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Youth For Change Conference started off with a bang on 10th December! Yesterday's Culture Night was a spectacular affair featuring the culture and talent of 80 youth from 10 countries. Here is a video of our change-makers joining in the performances of the various countries enthusiastically! 
For the next few days, the conference will educate these youth on what responsible and sustainable development looks like in areas of unrest and uncertainty through interactions with world-class humanitarian experts and field visits. Stay tuned for more updates from World Vision's Youth For Change Conference 2017 in Yangon, Myanmar.

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Team #WorldVision South Asia & Pacific Regional Office greets you a Merry Christmas  and Blessed New Year! 
I'm reminded of God's faithfulness through this award, I can still remember my answer when I was asked "how do you see yourself 5 yrs from now?" during my interview and my answer was: I see myself receiving the 5 year service award :D 
Soli deo gloria! 
42,000 global staff, 90+ countries, 1 vision: a full life for every child. #weareworldvision
#AsiaP3Hub Springboard Celebration! 
Your @worldvision family is proud of you! We will continue to horseback ride along side you, rally and cheer for you as you reach for your 2018 & beyond aspirations through forging tri-sector partnerships and #water awareness programs 💧💧💧
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Quote from our Senior IT officer 
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It's beginning to look a lot like #Christmas at global @WorldVision offices! Many staff have volunteered to put up decorations like this beautiful #Christmastree in our #LosAngeles office. 🎄 #weareworldvision
Today we'd like to introduce you to an incredible @WorldVision employee named Benson, #WorldVision's Operations Manager, for the West Nile #Refugee Response. In 1987, his father was killed during a conflict in #Uganda; but instead of revenge, he chose forgiveness and to dedicate his life to helping others as a #humanitarian. ⠀
"After several job applications, God finally gave me the opportunity to work with World Vision's response in Karamoja in 2014. It was a very powerful experience being able to work for the conflict-affected children besieged with malnutrition from the communities where my dad’s killers came from. ⠀
My experience in Karamoja has inspired me to continue working in emergencies. I work with World Vision to help stop other kids from experiencing what I went through." - Benson⠀
Forgiveness is incredibly powerful. Thousands of children's lives have been impacted because of Benson's choice to forgive. We're so grateful for his years of dedication and service! Around the globe there are still so many children in need. Is God calling you to help? Consider a career with calling at World Vision. Careers.wvi.org #WeAreWorldVision
Til we meet again chatty Cathy ❤
Rima stands on the roof of the building where she lives, overlooking the Lebanese slum of Nabaa. Her parents worry about their children growing up here. There are 10,000 people crowded into three square kilometres of low-rise housing. This is a community comprised of castoffs of the Lebanese civil war that have re-settled here and have since been forgotten.

World Vision is carrying out child-focused interventions in this harsh environment. Tutoring programmes and recreational activities allow children living in these slums to see a bigger, more hopeful world.

Rima has a heart-condition, and if not treated soon, she will not see her adult years. However, she chooses to be a beacon of hope in her slum neighbourhood by volunteering with World Vision's child-focused programmes. "I like to dream...When I see things that are wrong, I want to help, to find the answers," she says.

How can you be the difference in the lives of children like Rima? Find out next week at the Youth For Change Conference!

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Repost from @wvyouthcanada: "Hi, I'm Jon and my role at @WorldVision is a Communications Coordinator. I started working with #WorldVision three years ago, because I wanted to put an end to injustice." Thanks Jon for all that you do! #WeAreWorldVision
Alexandre a @WorldVision agricultural specialist in #Rwanda, Africa, shows Valentine how to use #WorldVision's eHinga (or eCultivation) smartphone #app. This application links directly to Rwanda’s Ministry of Agriculture data, which helps farmers find information about land preparation, making the best seed selection, planting and harvesting timelines, and disease and pest control. ⠀
This revolutionary way of farming means Valentine doesn’t have to wait on World Vision’s agronomist to visit before she plants or fertilizes her crops. She’s empowered by this #technology — her crops now produce enough to feed her family and create surplus to sell for income. And after time, when World Vision has finished working in her community, she and the other farmers will continue to thrive.⠀
As #technology has advanced, World Vision has continued to adopt and develop tools that contribute to the efficiency, impact and tracking of our #aid and #development work, as well as the work of the broader #humanitarian industry. #WeAreWorldVision #ReShapeAid