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The 24th Birthday. 🎉 Prismo - Smile 🎶
I’m here keeping a camera in my hands and dreaming about the best sights&views.
Already said I started 2 years ago and bla bla bla… Many times. It is not so important for me now. It’s important that I have and what is about to happen. I mean all the support I got, I mean you, your inspiration, thoughts, some crazy experience, saying about it all, I mean opportunities and people. I mean I’ve already faced many obstacles and will face even more. I wish to all of us rise again and again.
Today I don’t want to thank anybody, today I want to say to you: be always strong, don’t let your dreams fall. If you’re sure, just step on the juice! Run as fast as you can, tearing the hands off that try to stop you. I’ve heard different opinions, sometimes they were bad, even less often - good. I used to have difficulties that didn’t let me take photos. Some people didn’t believe in me, some people don’t still believe in. But when you truly fall in love with photography, when you feel it in yourself, when you’re ready to grip it as hard as you can, you gotta continue to create moments of your life. Photography is not a profession, photography is everyday. Personally for me. Keep up.
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Memories 📝
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All the dreams she keeps.
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Prismo - Coexist 🎶
Today kept the RED Epic for the first time in my life.
You'll watch this work only in December 2017.
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Your city is a city where you're. And this city is everything.
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Romance of the big city.
Making a new video about me and my color editing w/ @taran_artem. How do you think what it could be? 😋
We're living a dream...
illenium - Reverie (feat. King Deco) 🎶
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Moscow finally!
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Hey, 19 here! 👋🏽
I’m very proud to announce the 1-st FFA (free for all) contest by me. For a start I’ve uploaded 19 photos on Dropbox - a link in the bio. All photos taken with Sony Alpha cameras in the last two years, you can find almost all of them on my page to compare edits between themselves. I hope you’ll consider this opportunity like a chance to grow up because I’m sharing my best photos with you. If I can give anything away for art, specially for photography, I will. My frames for you guys! Thank you for the last two years here. It was the craziest time!
Feel free to take part and tag your results #FFA19.
So, FREE FOR ALL by @19tones starts now and ends on the 1 September, good luck! The bests will get the 19Tones Presets and features on my page and in my stories.
If you're down, please, write in the comments below "🌃".
Thank you beforehand.
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"Good artist borrow, great artist steal"
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