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3.09.18 || Bigs Appreciation Day!! Got kidnapped, blindfolded, taken on an aimless ride just to land back in Norte with our beautiful littles and a yummy dinner😍 Our hearts were so filled with so much happiness that day; never have we ever felt so proud as bigs seeing our littles work together to make this happen is amazing and so priceless... we flew to cloud 9 😌☁️ Fly high, sky high, Airplane fam ‘til we die✈️💞 #flyhigher #ucicki
3.08.18 || General Meeting: The Musical. We all sang our hearts out at meeting, had to get a little laugh in before the quarter almost ends! #flyhigher #ucicki
3.05.18 || So proud of our pilot Kevin and the basketball team😄 Congrats on making I️t to quarter finals and playing your hardest out there on the court🏀 You were such a team player we couldn’t have been more proud seeing you fly out there!! #flyhigher #ucicki
3•15•18 when you realize your term is over and you’re going to get grands 🤧 
but congrats to Cody for being one of the 2018-2019 Kiwanis Family Chairs!! 😩💕 and pc to eric vu!!! #ucicki #chaching
3.04.18 || Airplanes take on the RUNWAY💃🏼🕺🏼🛬 Started out at the beautiful university of Soka but got kicked out😤... but Laguna Beach was still beautiful😍 The views were especially amazing (talkin’ ‘bout us); the boys were spiffy and the gals were gorgeous❣️✨ More pictures to come, we only have the pics taken from our phones for now!! Professional camera or not, it’s no doubt we all look fly af... and that we da bes lookin’ fam ever to exist🌚😛 #flyhigher #ucicki
3.02.18 || Airplane flew everywhere this day, some danced with the fam at Project Botellaly (first practice!) and some had a nice dinner with the fam at Souplantation (some first timers!) and then went to model some clothes in time for the fam’s photoshoot coming’ up😏 #flyhigher #ucicki
3.01.18 || Souuuuuulstice! What great performances we saw that day. Not everyone could make in the picture but we all had an amazing time😃 #flyhigher #ucicki
2.28.18 - ETERNITY *come help out DCON til day of!😝* || DCON prep with some of the cutest😙 Missin’ Ashley but catch us all performing our DCON Talent Act from March 23-25th!! #flyhigher #ucicki
2.27.18 || Meeting on Tuesday... in ELH 100... @8:30 🤔?? Oh right because it was the week for Soulstice! Still good vibes😌 missing Nick and Mama Bao & Kim #flyhigher #ucicki
2.23.18 || Thai Famous Cuisine! The good was delicious, the decor was tacky, and the company was amazing 😋 #flyhigher #ucicki
Happy belated birthday and congrats to our very own, BOOM Cao, on becoming the VPA elect. 🎂🎉 We know you'll do an amazing job this coming term! 😍

Bonus content at the end 😏🤭 #boomboxox #boomboompow #ucicki
Look it all these scouts at CKI’s first ever Hunger, Over Easy! Team Get Lost in the Sauce gave it their all making the hurricane tortilla! We are proud. You can cook! #ucicki #hungerovereasy