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2 ingredient cauliflower fritters. Stacked with avocado and ginger, beetroot sauerkraut.
Super quick and easy breakfast, brunch, side dish that you can fancy up or leave as is. 
1 cup packed raw cauliflower rice, needs to be fairly well processed ,if it's too big the fritters will struggle to hold together. Saying that you also don't want cauliflower slush!
1 egg
That's it mix the two together, salt and pepper and any other seasonings you like or leave them plain. I added a clove of garlic, some chopped parsley and 1/2 tsp turmeric. Options could be Parmesan cheese, curry powder, chopped coriander and chillies, 
Heat frypan ( I love macadamia oil) and place small handfuls in the pan and use a spatula to flatten them to approx 1/2 cm thickness. 
Be patient 😇 these need to cook a little longer than most fritters. You want the cauliflower to cook and the egg to properly set to hold them together, so don't be too keen to flip too early. If cooked properly they hold together really well. Serve them as I did or top with hommus or any dip you like. Great with poached eggs on top. 
Enjoy. 👌
#2macsfarm #harvestkitchencookingclasses #glutenfree #seasonaleating #autoimmuneprotocol #cauliflower #homegrown
My winter flower garden , just finished picking to fill the houses with some much needed Colour in the middle of winter. #2macsfarm #simplepleasures #winterflowers
All ready for our guests. #2macsfarm #thebeekeeperscottage #farmstay #simplepleasures #rawhoney
After a very long day in the kitchen cooking for others there is nothing more enjoyable than a big plate of stir fried veg on crispy fresh greens and some protein on the side ( delicious runny fried egg ) and to really top it off new books to read 🙏🙏🙏 biggest dilemma is trying to decide which one to read first 😩if only I had two sets of eyes !! #simplepleasures #theseareafewofmyfavouritethings #eatmoreveggies #growyourown #2macsfarm
Tortilla production line - GF white corn tortilla about to be packed up and delivered as part of a delicious Tex/Mex inspired lunch for a hungry film crew battling the elements on a wintry Mornington Peninsula day. Love it when employers spend a little extra to keep their team well fed ❤️ as they say 'an army marches on their stomach' well so does every hard working human of all ages and to get the best results you need to put in the right fuel and this crew today got that in spades ♠️ @cocoproductions #harvestkitchencatering #2macsfarm #seasonaleating #eatmoreveggies #filmcrewcatering #texmex #glutenfree
One of the nicest experiences of winter, while I'm sitting indoors and trying to complete numerous study tasks and essays, the smell of chicken stock slowly slowly bubbling away on the fireplace and reminding me of all the delicious things that I can make with this one magic healthy and healing ingredient . Which will also provide just the right distracting activity when the procrastination button gets pushed 👍🤣#slowfood 🐌🐌#seasonaleating #2macsfarm #functionalnutrition #nevertoooldtostudy #chickenstock
Could this be our new universal mantra , please 🙏🙏 how is it that Leunig can always hit IT fair and square on the head. Missing Out, also builds resilience, something that appears to be bit thin on the ground these days #leunig #nationaltreasure #JOMO
My little pillow pal for the night sweet dreams little Layla Grace the sandman has come and grannies about to join you . Better than cuddling a hot water bottle 😍🙏😍#schoolholidays #sleepover #granniesbestmate
Mandarins, lemons, kefir limes and grapefruit these are winter seasonal fruits growing in my garden and what a joy not only for their nutritional benefit but the welcome addition of Colour in what can be a very sombre time in the garden #wintergarden #2macsfarm #citrus #lovelylemons #seasonaleating
It might be the middle of winter in Main Ridge, but with a little bit of planning and some most  appreciated help from my lovely Ali ( who has now progressed to the kitchen garden at Jackalope )and newcomer Tanya there is always dinner waiting to be picked . #2macsfarm #harvestkitchen #organicgardening #seasonaleating #wintergarden #eatmoreveggies @aliwalker75
Setting up for another film shoot breakfast @coastal_luxe St Andrews with yummy winter fruit stewed in orange juice, star anise and cardamom, Gf granola with home dried apples and cinnamon, 2macs raw honey yoghurt, and my vegan green coconut kefir yoghurt just for starters !! #2macsfarm #harvestkitchen #homemade #homegrown #coastal_luxe #harvestkitchencatering #organic #rawhoney #coconut
Hello breakfast !! Can't think of a better way to start the day, particularly before spending a cold winters day in the Vegie garden and pruning the fruit trees 💨💨💨#2macsfarm #harvestkitchen #brainfood #healthyfats #homegrownveggies