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Whenever I run through Kirkwood in the early morning I’m half expecting Doc and Marty to come blasting out of nowhere. Also, can we be done with wind chill at this point?
Who wore it better? @ultramarathon Dean Karnazes or @anntrason? Honored to have both of these inspirational champions and ultramarathon ambassadors rocking the St. Louis Ultra Runners Group (SLUGS) colors. Damn good runners and even better people. #stlultra @runsheprun
Hadn’t seen the graffiti on previous runs
We can sprint the turn on a spring breeze and feel the winter leave our feet!

#twokarmasquirrels #mattlives
Rode the struggle bus out on the Chubb today. Probably due to it being 70. Glad I slapped on the @ultraspire pack and brought enough water. Otherwise it would have been bad news. #chubbtrail #stlultra #ultraspire #altrarunning #bocogear #zerolimits
A huge shout out tour Newest honorary SLUG @ultramarathon! Green’s your color Dean! Disclaimer: I cannot confirm/deny that @lead_feet held him against his will to get this pic but regardless it’s a marketing victory. #stlultra #3run4 #tiotr
Sometimes a race shirt won’t cut it. This will be the 20th anniversary of the Chubb 25k & Double Chubb 50k and I wanted to do something special. A huge shout out to @4handsbrewingco for collaborating with our tiny race and bottling up some “Single Track”. #doublechubb #chubb2550 #stlultra
I stumbled on these today and they just about made me cry. All goofing around aside, I love my family, I love being my children’s father, and all in all, loving life to the max. Hug your kids, tell stupid jokes, tell them stories and tall tales, and Dad as hard as you can (that goes for Moms too)
Choose trails and music without words
The sun is coming back to morning runs, and I couldn’t be happier about it.
As I transcended the highest levels of consciousness I felt there was no better way to document this lush sensory experience then to stop everything and set me camera up to take selfies. #zenaf
I’ve read countless blurbs and articles about how we need to keep the kids away from iPads and phones and such. French themed driving card games seem to work well.