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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." – Nelson Mandela

Shepherd has been with #WorldVision for two years. He runs World Vision's Literacy Boost programme in Moyo, Zambia with @WorldVisionSARO . Thank you Shepherd, for your dedication to mobilising parents and communities to support children as they learn to read through fun out-of-school literacy activities and through the creation of locally relevant reading materials! #WeAreWorldVision #NelsonMandela #NGO #nonprofit #education #nelsonmandelacentenary
Every week, our Global Centre #LosAngeles office gathers for chapel. Last week, our #LA #interns had the chance to lead their own chapel service. We are so proud and have been blessed by their hard work! #WeAreWorldVision
Our @WorldVision Global Centre #Manila team is so grateful to fellowship and have their daily dose of God's word together! As followers of Jesus, #WorldVision is dedicated to working with the world’s most vulnerable people, especially children. It is so awesome to experience the love of God and grow together as a Christ-centered community, wherever we may work. Thank you Joan and the team of @worldvisionphl for sharing this awesome moment! #WeAreWorldVision
Happy 2nd year anniversary to team @asiap3hub 🎂 Big congratulations Christy,  Phearak,  Wayne,  Dorothy, Ysel and to all your hardworking interns! 
You continue to inspire us with your commitment, tenacity and passion! Your @wvasia family will continue to cheer for you and support you! 👏👏👏
#WeAreWorldVision #AsiaP3Hub
Meet our #interns and #volunteers based in the @worldvision regional office in Singapore: Si Hui, Brendon, Zoe, Angelyn and Blaise. This group of young and talented individuals work with #AsiaP3Hub, a multi-sector partnership incubator bringing governments, companies, #NGOs and academia together to focus on #WorldVision Water, Sanitation and Hygiene initiatives. Thank you for all your hard work, team! #WeAreWorldVision
Angelo's life story is one of amazing resilience and hope. As a young man he witnessed incredible violence during the Second Sudanese Civil War. During the height of the fighting, he was recruited as a child solider, eventually made his way to an Ethiopian refugee camp, and then later was taken and resettled into America as a "Lost Boy." 20 years later he found his way home and now works for @WorldVision in his home country as a Faith and Development Coordinator. "It was a long journey, but I found my way back. Good things can come out of a harrowing journey; all we need is for the world to care enough to do something." -Angelo

Pictured is Angelo, when he shared his story to Game of Thrones actor and #WorldVision ambassador Liam Cunningham (@liamcunningham1) during his visit in South Sudan with @WorldVisionUK @WorldVisionIR last April 2018. Angelo said he was inspired by the actor's support for the plight of South Sudan's children.

Today, we celebrate the International #DayoftheAfricanChild !
#ItTakesAWorld #WeAreWorldVision #blessings
¡Gracias a Dios por estos 3 años y 6 meses sirviendo en en World Vision Perú! ❤️🎉
Ha llegado el tiempo de decir “hasta luego” para emprender nuevos desafíos de la mano de mi Señor 😌 solo tengo gratitud en mi corazón por este bello tiempo que Él me permitió estar aquí y definitivamente no me voy igual que cuando llegué; me voy con un más alto sentido de justicia, me voy con una increíble visión de desarrollo, me voy con tantas historias y testimonios que compartir para la gloria de Dios, incluso me voy más tierna, me voy más sensible, me voy con más carga por los más vulnerables y desafiada a poder seguir invirtiendo en el reino y en ellos a quiénes les pertenece, nuestros niños y niñas. 
Ay y pues Gracias a Dios por la vida, con sus penas y alegrías, sus llegadas y sus despedidas 🎶 
Los quiero a todos 😊 siempre estarán presentes en mis pensamientos y oraciones. Para servirles, mi familia World Vision 🙏🏽
#DespedidaWVP 🙋🏽‍♀️
#weareworldvision 🌍 
#worldvisionperu ✨
#porlosniños 👧🏽❣️🧒🏽
#flashbackfriday to last Friday, when our Global Center #LosAngeles staff started off the weekend right, watching the @dodgers baseball game together! Happy Friday everyone, and cheers to a productive week serving globally! #weareworldvision #ilovemyjob #career #happyfriday #fridayfeeling #baseball #fbf #dodgers
There's still time to apply! Applications for our Fall 2018 #Internship Programme at @WorldVision International close tomorrow Friday, July 6 at 11:59 PM PST! Hurry and get your application in! #WeAreWorldVision
✨Today at work with devomates 🧡 #weareworldvision
Through my work with @WorldVision in India I have received training on Disaster Risk Reduction, and I have gone on to teach the communities I serve in the same things I learned. I work together with vulnerable children, families and even some influential people in the community to create disaster preparedness plans for the communities." - Geenamol, #WorldVision India staff member. World Vision is committed to helping children who are affected by disasters and will continue to do so. World Vision is working with children to make sure they understand how they and their families can reduce their vulnerability to disasters, before such disasters strike. We're so thankful for Geenamols Disaster Preparedness work in India! #WeAreWorldVision
Great view. Even better company. 🌴 #weareworldvision