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Miniature train ride was pretty legit. My albino deer friend even made an appearance.
Last Saturday was a bit different than grocery store and soccer games. Time to get hustling again tomorrow #kurtstienparascopecamera
My feet are still quite swollen. #ouch
This year’s #grvr17 came with a buckle. Just an incredible weekend with my fellow @lasthorserunners Traveller did not disappoint!
If you look close enough, you can tell I don’t know what I’m doing. Great to see @run.the.ultras @kpruns100 @beard.pray.love @traildawg92 @vertical_runner and @trail.padre. The @lasthorserunners also took some dank polaroids.
Quick survey. Are you more excited about @lasthorserunners hoodies? Or Mr.Robot coming back next week? I say why choose.

Just days away. It’s equal parts Christmas Eve and Tax Day right now.
Here in Missouri the heat has finally broken which means time for hoodies. The @lasthorserunners are dropping some new game right now and it has this sweet diamond patch on the front. Designed by yours truly. Stoked is an understatement.
And yes, there’s a link in the bio.
Early morning trail action at my favorite trail #timetofly #hokaoneone #guenergy #lifepoints #drymax #runsteepgethigh #trailrunner #trailrunning #stlultra #runstl #runnersofthewild #humansofhoka
Well that’s it folks. Now for a week of performance enhancing sleep. 8 days till Traveller, taper done, rest and stretch begin.
Found a new lunch spot
Not all pictures are perfect...except for this one. I mean just wow.