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I swear it was shorts weather yesterday. Also, Max is scary.
Everyone needs to stop having such a good time
#deerfarttrailteam locked and loaded. @ultraginger enjoying some @stltrackclub trail mileage.
Majesty. That is all. And that’s how we close out Traveller 2018. I think I’ll prolly run tomorrow.
This is more or less my everyday. Enjoy your weekend everyone, it’s a beautiful galaxy out there.
Who are these people? Giant assholes, duh. Oh and the @lasthorserunners and my very best friends. What an amazing year of training and racing.
@ultrarunningmemes exclusive. I’m sure there are better pictures out there, but this sums up Traveller 2018 perfectly. Passed out after drinking a carton of @lovemysilk chocolate milk. Oh and double word score because it was #grgr18 thanks @ethannewberry
The holidays have begun. Tomorrow we run 100 miles. Thanks for taking this pic and many of yourself @ultrarunmatt
Cap com: go, retro: go, flight: go. Ouachita we are go for launch. #SELFTRIGGERED
We are not your average group.  We don’t care what you’ve done or how fast you’ve done it. We don’t care if you are an ambassador for the new trail running fidget spinner. We don’t care if you run 1 mile or 100.  We run.  We laugh. We SUPPORT each other no matter what our goals are. We are an elite group of NON-ELITE trail runners. WE ARE ALREADY CHAMPIONS. 
Repost. Use our hashtag #deerfarttrailteam 
Or don’t, no biggie.  But most importantly. BE HAPPY. .
Stay tuned for some rad team news!!
"Hurry boy, it's waiting there for you" (Toto 1982)
We are here.  If you know, than you know.  If you don’t, then you better axe somebody.  #deerfarttrailteam #stlultra #midwesttrailrunners #alreadychampions