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350.org is building a global grassroots movement to fight climate change and win a just, #FossilFree future for all of us.


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Check out the link in our bio to sign up for a watch party in your area!

ICYMI: leaders from across the climate movement are gathering in DC on Jan 31 to lay out a clear and bold agenda for how we can work together for climate justice in 2018.

This inspiring event, featuring Senator Bernie Sanders, Varshini Prakash, Bill Mckibben, and more, will be live-streamed. Thousands of people across the country will be tuning in at locally organized watch parties to hear from voices across the climate movement and start building a plan for the #ClimateResistance in 2018.

We’ve already got 135+ watch parties happening on Jan 31 — that’s twice as many as last week! The momentum is definitely building folks. 
Check out the link in our bio to sign up to attend or host a watch party in your area. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of the resistance. #FossilFree
Trump's Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke just announced a huge belated holiday gift to Big Oil: a reckless plan to open up nearly all U.S. federal waters to oil and gas drilling.⠀
We need to be rapidly moving to 100% renewable energy, not digging more fossil fuels out of the ground.⠀
Submit an urgent public comment NOW opposing Trump’s dangerous offshore drilling plan👉  bit.ly/stopthedrilling (or click the link in our bio.)⠀
#fossilfree #keepitintheground
JAN 31: The day after Trump’s State of the Union, our movement will come together in Washington D.C. for Fossil Free Fast: The Climate Resistance.

Movement leaders will share stories from the local level and light the path to resisting Trump’s agenda and building power in 2018.

Don’t miss the chance to hear from these speakers. Sign up to attend (or host) a watch party near you so we can build a plan for the #ClimateResistance in 2018 together. #FossilFree
🎉🎉 What's an amazing start of the week? #UNSW going 100% ☀ solar is a true testament to the power of the thousands of students, staff, and alumni behind @fossilfreeunsw who have been tirelessly pushing for their uni to end on climate change for the past 4 years. ✊✊✊
But going carbon neutral means universities cannot continue to fund fossil fuels ▶ Our universities must #divest from 🌊 climate change. 
BREAKING: New York City is standing up to the fossil fuel industry in the financial markets and in court. Its mayor just announced that they will divest the city’s pension funds from fossil fuel companies, as well as file a lawsuit against the biggest of those corporations for the damages caused by climate change. The global tide is turning. #divestny #fossilfree #divest #climate #nyc #newyork #climayechange
Jamie from the U.S.A.:⠀
"It’s hard to believe it was this year, but the Peoples Climate March in DC. Instead of backing down after Trump’s election, we rose up and fought back. . . It helped set the tone for the year ahead: that we would fight like hell to resist Trump’s agenda and drive forward solutions in our own communities."⠀ Photo Credit: Bora Chung @survivalmedia ⠀
Share your #2017ClimateStories with us!
Our 350 team members around the world reflect on the most impactful actions from 2017.⠀
Caroline in Brazil: ⠀
"For me it was our actions during the auctions of blocks for oil and gas exploration and the provisional measure that gives for the oil and gas industry hundreds of billions in tax cuts. . . having participated in these actions has shown me how combatting fossil fuels is an intense but necessary mission." #2017climatestories
What's fueling 350 team members to keep fighting for a fossil free future in 2018 and beyond?⠀
Thanu in the U.S.: ⠀
"It’s cross movement collaborations and conversations around how to expand how we think about movements that are fueling me. Intentionality around uplifting frontline voices — ex. seeing young black youth leading the Sandy5 march are very key." #2017climatestories #climatejustice
Caroling for a clean California happening now outside the Governor’s mansion in Sacramento with @idlenomoresf. Governor Brown - it’s time to be a true climate leader and #keepitintheground. Protect our air, water, and future generations - stop fracking and new fossil fuel projects. #climatechange #actonclimate
CONGRATS NY! After 5+ years of people-powered pressure, the dam has broken. New York’s Governor Cuomo just called on the $200 billion New York State Common Retirement Fund to divest from fossil fuels. This is a HUGE victory won by community members, local activists, @350nyc, @divestinvestorg, @ny4change, @350brooklyn and Elected Officials to Protect New York. #divestment #actonclimate #sandy5
Last week, #deCOALonise activists in Abuja, Nigeria, took to the streets for a Peaceful Walk Against Coal Mining. ⠀
Their message: the Government of Nigeria needs to deCOALonise by stopping all coal mining in the country in order to leapfrog Nigeria into a just transition to renewable energy sources. ⠀
#decoalonise #fossilfreeafrica #fossilfree #renewableenergy
On the 2nd anniversary of the Paris Agreement, the #NotAPennyMore campaign is highlighting continued institutional investments in the fossil fuel industry. Today a coalition of NGOs, including 350.org organised a mass mobilisation of hundreds of people at the Place du Pantheon, Paris, to demand that not a penny more of money is invested in the fossil fuel industry. Over five hundred people took part in a visually spectacular mobilisation. ⠀
The action took place as world leaders gathered in the French capital, at the ‘One Planet’ climate summit hosted by President Macron, to discuss investment in climate solutions. We are calling on them to not only step-up and make serious commitments to funding climate solutions, but to end the unabated support of the fossil fuel industry.⠀
Photo credit: Koen Jacobs and Marco Verch⠀
@zerofossile #fossilfree #zerofossile #notapennymore #france #divest