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Making #30000ftcocktails on the way to Colorado for a week of skiing and boarding meant I needed a cocktail essential to the experience. So, the most basic (in more ways than one) après ski cocktail—hot chocolate + whatever booze that’s handy—won out. (And a shot of Irish whiskey, my snow day go-to, would have been a lot less cute.)
What do you enjoy drinking on the mountain? 🏂
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Where to? ✈️
(Gotta love rollin’ with @away. 🧳)
No trip to San Antonio is complete without a visit to Hotel Havana’s bar and restaurant, Ocho.
🍹: Verde Paloma: Ketel One, grapefruit, lime, Topo Chico, Tajin rim, jalapeño

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Thanks to the Diageo team for a lovely meal!
So everyone else is posting their #best9, but mine had four pictures of my #30000ftcocktails, so I went for my #best16 instead. I've learned a lot this year ... mostly that y'all really like pictures of booze on planes and my printed tanks.

Thanks to all of you for following along this year. In 2019, you can expect a bit of a rebrand and plenty more of the same fun. Cheers to more adventures and the continuing pursuit of great booze. 🍾
Today was a good day ... thanks again to @kahlua for the fantastic ski getup and @skisantafe for the fun run(s).
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I’m back in The Land of Enchantment for the holiday ... and I’m excited to get my hands back on the green chilis I got from Hatch (and froze) that made this boozy green chili lemonade sing. 🌶
(If you’ve ever been to New Mexico, you’ll know that most meals come with the option of “red, green, or Christmas” chilis. So I decided to add some to my vodka and fresh squeezed lemonade. 🤷🏼‍♀️ You only live once.)
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I really enjoyed my visit to Vienna last week, and a huge part of it was my visit to Josef CocktailBar. It’s a classics-with-a-twist cocktail spot in the heart of Vienna with impeccable service and exquisite drinks. It’s no wonder they’re #WorldClass!
Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover: Angostura 1919, LBV Port, lime, sugar, egg white, Tonka bean
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A day when you can start drinking hot whiskey at 10am, eat mini waffles, and ride a rollercoaster—all alongside Santa—is a good day.
I popped in to experience #WinterWonderlandLondon for a bit this morning on my last day in The City. I have had three drinks and am not sure what my name is anymore. #whiskeybeforebreakfast
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I have a confession: I’m a tiki nut. I like tiki even more if it’s in an unexpected city ... like Paris. 
I have another confession: I should have taken my drink’s warning ... it was called “The Calm Before the Storm”. And it was. 
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There are Christmas Markets (Weihnachtsmarkts) across Europe, but Vienna has some of the most amazing! Local artisans, as much punsch and gluhwein as you could ever want, local fare, and incredible light displays make for a truly memorable experience.

Last night I visited the Rathausplatz market and then a smaller one inside the museum quarter. I’m just sad I didn’t start earlier so I could visit more!

TL;DR: The Christmas markets in Vienna ARE NOT to be missed.
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Ich gehe nach Wien! (I’m heading to Vienna!)
This will be my first trip to Austria, and I couldn’t be more excited to explore this beautiful city for a couple days. 
A traditional winter cocktail in Austria is gluhwein. You’ll find it at winter markets to warm you up from the inside out. (It’s basically our mulled wine, but with a cooler name. 🤷🏼‍♀️)
1 bottles red wine
2 cups hot water 
2 lemons, juiced
2 cinnamon sticks
1 T cloves
Combine ingredients in a saucepan and warm to nearly a boil. Allow to simmer and cool. Garnish with a cinnamon stick, cloves, star anise, etc. and an orange peel. (For a single serving, I combined three parts red wine with one part very hot water and a squeeze of lemon.)
This drink was decidedly the most difficult of my #30000ftcocktails to date. Here’s a super short version of the shit that went down here:::: I decided to make this cocktail yesterday, but didn’t see any sort of shop with glassware the whole day. So I collected my garnishes last night at the various bars I visited by sweet talking here and there, and then convinced my sweet AirBnB host to give me one of his coffee cups. Then, flying out of Paris Orly, I was told there weren’t stores inside the terminal ... so I had to buy my wine outside of the terminal, then purchase a new travel pack of small bottles, and then throw out my dry shampoo (the horror!!!) and mouthwash so I could carry on the 100mL bottles. There’s so much more to the story, but it was definitely a comedy of errors and tested my French speaking skills.

Sorry I wasn’t able to get a view of the Alps in the picture!! 🏔
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“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” - Nelson Mandela
It’s incredibly important in life to know yourself. Some people find themselves through meditation, exercise, booze, etc. ... I find myself traveling alone and relying on myself without distraction. Rising to the challenges of navigating new places and entertaining myself thrills me (and I get to eat and sleep on my own schedule 😂), so I’m off on another adventure Tuesday. I’ll be traveling back to Paris—I have somehow not been back since I lived there more than 12 years ago—and then on to a new (to me) destination, Vienna.
Send me any recommendations for either if you have any! ✈️
📸: @beckleyco 
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