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Have you gotten a chance to check out @theecologycenter yet? 1to1 officially merged with #theecologycenter back in March in order to amplify our impact and bring more educational experiences to students in San Diego county, Orange County, and beyond. We wanted to give you a heads up that this account will be merged with @theecologycenter, so you will soon be following them. We hope you stick around to watch the awesome work that has already begun to unfold...
After 5 years of growing 1to1 Movement into an industry leading, award winning, impact driven, environmental change maker, we are proud, and honored, to announce that as of today we have merged with The Ecology Center. 
The Ecology Center has, in just 8 years, created a state-of-the-art eco-education center in San Juan Capistrano that embodies and expands upon the values and philosophy of 1to1 Movement. They’ve assembled a team of designers, artisans, storytellers, teachers, farmers, community builders, and visionaries who have pioneered a local approach with true scalability.

We encourage you to peek around Theecologycenter.org, visit the space, and contact us with any comments, questions, or ideas as to how we can multiply the individual impact of these two organizations into one collective entity. 
Thank you all for your continued support over the past 5 years.  This is not the end of 1to1 but a new beginning with increased capacity, impact, and reach.
@other98 Repost. Nuff said. 
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Protect #climate action. Speak up. 
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Time flies when you're building a community-changing, innovation-oriented, impact-driven, sustainably-minded organization.  Thank you all for supporting our growth over the past 5 years, we absolutely could not have done it without you.
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We, the people, will create the future we wish for.
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Pitch in today because a climate denying crazy person is threatening the work we've been doing for the past 5 years; because the threats we face are real, and require our efforts and attention; and because regardless of how you feel, we can't live without this pale blue dot 🌏. Link to give in bio.
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We tell them that their choices and actions matter, and they do. So do yours. Link to donate for #givingtuesday in bio.
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We're often asked, "what's one thing I can do today to make an immediate and measurable environmental impact?". There are obviously hundreds of small, individual, acts that we all need to consider to create a more sustainable planet, but an easy one to start with today?  Skip the straw. 
Americans use 500 million single use plastic straws PER DAY! (That's 500,000,000). These straws aren't recyclable by our industry standards so they are all ending up in waterways, landfills, or in our communities.  Simply ask your server or bartender for no straw next time you're out.  Or if you need one, consider a reusable straw from Simply Straws. 
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Wise words from the coolest man on earth, David Attenborough. 
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Figure out a way to re-use that old coffee tin like your great aunt Gertrude did.  Check out Trash is for Tossers for inspiration.  Try out a program like our AWAY Project, by collecting and carrying your trash with you for a week.  Whatever you have to do, figure out how to do more with less. 
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Don't just take our word for it: 
Small businesses donate 250% more than larger businesses to non-profits and community causes (Source: Seattle Good Business Network). If you spend $100 at a local business, roughly $68 stays in your local economy. If you spend the same are a large business, only $43 stays in the local economy (Source: Civic Economics Study in Grand Rapids, Michigan). Buying locally produced goods conserves energy and resources in the form of less fuel for transportation and less packaging. (Source: 1to1 Movement) ...or you can just #optoutside

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