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It's a family affair here now with @NHCCatVT President Rebecca and her mom and sister! Tea time starts at 3:30--come on by! #WeDigBio https://www.facebook.com/events/476900816140605/
Sometimes it takes more than one pair of eyes to decipher historic documents! Thank you to everyone who participated in our WeDigBio transcription events yesterday. #chicagoacademyofsciences #naturemuseum #wedigbio #archives #transcription
We already have four volunteers on site and one at home! Stop by and join the show! #WeDigBio https://www.facebook.com/events/476900816140605/
Getting all set up for our #WeDigBio volunteer event this morning! Lots of parking on Perry St with fall break so come on out! Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/476900816140605/
Tomorrow's transcription expedition on #notesfromnature is ready! Big thanks to Michael Denslow for his help! #WeDigBio Come join us tomorrow! http://bit.ly/2018WeDigBio
WeDigBio at the Nature Museum! We are busily transcribing historical documents from the 1800s. #chicagoacademyofsciences #naturemuseum #wedigbio #archives
Violunteering at the #FieldMuseum #wedigbio #specimens #science #biology #naturalhistory
Whoa. This letter made me pause and reflect on life. William Stimpson was a prominent malacologist and Director of the Chicago Academy of Sciences when the Great Chicago Fire hit in October 1871. This letter was written to Stimpson’s wife from one of Stimpson’s long time friends, Theodore Gill, two days after Stimpson died and only 1 year and 7 months after the fire devastated Chicago. #chicagoacademyofsciences #naturemuseum #archives #transcription #wedigbio
Get ready for WeDigBio! Join us at the Nature Museum to transcribe historic documents from our archives. Check out the fun swag too! This one is activated by the Libraries of Life app! #chicagoacademyofsciences #naturemuseum #wedigbio #ilovemuseums #transcription
Are you interested in contributing to scientific and historical knowledge? Join us at the Nature Museum for WeDigBio, a world wide natural history collections transcription event! We will be diving into history through our archives. Sign up at http://naturemuseum.org/programs-events-and-camps/adult-programs/wedigbio. #chicagoacademyofsciences #naturemuseum #wedigbio #archives #transcription #ilovemuseums #science
#WeDigBio swag on its way soon! Stickers & tattoos will start going out on Sept 24 to those who have registered events by then. We'll continue to send swag after that as event registrations are received, but we encourage everyone to register your event soon to ensure receipt. WeDigBio 2018 is Oct 18–21. https://wedigbio.org/content/ready-make-wedigbio-2018-event-best-ever
wedigbioBe a part of making #WeDigBio 2018 the most inclusive, productive, exciting event yet! Our blog post will help you supercharge your E&O with WeDigBio from Oct 18–21, 2018. In it you'll meet Natasza Fontaine, the newest member of the WeDigBio support team. https://wedigbio.org/content/ready-make-wedigbio-2018-event-best-ever