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Heaven for some might be a facial or pedicure but for me a BRAND NEW ' ELECTRIC whipper snipper is the absolute bees 🐝 knees . Watch out Main Ridge , if it can be whipped , it will be snipped , thus farm is going to look like it's auditioning for Romper Stomper !!!!! #2macsfarm #nomorepullstarts #myideaofheaven
Not a bad ad for Revolver 🔫!!! #familyholiday #bali #cousins #sawuscoming
My babies on safari! #familyholiday
Everybody loves a new baby 👶 and even a not quite new one . #cousins #bali #familyholiday
Micky and Wiedya and Amelia and all the kids. #familyholiday #cousins #bali
In yogic terms this a very important pose known as "the post cocktail , how far do we have to walk home " pose . 🤣namaste yogis !!! @hothutyoga @workspaceyoga @honestlyyoga #takingiteasy #iforgothowgoodamohitocouldbe
The first of many pics . I apologize now everybody, these little people are so special. A beautiful night last night with all the cousins, granny, poppy Billy and too much food !!!! #grannylovesherbabies
Well helloooo Bali !!! It's been a very long time between drinks ( almost 30 years !) and I almost didn't recognize you . On my way to meet and hug and kiss my three beautiful little grandchildren and two step grandchildren. Very excited 😊 #grannylovesherbabies #balihomecoming #ilovethetropics #longwayfromthefarm
Just picked , the joys of spring . #homegrown #flowerenvy #spring #2macsfarm
2 ingredient cauliflower fritters. Stacked with avocado and ginger, beetroot sauerkraut.
Super quick and easy breakfast, brunch, side dish that you can fancy up or leave as is. 
1 cup packed raw cauliflower rice, needs to be fairly well processed ,if it's too big the fritters will struggle to hold together. Saying that you also don't want cauliflower slush!
1 egg
That's it mix the two together, salt and pepper and any other seasonings you like or leave them plain. I added a clove of garlic, some chopped parsley and 1/2 tsp turmeric. Options could be Parmesan cheese, curry powder, chopped coriander and chillies, 
Heat frypan ( I love macadamia oil) and place small handfuls in the pan and use a spatula to flatten them to approx 1/2 cm thickness. 
Be patient 😇 these need to cook a little longer than most fritters. You want the cauliflower to cook and the egg to properly set to hold them together, so don't be too keen to flip too early. If cooked properly they hold together really well. Serve them as I did or top with hommus or any dip you like. Great with poached eggs on top. 
Enjoy. 👌
#2macsfarm #harvestkitchencookingclasses #glutenfree #seasonaleating #autoimmuneprotocol #cauliflower #homegrown
My winter flower garden , just finished picking to fill the houses with some much needed Colour in the middle of winter. #2macsfarm #simplepleasures #winterflowers
All ready for our guests. #2macsfarm #thebeekeeperscottage #farmstay #simplepleasures #rawhoney