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Today’s theme for Service Unity Week is Wandering Wednesday! Go outside for 30 minutes and take a relaxing walk~ take a picture during your break and tag @ucicki to earn a ticket for next week’s raffle!! Don’t forget the hashtag #ServiceUnityWeek! 
Day 2 of our Service Unity Week contest! Post a picture of a healthy meal that you made 😋🍽 Don’t forget to tag @ucicki and add the hashtag #ServiceUnityWeek to earn a ticket for next week’s raffle!! #ucicki
we (PLUS SAYRA) are DYE-ing to meet you all!! 💕

come out to induction night to find out if you’re a space cadet 🚀 #ucicki #blastinoff
🚨PRIZE ALERT🚨Today is the start of Service Unity Week! Post a picture relating to the day’s theme, tag @ucicki, & use #ServiceUnityWeek to earn a raffle ticket! Our Single Service chairs will have a raffle during Week 4’s meeting where you can enter and win prizes!! 😍
Today’s theme is Motivation Monday! Post a picture of your goals for the week! 📝 
#ServiceUnityWeek #ucicki
10.14.17 | Here is a video of my last ever Crazy Kompetition for Infants South where my team, Money Makers, won third place! Shout out to my last team ever for being so spectacular and for lowkey playing a little dirty, I mean highly strategically with me. 😉 #TeamMoneyMakers #ucicki @busudarin @theycallmechoy @oreginality_ @sieu.later @ryookelly
Today was our interclub with our divisional buddy Cypress College! It was fun doing service at the Coastal Cleanup at the Bay! 💕 #ucicki #cypresscollege #service
Survived twelve hours with these two and came out with minor bruises and great memories. Love them a lot 💕✨🔭 #telescopefam #ucicki #licenseplategame
Hello UCI CKI members!! Our club is currently looking for t-shirt designs for this year's theme! All entries will be submitted to media.ucicki@gmail.com and enlarge.ucicki@gmail.com and the winner will receive FREE MEMBERSHIP!! 😵 
The deadline is August 27th at 11:59 pm! Details are on the flyer and feel free to contact our media chairs or e-board members if you have any questions!! #ucicki
Volunteering with Circle K yesterday

#ucicki #volunteering #circlek #ivccki
Didn't get the chance to record meals on wheels today, but DCM and Pancakes haha

#ucicki #circlek #ucirvinecirclek #pancakes #dcm
Here's a little recap from service with Second Harvest Food Bank and the Magic Kingdom Division! || filmed by @midnightsdusk || #ucicki #cnhcki #magickingdom #circlek #service #secondharvestfoodbank
Service with Second Harvest food bank and Magic Kingdom!

#ucicki #ucirvinecirclek #circlek #magickingdomcki #secondharvestfoodbank 

Also staring @carols.v @uhmgianna @kylertagupa and other people haha