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Amen and Amen!  A prayer from part three of #whymotherhoodmatters
Seeing life through the lens of motherhood has taught me that even the simplest moment has the potential to become a life long memory. .
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In celebration of my book release, I bought three bath towels. Nice towels.
I won't even show you what 25 years of motherhood and sharing towels looks like. 
Releasing a book is a big deal. And so, I went 'all out' and did this today. Alone.
It's better than throwing in the towel, right?!
I finished reading Why Motherhood Matters -- full review coming soon. meanwhile here a snippet from part two!

Sometimes I catch myself trying to do so much for my girls . . . when really this is the biggest their hearts need. #toknowtheyareloved #whymotherhoodmatters #parttwo
Look what I found! Love this book! #whymotherhoodmatters @septemberanne
Got this sweet gift from my friend @septemberanne yesterday. I've just read the first few pages and already she's got my heart. She mentions the all-important "why," purpose, and motherhood right off the bat, and I can tell we are so on the same page about parenting our kids toward Jesus. How we parent may look very different (September homeschools and has ten kids! 😳), but our motivations are the same. To glorify God in all of it. You can preorder now on Amazon and the book comes out September 1. #whymotherhoodmatters #firstaskwhy
Can I just share with you the overwhelming and eye-opening reality of AMAZING love, support and hope for the words held in my new book?!!
I am in humble awe and true praise to the Lord for redeeming this message and story!
Every single picture this week has made me pause and thank God for that person and this book.
These two pictures epitomize it all.
This little girl is my friend and her mother sent me this picture the day her book arrived.
This beautiful mother shared her first postpartum outing...the long driveway walk to the mailbox to find her book!
So blessed.
So grateful.
To God be the Glory!!
Guys, if you haven't picked up a copy of this new book, get on it! It's encouraging, challenging and helpful towards remembering why motherhood matters. #whymotherhoodmatters
I needed another breather this morning and the words of @septemberanne gave me just that! I am not kidding.... I was feeling EXACTLY what she wrote and she reminded me that my overwhelmed is "God's opportunity to amaze" me. If you are a mom feeling overwhelmed, alone, not sure of your purpose or are in need of some encouragement.... please check this book out! 
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"When we barely recognize who we have become, this is the perfect time to let God transform us." #whymotherhoodmatters 
If you're a mom, can we chat for a minute? Do you sometimes wonder if what you're doing means anything? Or maybe you know that in the big picture, your hard work of raising humans is important but in the day to day it seems so mundane and ridiculously hard. Motherhood brings with it all the feelings. . . and all the pressure. 
Our work as mothers is sacred and therefore it can only be done well with Jesus by our side. My friend @septemberanne has written a beautiful and practical guidebook to encourage and equip us. She's been an online mentor to me for years. Her story is big and so is her heart to hold the hands of moms everywhere as we raise the next generation of world changers. 
Why Motherhood Matters is out September 1 but you can preorder it now. It will bless you and challenge you in ways you didn't know you needed. 
Thank you September for this labor of love. Thank you for this bright and beautiful reminder that what I do matters. 
Friends, what you do matters. It matters a whole lot. And you don't have to do it alone.
"Mama, your work has deep worth." ... Someone needed to hear that right about now. There's some mama out there who has a Lego City experiencing urban sprawl on the living room floor. Some mama is watching her older kids make awful choices and wondering to herself, "is this my fault?" Some other mama just wonders if it mattered. It did. It mattered. Let @septemberanne tell you just how much.
"Motherhood is an incredible labor of love -- and in the scope of eternity, it matters more than you know."
If I am going to trust the topic of motherhood to anyone, it's September McCarthy. She's been a mom for 25 years who continues to raise young children and love her young adults. She's the mentor we all need!
Her new book is releasing soon! Preorder now!
You get freebies if you preorder at whymotherhoodmatters.com.
Necklace by @lisaleonard
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Ahhh, bedtime // Pippi pilfering peaches and popcorn // Looking over my list of questions for Sadie's doctor appointment tomorrow // Excited to read and glean wisdom from September's book {Do you know September? Have you heard about the Raising Generations Today conference? The most God honoring, Spirit lead, personally challenging yet encouraging conference I've ever attended. For reals. Check it out - October 2017} // Pioneer Quest or Taste of the Country or maybe one episode of each // A bright quilt made years ago by my Grandpa Givens, tucked away and forgotten for a while, but now auditioning for full time use... #alwayscomehomedecorates #whymotherhoodmatters