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14th Hour Foundation-founded by Kris “Tanto” Paronto. Mission: Honor & Support Vets & First Responders that have protected the American Homeland.


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Don't miss the Private Meet & Greet Premiere Party & Screening of War Heroes with Kris Paronto in New Jersey on Feb. 28th. Tickets and Sponsorship Opportunities available at www.kristantoparonto.com/events . Proceeds benefit the @14th_hour_foundation and the SGT Ryan E. Doltz Memorial Foundation . Hope to see you there! @warheroestv @jlwilkinson09 @jackthomassmithofficial @mandydelrio82 @battlelinetactical @cheryldoltz #warheroes #tanto #13hours @official_kris_tanto_paronto
War Heroes with Kris Paronto Screening and Meet & Greet is coming to New Jersey on Thursday, February 28th! Tickets go on sale this afternoon at www.kristantoparonto.com/events,  and will benefit the @14th hour foundation and the SGT Ryan E. Doltz Memorial Foundation . @official_kris_tanto_paronto @jlwilkinson09 @warheroestv @cheryldoltz @jackthomassmithofficial @mandydelrio82
The 14th Hour Foundation team is on the ground in Vegas getting ready for the Premiere of War Heroes with @official_kris_tanto_paronto . It’s happening tomorrow at the Brenden Theatre & IMAX at the Palms Casino Resort. Thank you to our swag bag sponsor @dsarmsinc for providing bags and all of our other sponsors for providing some incredible swag! We have a few tickets still available... No Tix will be sold at the door so please go to https://www.kristantoparonto.com/events
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Tickets are selling out quickly for the Private Premiere Party & Screening of War Heroes with Kris Paronto on Wed, Jan 23rd at The Palms Casino-Brenden Theater . If you want to purchase tix that benefit the 14th Hour Foundation or become a sponsor, go to https://www.kristantoparonto.com/events . Thanks! @warheroestv @battlelinetactical @14th_hour_foundation @jlwilkinson09 @adapt.secops @morgantiming @brendentheatres @brendenlasvegas #vegas @shotshow @worldofconcrete2019 #shotshow2019 #shotshow #worldofconcrete #thingstodoinvegas
I wanted to share this note of appreciation with you all. Because of your generous gifts, the 14th Hour Foundation is able to help individuals that served and sacrificed to protect the homeland as well as other foundations that have the same mission ... by working together, we can do more for others. Thank YOU! #giveback #servicebeforeself @official_kris_tanto_paronto @warheroestv @cheryldoltz @mandydelrio82
Here's a Sneak Peak of our new website...still working on it...but it will be much easier for you all to navigate as we work together to have a very productive and service oriented year! www.14hours.org @official_kris_tanto_paronto @jlwilkinson09 @battlelinetactical #14thhourfoundation
Can’t Wait!!
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Have you gotten your Tickets to the VIP Premiere Party & Screening of War Heroes with Kris Paronto in Vegas on Jan. 23rd?  To Purchase Tix, www.kristantoparonto.com/events . If you can't attend but would like to host a Watch Party in your area, contact Judy at JLWilkinsonConsulting@gmail.com for details on how to make it happen. Thanks! @jlwilkinson09 @battlelinetactical @14th_hour_foundation @morgantiming @adapt.secops @warheroestv @shotshow @worldofconcrete2019 @unstoppablebg @thebeardedblackcowboy @jzampier @tantos.tantoisms @cheryldoltz @jackthomassmithofficial @maximdefense @fortscottmunitions @vertx_official @guardiantrainingcenter @goliathtactical661 @trench__monkey
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TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE for the Jan. 23rd Premiere Party & Screening of the new docuseries "War Heroes with Kris Paronto" being held in Las Vegas during @shotshow Week. A limited number of tickets are available and must be purchased in advance and benefit the @14th_hour_foundation .

To Purchase Tickets, go to https://www.kristantoparonto.com/events. @battlelinetactical @jlwilkinson09 @14th_hour_foundation @maximdefense @fortscottmunitions @vertx_official @iron.gall.firearms_eddierongey @88tactical @veritasinternational @thaddea_co @hoovertacticalfirearm @adapt.secops @treadproof_training @readylinerange @topgunshootingsports @big3eastmedia @big3eastmediagroup @boulderpistolandrifleclub @scottsdalegunclub @marauders_tactical @guardiantrainingcenter @alloyarmsrange @thebeardedblackcowboy @morgantiming @unstoppablebg @jzampier @adapt.secops @homesteadtrainingcenter @frontier_justice @colionnoir @dothan_gun_club @dsarmsinc @davaddefense @jarvis_shooting_sports @frogbonesfsc @shootingclasses_com @borndorf27 @talonrange @goliathtactical661 @trench__monkey @warheroestv @jackthomassmithofficial @cheryldoltz @tantos.tantoisms
“The future depends on what you do today.” - Mahatma Gandhi We have exciting projects coming up in 2019 and plenty of Volunteer Opportunities.... stay tuned if you’d like to get involved! www.14Hours.org
Thank you for all you’ve done to support Veterans and First Responders with your generous donations to my 14th Hour Foundation. It’s not too late to get your tax deductible contributions in before the end of the year if you want to help out with our 2019 projects. 
To donate, go to www.14hours.org .
- Tanto @official_kris_tanto_paronto
Our friends at @fortscottmunitions donate a portion of the proceeds to @14th_hour_foundation with every purchase of ammo filled tins autographed by @official_kris_tanto_paronto  and @db_boon . Thanks so much for helping us help Veterans and First Responders! #Repost @fortscottmunitions with @get_repost
Time is running low on the CHRISTMASAMMO 15% discount code! Get your Autographed @official_kris_tanto_paronto and @db_boon tins before the sale ends! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the @14th_hour_foundation to honor and support individuals and their families that have served and sacrificed to protect the American Homeland. 
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Merry Christmas and THANK YOU!!