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Refresh yourself with a little #vino. #StemmariWine
DYK? Sicily is home to many citrus fruits? Ranging from lemons to blood oranges, these fruits thrive in Sicilian soil and sun. #LiveSicilianly
We’re sipping pink on #InternationalRoséDay! Our Rosé boasts strong notes of wild strawberries -- the perfect sip for today’s festivities. Tag your rosé loving friends!
Stemmari Wine represents the flavors and aromas unique to Sicily. #LiveSicilianly
Stir up your weekend meals with a classic Spaghetti con Bottarga sauce from @gitlchefs, a Sicilian classic pairing harmoniously with a glass of Grillo. #stemmaripairs
Celebrating life with an aperitivo! Tag who you’d share this moment with! #LiveSicilianly
Wednesdays always pair well with wine! #StemmariWine
“Where words leave off, music begins.” ― Heinrich Heine #StemmariWine
Happy Monday! We’re currently daydreaming of summer strolls through the baglio. #LiveSicilianly (PC: @feudoarancio)
Our weekend sip? A glass of Nero D'Avola is the perfect way to end the work week! #FeelGoodFriday (PC: @WoodmanWS)
Dalila, a blended symphony with notes of peach, apricot, and citrus. #LiveSicilianly
Just say when! What are you pouring for #WinedownWednesday?