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Hits 106 KHQ! Heather and Aaron in the Morning, Lisa Knight in your Midday. Follow Fish @theradiofish in the afternoon. Jimmy Hotkeys at night.


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Oh sweet!
Have you tried out any "smart" accessories? I really enjoy my watch.
Let's talk buns. Seeds or nah?  #buns
What to mix.....
What is your go to cheap snack?
So, I think I'm the funniest man alive. But even I can admit this joke is a bit of a stretch. Like if you get it. #303
I don't know why it took me this long to look at this years concert series. There are some awesome names coming to town!
Comic con looks great this year!
What a wonderful world in which we live
What a beautiful day to hit the links.
Not quuiite warm enough to take a dip. #filteredwater #aninstafilter #notabritafilter #unsalted
I'm going to have to bring some swim trunks to work soon.