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Celebration time! 🎉 🎂 🙌 
Check out today’s pictures from our divestment Cake Celebration to salute the City of Cape Town for committing to withdraw their money from supporting fossil fuel assets and companies that are not committed to stopping climate change.

At a time when leadership is shockingly lacking on climate - this commitment is a fantastic start. Now, we are requesting a clear timeline and roadmap for the City’s divestment. #divest #southafrica #capetown #fossilfree
Today we were on the ground at the first installation of #SolarXL - clean, renewable energy directly in the path of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. Thank you to everyone who donated to the crowdfunding page. These panels are USA-made and put up by local solar installer, Jim Knopik. We will not let this project be built. The future is ☀️ #nokxl
Today's march ended with this human banner. YES SolarXL, NO KXL. We're building the renewable energy future we need. We can't afford any more dirty tar sands pipelines. #nokxl #bootkxl #mniwiconi 📸: Jason Buss
Pipeline fighters and water protectors came out in force today in Lincoln, NE to give #KeystoneXL the Boot. Ranchers, Tribal Leaders and landowners agree - this pipeline can't be built. People power stopped Keystone XL twice before and we'll do it again. Tomorrow begins the weeklong hearings to decide on the final permit. There's still time to submit a comment. #mniwiconi #bootkxl #nokxl
The first solar installation in the path of the Keystone XL pipeline is up and running. If we keep fighting, #SolarXL will take the place of Keystone for good. Thanks to our partners Bold Nebraska and everyone who supported this project. Together we'll be marching at the Nebraska State Capital this Sunday. ⠀
Today youth in Nairobi marched and delivered an open letter to the minister of Environment & Natural Resources with a clear ask: halt all coal plans which are in contradiction with the national commitments in the Paris Agreement and accelerate the development of massive renewable energy potential of the country #SaveLamu #DeCOALonise #endcoal #kenya Learn more @350africa
Jonas is a traditional Saami reindeer herder in Sápmi, the far north of Europe. The changing climate means it's harder for reindeer to find food, and in recent years herds have faced mass starvation. Warmer and increasingly unpredictable conditions threaten the livelihoods of Saami communities.⠀
Watch Jonas's story and more Saami perspectives [see link in profile].⠀
#climatechange #climatejustice #saami #sapmi #arctic
From Australia and the Pacific -- people are fighting. Thanks @pacificclimatewarrior for this. ・・・
We are NOT drowning we are FIGHTING ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾#protectcountry #standupforthepacific #pacificclimatewarriors #powershift2017
This ones for you @kmaxx350 ❤️✊🏾
The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the global average. The indigenous Saami are severely harmed by climate change and exploitation of nature even though they have done least to cause it. The rest of the world can look up to their way of life — deeply connected with the natural world — for solutions to these crises.⠀
Watch all the videos online [link in profile]⠀
#climatechange #climatejustice #saami #sapmi #arctic
Right now a group of artists and activists are journeying on a 34-foot solar-powered boat from Lake Ontario to New York City. Follow them at @seachangevoyage as they share stories of resistance and resilience in the age of climate change. 
#climatechange #newyork #solar #boats #climatejustice
The indigenous Saami live in the Arctic regions of Europe, at the frontlines of climate change. Actors Sarakka Gaup and Mio Negga are touring with a play about the racism, colonialism and exploitation of nature experienced by Saami people.  Watch the four video stories in which Saami people speak about what climate justice means to them. Watch them all online [link in profile] ⠀
#climatechange #saami #sapmi #climatejustice #decolonize
A massive iceberg weighing more than one trillion tons has broken away from western Antarctica. While this iceberg won't contribute to rising sea levels, it does raise some red flags as to what is to come with our quickly warming poles.⠀
(Video via @nasa)⠀
#Climatechange #antarctica #iceberg #larsenc