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I’d love to tell you I was able to take a better picture than this today but there it is. 
Texas report: sunrise happens later than in Missouri, detrimental to runfies
The start of a 38 mile run across Franklin County, Missouri. (Why not??) #stlultra #ultrarunning #roadrunning #missourirunning #notinshape #ohwell
Today, driving. But there was no ducking way I was letting @ultrarunningmemes off the Jamestown hook.
One foot in front of another and repeat for long periods of time until you finish your run. That's the simplest approach to training! #archcityrunclub #stlultra #webuildchampions #RADrabbit #borntorunfree #ultraspire #gostlouis #trailrunner #ultrarunner
Did the sky really look this way this morning? Probably not, it’s been touched up a bit and the colors heightened. But that’s how I remember I seeing it; majestic, dynamic, and breathtaking. Tomorrow we embark on a new chapter, but to me Missouri will always look like this, and I know I’ll have some good friends to come home to. Plus you know, there’s the internet, so I’ll talk to you all probably the same amount.
Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest
Come taste the sun sweet berries of the Earth
Come roll in all the riches all around you
And for once, never wonder what they're worth
You think that I’m an ignorant savage, but in truth I just want my anonymous friend to be #livememeing from the Arkansas Traveller come October. Please use the hash brown #PocahontasChallenge to ensure @ultrarunningmemes will finish Arkansas Traveller because it is written in the colors of the wind. #yabeautiful
Bless the rains
Did we win the championship? Yeah we did. #sandvolleyball
Just that kind of morning
@lasthorserunners is making a run of limited edition Kurt and Eamonn Action Figures available only at the Lake Sylvia Aid Station October 6th. 📸= @ultrarunningmemes 🍆= @lol_flex
Could be the last time on this track for a while. Thanks for not killing me when I ran on you in an ice storm and almost blew out my hammy.