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Pepa, an indigenous folk instrument made from buffalo horn, is a common sight mostly played by men that is an integral part of the culture of Assam. Shot this khoobsurat musical wali surat with my Tecno Camon i2x. 
#TECNOHarSuratKhoobsurat #ShotOnTecnoCamoni2x #tecnotravtasy
A face that reminds me of the Kabuliwala, a testament of kindness, compassion and unspoken affection. Shot this khoobsurat surat with my Tecno Camon i2x. 
#TECNOHarSuratKhoobsurat #ShotOnTecnoCamoni2x #tecnotravtasy
This picture is symbolic of spiritual liberation and impermanence of life. Shot this khoobsurat divine surat with my Tecno Camon i2x. #ShotOnTecno #travtasy #tecnotravtasy
Guwahati in Assam, mainly known for its Kamakhya temple, the river Brahmaputra, silk saree and its Bihu celebrations. But what we know less is that Guwahati is a city full of life and culture! I always take pleasure to discover all the nooks and alleys of the city as I look at the city behind me. Here is a small overview, but I have many other khoobsurat surats to reveal, share some historical information and other stories as I move around my city with my Tecno Camon i2x. #TECNOHarSuratKhoobsurat #ShotOnTecnoCamoni2x #tecnotravtasy