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Joyous momentous. #Africa @diamondplatnumz ☔️
☔️ @diamondplatnumz
Penzi ntalipamba ngonjera,huba kama tanga segera,kwa viuno ka baikoko kutoka manzabay,picha twazitwanga kisela,post insta wanga kuwakera. ^!FUN FACT^! Micheal Jackson sung Swahili on “Liberian girl” & “wanna be start’n somethin”. What a pleasure I have continuing the work of my musical forefather M.J. connecting our understanding of one another thru culture & language. It’s all love! @diamondplatnumz - African beauty. 
I’m around the globe with this!! 🌍.
😂😂😂. This is me on a 2 & a half week tour. No line up. No fresh dreads. Just a smile because I’am living in my purpose. Y’all can’t see @ducjohn but he’s laughing too. 😂. Peep this family. I’am happy to entertain you for the rest of my life.  #Borntodoit 🖤💜.
✍🏾....At this point in my career collaborations for me are about real connections. Real music. First time me & @tiwasavage linked she played me some jams (songs) She was going to be releasing soon. Of course I heard some (unreleased) flavors too. (Anywho)  I heard #Getitnow & that was the song I wanted to be apart of! I hope that everyone from Africa to the US recognize that “WE” are bridging that sonic gap for you all to explore & to connect with one another. Me & @tiwasavage  love you all! ✨🤘🏾😎 enjoy & #Getitnow on iTunes.
Yooooooo! Check this tune out! #GETITNOW @tiwasavage ft ME✨  #Sayitlikeyoumeanit 📸 @ducjohn 📸 
That’s my girl.... 😍🤘🏾✨
This one of one kinda love. The legacy high born.
Funny story. They told me you was boy first. Lol. I love you A’mei. Nothing has taught me more about a girl then being your father. Thank you for the lessons babe. It’s lit. Happy 2nd b day.  Daddy love you.
QUICK UPDATE ‼️. Step into a show like....are u not entertained? 🤷🏾‍♂️🧘🏾‍♂️. #Nosmokingmirrors 📸 @ducjohn #Cp4 @hamad_bk
Ble$$ings 🙏🏾. This is my brother  @hamad_bk Vessel. & it’s always on stand-bye real broski!! ⚓️🛥 #Cloud9 #Dubai @ducjohn
Well traveled. This is reality.