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Superhits of the 70s and 80s, Broadcasting from Boise Idaho on the FM band at 107.1 Mhz!


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& Melissa! (In the morning) part of this complete breakfast!
The Murphy half of Murphy & Melissa (in the mornings)
This is Glitter. She's a lion head rabbit. She's spayed, microchipped and ready to go. Glitter is about a year old. Visit her at @idahohumanesociety .
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Did you know that every month 2200 lbs of dog food and 250 lbs of cat food are needed to feed the dogs and cats at the shelter? Please consider donating today! https://buff.ly/2zk0OYc
Murphy & Melissa, my 2 favorite spice girls!
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YOLANDA was today’s "Furry Friday" guest on 107.1 KHITS and she had a wonderful time! When she wasn’t busy perching on people’s shoulders or purring in their arms, she loved roaming around the soundboard.⠀
Yolanda is an 8-week-old, 2-pound female Domestic Shorthair. She’s playful, friendly, affectionate, curious – you couldn’t ask for a cuter companion! Yolanda is still very young and can be a mischievious little kitten. She'll try to explore every nook and cranny and she likes to use her teeth and claws during playtime. She doesn’t mean any harm by it, but young children should be aware and respectful around her! Yolanda always makes up for it though when she snuggles up close to you and tries to give you nose boops. Yolanda is friendly and curious about the other cats in our shelter so she has the potential to do well with another feline at home.⠀
You can find Yolanda (#40063035) in Cattery Kennel 11 at our shelter, 4775 Dorman St. We are open every day from 10am to 6pm.
Yolanda is our #furryfriday Superpet from the @idahohumanesociety #adopt
It turned nice!
We're coming to your town/we like to party down/we're an American van...