literal tons of marine debris while backpacking on the Washington Coast that my conservation journey truly began. I felt inspired to make a change so I attended the Seattle Youth Ocean Conservation Summit, became a Youth Ocean Advocate at the Seattle Aquarium, and forged my own online recycling campaign to combat marine debris. I worked with my city's parks department to address recyclable marine debris on beaches and encouraged them to install recycling bins in waterfront parks. Through online social media pressure and a blog dedicated to recycling on waterfronts, recycling bins went up through numerous waterfront parks in the city of Seattle. Most recently I served as a Sea Youth Rise Up Delegate in Washington D.C. During my time there I spoke about the power of youth conservationist at the first ever March for Our Oceans, encouraged young people to take address conservation issues through media outreach, as well as lobbying with Senate staffers on behalf of the ocean. I hope to continue my own conservation journey in the future and to help spark a similar passion for the preserving the planet in others." Annie Means, @seayouthriseup delegate (Seattle, Washington) #smarthead
I can never give up on my dreams, I will fight till I accomplish my purpose in this world, it's not greed or pride I don't want to work for anybody, I want to become my own boss and build my legacy, there are two things in this world either you're a boss or an employee so which do you choose to be it all depends on your self confidence to achieve anything you want in life, but I can't sit down and let my dreams die when I can make more than my salary pays in a week with nadex and binary trading options. Drop your comment if you wanna be your own boss and make money to start up your own legacy, #yourownboss #legacy #forward #goodmorningaustralia #goodvibes #lifeistough #staywoke #staystrong #achievers #nevergiveup #ferrari #benz #bmw #UAE #lifegoeson #vision #goodlife #biggerdreams #makehugemoney #makemoneyonline#fedex #under30ceo #youngentrepreneur #smarthead
The Act of Giving 🤗
The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) is both a place and a movement. They are an independent not-for-profit organisation, whose programs support and empower people seeking asylum. As a movement, they mobilise and unite communities to create lasting social and policy change. https://www.asrc.org.au/homepage/
How you can help; 
Relieve hunger - Donate food
Give shelter and warmth - Donate clothing
Lend A helping hand 🖐️ - Donate money (if you have the capacity to do so)
Here is a pic of me donating a think warm jacket which I can live without, and would mean so much more to someone else in need. 🤗
Give a little, change a lot. 👐🖤🌻
What have you recently recently / today to create positive impact ? Challenge yourself, endeavour to do something-anything (no matter how small the task or action is). Pick up some litter you see, donate some coins to the homeless, eat meat-free for the day, go zero waste, use or consume no plastic refuse to a takeaway coffee cup (dine in) or BYO keep-cup. There are plenty of ways and things one can do to help, to give. Without expecting anything back in return. Except self gratification. 
#livehelfy #dohelfy #helfyactivities 
#ichoosekindness #yesicare #smarthead
"Stop being afraid of the risk, as an entrepreneur that is one of the qualities you must have, risk bearing is not always all about losing risk most times comes with a lot of reward, but once we just hear the word risk we're discouraged from investing put your fear behind you and start making money today. Be brave, strong, fearless, courageous and stand firm #entrepreneur #nike #adidas #fast company #fortune #young entrepreneur #inc #copyblogger  #under30ceo #ali brown #unmarketing #american express open #post planner #entrepreneurial insight #Ge #oreo #wework #fedex #smarthead #good vibrations #bitcoin #binary #goodlife #stock #millions #millionaire" 
Dm me now let’s make profits
After the mess that were these past two weeks, I‘m finally back on the blog with a post about sustainable wardrobe on a budget 💚🌱 ...
A sustainable wardrobe doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. Shopping less and more mindfully is a great way to start. I try to shop when I actually need something. But when I do shop, looking for things second hand is my favorite way to shop. It‘s cheap, fun, rewarding and totally sustainable, because those things are already existing and no new resources are wasted. If I can’t find what I’m looking for second hand, I love supporting companies that try to make the world a better place. Like @organicbasics , that produces sustainably and fairly made basics (underwear, socks, basic tees) whilst trying to waste as less resources as possible but still creating long lasting items that won’t need constant replacements. And this does pay off in the long term 💚
This and much more on the blog 💻 Both links to the blog post and the Organic Basics’ website are linked in my bio!! (Shop responsibly and mindfully. If you are in need of basics, you can check Organic Basics and use the code SIMPLICITYXOB20 to get 20% off. (Werbung da Markennennung / affiliate) #sustainableliving #sustainablefashion #minimalistwardrobe #minimalist #organicbasics #scandinavianstyle #minimalistfashion 
#reducewhatyouproduce #buylesschoosewell #fashionrevolution #byebyefastfashion #thinkbeforeyoubuy #consciousliving #slowfashion #slowfashionmovement #thelowimpactmovement #slowfashioninspo #sustainableoutfits #minimalistwardrobe #bemorewithless #lessstuffmorelife #livelight #zerowastelifestyle #nofastfashion #vegansofig #veganlifestyle #zerowastevegan #thesimplicitydiaries #thesimplicitydiariesblog #smarthead #yesicare
Excited for today’s babyswim #babyswimming #gettingready #mybeautifulgirl #smarthead
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#yesicare "What I have done in MY life...Improved MY English in Denmark during studying at university, improved MY Spanish in Mexico, then moved to Ireland to find MY happiness. But, I realized I do everything only for MY pleasure and MY future. Therefore, apart from MY own life, I would love to dedicate some of my free time helping someone. Since lately many social medias are dedicated to food waste, ocean pollution etc. I decided to go to a closest beach and start picking up the litter along my great friend. Beach is a door connecting the Ocean world and OUR world so I believe that we should take care of it. I would try to be more active even further on, join the discussion, activists and mainly try to engage others to improve the current situation." Maria, @mariaenviaje (Prague, Czech Republic) #people #nature #smarthead