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350.org is building a global grassroots movement to fight climate change and win a just, #FossilFree future for all of us.


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Europe’s largest bank HSBC says it wants to stop financing new coal power plants. However, it contains a big loophole which allows HSBC to keep funding coal power in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam - 3 countries with major plans for coal expansion. People in these countries though don't want any coal money.  #endcoal #notapennymore #fossilfree
From 24 May –  2 June, a series of events to connect, strengthen and amplify the resistance against gas will take place in Europe.

From the streets of Barcelona to the olive groves of Italy, join us for the "United Beyond Gas" speaker tour.

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We know the transition to 100% renewable energy must happen quickly, but what will real justice look like?

If you're in the US, text FOSSILFREE to 83224 - or visit the link in our bio.
Today is National Day of Awareness for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls. In honor of this day, Indigenous women convened in ceremony and solidarity near where one of the #KeystoneXL man camps would be erected. “Man camps and fossil fuel development are a direct attack on the water and physical safety of our daughters and women." -Faith Spotted Eagle (pictured) at the gathering at Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. #MMIW #WaterisLife #PromisetoProtect #NoKXL Photo credit: @julianabrowneyesofficial
Yesterday a dozen brave performers from artist collective Fossil Free Culture Netherlands left their handprints behind to show the poisoned relationship between art, Shell and the Van Gogh Museum, in Amsterdam. 
No art can survive climate change when cultural institutions accept fossil fuel sponsorships, and ignore the irreversible impacts of this industry. 
The museum administration was quick to wipe away any traces of the Shell's Dirty Hands performance. If only it were just as easy to undo the consequences of Shell's climate-wrecking actions.

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1500+ people marched in Albany this week to tell @nygovcuomo 🔹Halt all fracking infrastructure
🔹Commit to 100% renewable energy
🔹Make corporate polluters pay

Visit the link in our bio to demand #CuomoWalkTheTalk + learn how to get your elected officials to act for a #FossilFree world
In France and around the world, people are hosting gatherings and starting their own #FossilFree campaigns with others in their communities. We can have big impact when we choose to work at the right scale - with lots of local campaigns everywhere, there’ll be no room left for the fossil fuel industry. Learn more and join at gofossilfree.org #peoplepower #climatechange #climatejustice
Elena, a lawyer from Lecce, Italy, explains why she is involved in the #NoTAP struggle. For the full interview, including why this week the NoTAP community are calling on Intesa Bank to not fund the pipeline, see link in video. #DefundTAP
Scott Pruitt is in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency — but since Day One, he’s made it clear he’s only interested in protecting himself and his friends in the fossil fuel industry.

Trump putting Pruitt in charge of the EPA was nothing short of a direct attack on our communities and our climate. But right now, Pruitt is plagued by ethics scandals and facing massive criticism — and if we keep up the pressure right now, we could help kick #PollutingPruitt out of the EPA.

The writing's on the wall: it's time to #BootPruitt. Call on Congress to demand Pruitt's dismissal today: bit.ly/BootPruitt (link in bio!) #FirePruitt
In Rio de Janeiro, climate activists from across Brazil spoke at an auction for oil & gas blocks yesterday. After the round, not a single offer was made on the in-land blocks. The equivalent of 3.2 billion barrels of oil will stay in the ground, where it belongs. This is a big victory against fracking and the fossil fuel industry! #FossilFree #LeilãoFóssilNão #climatejustice @350brasil
“Do you know the story of David and Goliath?” Learn how local community groups in New York City came together and convinced one of the financial capitals of the world to divest from fossil fuels. #divestny 
Watch the whole video and get involved where you live gofossilfree.org 
#fossilfree #climatechange #nyc #divest #climatejustice #peoplepower
Watch and learn how we avert a worsening climate crisis. It’s not about changing light bulbs, or waiting for politicians to lead. It’s about building local people power. This is what you can do in your community. Watch the whole film on Facebook or gofossilfree.org/videos 
#climatechange #endcoal