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Distant street lights pierce the fog between the hills. Only the runner knows this light, this darkness. Only the runner can appreciate the darkness that houses the light. The obvious duality that lies in each of us yet is often times overlooked. But through the mist of our consciousness there is a path, one forged by both our environment and our desire. The runner knows this as truth. Running requires that balance between speed and comfort, between the path laid out and the path one takes, and between the desire to stop and the desire to persevere. Some days the snap of the hood on your windbreaker is better than any measurable accomplishment. Other days you hate life after a half mile. Only the runner knows these things, and fortunately any of us can be runners.
You want’em, I got’em. DM me for the deets. #sendcookies
If the weathers fine,
The dude will abide in stride,
By dropping sub nines.
Titled - 5 mile recovery run
#haikuaf #abide
The only road race I really want to do. Come on NYC, third try’s a charm? #lottery #seeyouinstatenisland
Beard. Acoustic. Hoodie. Dan Auerbach cover. Kid not yet in bed. Need a gram post. It’d be tough to be more cliche right now. Wait, no I’ve got it. #blessed
Don’t tempt me @farmandhomesupply
“Let the rain fall down” - Hillary Duff
I had to turn off the notifications going to my watch. I bought my watch for miles and time not Trump and stupidity. #workitout
I give you the unofficial award of the Arkansas Traveller 100 mile race. The coveted Goat Festival cup. Anything in it tastes 30% better guaranteed. #goatsofig
Just 5 glorious outdoor miles today. I hadn’t really pushed the hamstring since my ouchie on Tuesday. I’m still conscious of it, but nothing hurt so I think we are good to go. 
Theme music to go with this photo - “Legs” by the artists ZZ Top. Ya know, because my legs are exposed. And it’s winter. And yeah that’s about it.
#lasthorsetrepanning #trepanning #trapanningofig #trapanningofficial 📸: @much.running.very.ultra
Today. I truly am. A @lasthorserunners.
The impact of these shades once put on is nothing short of meteoric.
I can finally hashtag #pitviperbabes