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We love volunteerism, team work, kindness, inspirational people, and unity! Be a #Superelawan today!

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It's the time of the year to celebrate the Festival of Lights. We would like to wish all of you guys a Happy & Prosperous Deepavali. Have a good one this year! #iM4U #iM4Ufm #iM4UCelebratesDeepavali
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Calling all the girls out there! Ann has some cool moves for you girls, check this out 🤸🏻‍♀️ #Repost @annosman (@get_repost)
Hi ladies,
As promised, here are just some self defence techniques for you to practice.
Aside from learning self defence techniques, keep fit and strong by exercising regularly. Martial arts classes such as boxing, kickboxing/Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Karate, etc are also a great form of exercise. Not only does it get you fit and healthy but it gives you the strength and confidence to defend yourself 👊👊👊. Stay tuned to more self defence tip  these coming weeks.
#iM4UxAnnOsman #iM4U #iM4Ufm #iM4UAmbassador #selfdefence #martialartsinspired #selfdefencetips @1m4youth
Tune in for more safety tips girls!  #Repost @annosman (@get_repost)
Hi ladies! 
When you left the house, did you bring everything you need for the day? 
The world can be a dangerous place and you can never expect if danger strikes, so make sure to equip yourself with Confidence AND Self Defence techniques too. I will be posting a video to demonstrate some simple yet effective techniques to defend yourself in certain situations. Stay tuned and stay safe!😊
#iM4UxAnnOsman #iM4U #iM4UAmbassador #selfdefence #martialartsinspired
Jangan lupa sertai Program ‘C’est La Vie 3’ pada  29 Oktober 2017 di @im4usentral , bermula pukul 8 pagi hingga 5 petang!  Menyajikan isu-isu dan konflik semasa  melalui elemen hiburan seperti Acapella, Story Telling, Short Film dan Parodi. Program kali ini lebih unik kerana ia bertemakan warna-warni kehidupan dengan tajuk 'NOVEL X-CHAPTER 2’! Tunggu apa lagi? Cepat tempah tempat anda sekarang! Untuk maklumat lanjut,layari atau instagram @kelab_belia_dd #iM4U #iM4Ufm
Seramai 36 Sukarelawan Daerah Klang bertugas di The Hooper Warrior 2017 yang berlansung pada hari ni dan semalam di iM4U Sentral.  #iM4U #iM4Ufm #SDK #TheHopperWarrior2017 #Share4Unity #Superelawan
Stay safe girls! #Repost @annosman (@get_repost)
Hey gals,
Here is another self defence tip from me this week.
Self defence is not just about acquiring physical techniques or such, it starts from within - confidence.
Stay tuned for more tips from me in these coming weeks. Have a great and safe weekend
#iM4UxAnnOsman #iM4U #iM4Ufm #iM4UAmbassador #selfdefence
Sukarelawan Daerah Klang sedang membantu IPK Kuala Lumpur dalam melaksanakan pembungkusan pak untuk program sumbangan Deepavali sempena perayaan Deepavali yang akan datang nanti. #iM4U #iM4Ufm #Superelawan #iM4UCelebratesDeepavali
Sukarelawan KYPJ, Johor sedang  bertugas di Carnival Say Hooray yang sedang berlangsung di Educity Sport Complex Nusajaya, Johor Bahru. #iM4U #iM4Ufm #Superelawan
Seramai 163 sukarelawan iM4U dari UiTM Shah Alam & Sungai Buloh akan bertugas di CIMB Classic hari ini. #iM4U #iM4Ufm #Superelawan #CIMBClassic
Tularkan! #TermaBaruDBP #Sohorkini #iM4U #iM4Ufm
Get to know about the Festival of Lights with @im4ufm’s @thevanesh & @charliedhillon! For the FULL VIDEO, head on over to our YouTube channel @ iM4U or our FB page @ 1Malaysia For Youth! 
#iM4UCelebratesDeepavali #iM4U #iM4Ufm #1079fm #Deepavali #Diwali