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350.org is an international campaign against climate change.


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Thanks @jeopardy for calling attention to this important fact in last night’s “Let’s save the planet” category. 350 = the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We’ve passed 400. That’s why we must #actonclimate. 
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"5.09am in Kiribati" 
I'm wide awake because the ocean is roaring outside the window. Perhaps roaring isn't the right word. Every 30 seconds or so, there is a low thunder-like someone dragging a large table across an empty school hall. I have been laying in bed wide awake, trying to figure out what the sound is. What makes such a growl? Annoyed at not being able to sleep and not being able to identify the sound, I get up to see for myself. The pounding growl is the larger waves hitting the sea wall outside our house. It's not nice. It's not soothing. It's unexplainably murderous. Hitting the wall with unrelenting force, like a big schoolyard bully picking on the tiniest child in the playground. In 1 hour, the ocean will shrink back, alluding that its work here is done, and will move onto another victim. But everyone on Kiribati knows that's not true. It will be back. Again. But the next big tide will arrive, just a little bit scarier, a little louder, a little more ferocious and a little bit angrier. This is living with climate change. It's here. And it's ferocious. - Marita Davies
author of Teaote and the Wall 
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Pacific Climate Warriors spreading the word at Fiji Day today! Pleaseee sign the Pacific Climate Warrior Declaration if you haven't already. Link in bio. Fight for our Pacific #HaveYourSei 🌺
Yesterday's street art to spread the word about the #Sandy5 march on Saturday October 28 in New York City. On the 5-year anniversary of superstorm #Sandy, were marching across the Brooklyn Bridge at 11AM in solidarity with Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida, and the entire Caribbean as we call on NYC's elected officials to protect us from climate disasters and #divestny. Join at sandy5.org #actonclimate #newyorkcity #newyork
Today, a delegation of Hurricane Harvey and Irma survivors occupied U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell’s office, demanding he acknowledge that climate change and fossil fuels make hurricanes stronger.⠀(photo by Eman Mohammed)
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Right now in Rio, @350brasil is protesting outside the building where the Brazilian government is auctioning off 287 blocks for oil and gas extraction. We must keep fossil fuels in the ground. Follow along and support at #leilãofóssilnão. #climatechange #riodejaneiro #brasil
Activists from @350brasil opened giant banners on the sands of Barra Beach, in Rio de Janeiro, to protest against the oil and gas auction that will happen on September 27th. They are taking a stand and showing the Brazilian government that they want a renewable, responsible and ethical future for Brazil. And not one led by the fossil fuel industry.⠀
(Photo: 350Brasil / Juliana Colussi). #LeilãoFóssilNão #FossilFree #NãoFrackingBrasil #keepitintheground
So much incredible support is pouring in for the Pacific Climate Warriors' #HaveYourSei effort. Thank you Portia Paunga for this great message from Tonga. People can still sign the Declaration at haveyoursei.org⠀
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Last night, the NYC Light Brigade and fellow activists lined New York's skyline with messages of resistance and demand for climate action. On October 28, the 5-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, New Yorkers will assemble and march over the Brooklyn Bridge to demand that New York's elected officials protect us from the impacts of climate change and lead the transition to a renewable energy economy. Join in at sandy5.org 📷: @naratg #Sandy5 #resist #climatechange #divestny
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How do we effectively speak about climate change and solutions? Adrian Yeo of Power Shift Malaysia offered this interesting insight. #ClimateJustice #ClimateImpacts #ASEAN #Malaysia #Activism #ClimateChange #VulnerableVoices
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"The weeping lady. A chuukese women drowning as a representation of our community struggles with climate change. As the sea level rises destroying homes and killing communities. We have a chance to save each other. If she doesn't live, non of us will.#haveyoursei  #storytellingthroughart #climatechangewarrior "
The Pacific Climate Warriors are calling on the world to move away from fossil fuels and build a renewable future. They are gathering signatures from across the region and the world in support of their Declaration on Climate Change. "We know what has to be done to keep our islands above water,  and it has to be done by people at all levels- from grassroots to governments." Learn more about the #HaveYourSei campaign [link in profile]
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