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Engaging our senses through imagery, the energies encountered, natural scents, sound, movement, word, and the sensuality of life - is good medicine


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Day 1

5 women
Intentionally tending
in ceremonial space
& feasting for all of our senses


Drumbeats and
Checkers' Purrs

The food is divine. The company sweet. Processes deep for each.

@ambersamaya we are blessed to create with you 🙏🏼 #intentionalcreation #palmbeachsanctuary  #spiritualpractice #healingarts #soultending
When we are still enough. Quiet enough. We might feel the moments of subtle, yet radical, shifts peppered throughout our time here.

From in-breath to out-breath, Summer to Autumn, open eyes to closed, or when the ebb tide begins its return.
Felt. Heard. Seen. Intuited.

But we won't see any of it, or know the world has shifted and adjust we must. if we don't sit still enough, and become quiet enough, to notice.

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Libations at the Cairn with utmost gratitude for such beautiful harvesting this year 🙏🏼 May we all feel so blessed this Lughnasaad to see and feel the fruits of our labours coming into being and ready ourselves for taking stock of prayers answered, healings completed, dreams & projects brought into being, so we can fully integrate and learn from them, noting what is still needed in our preparations for the time of the Little Sun ahead.


#lughnasaad #cairn #libations #medicinewheel #spiritualpractice #landtending #oldways #stillrelevant
The last of our Solstice flowers are drying in the harvest basket, readying to become offerings through the Autumn time. They have been beautiful reminders around my home of community, of the healing and tending we did, the full joy the Big Sun brings, and importantly - all the unseen work that was done - has in fact been done.

Sometimes it is easy to forget and be swallowed up or swept up in the ensuing shuffle. That shuffle, however it might feel or look, is outer confirmation that your work has in fact been set in motion. A challenge to Integration is to resist falling back into previous patterns of response or belief from Before.

We do need to keep walking toward our destinations, but we also need to step out of the way a bit too. Step into the trust that all of the work you have done thus far, is..well... working.


#solstice #offerings #integration #spiritualpractice #medicinewheel #harvest #keepwalkingbutgetoutoftheway
This wee and quietly power-filled Being has been with me just shy of a decade. Anchoring the medicine of personal sovereignty, of standing tall and centered, balanced in right relationship to the elements and aspects surrounding.

Sometimes her dress of pocket folds and symbols are touched and admired. Sometimes she calls to be wrapped up in her regal cloak of purple and gold. Always her face is turned up to the Sun and Moon. Always her footing is grounded towards the Earth. Always.

After her birth she stood in the fairy garden outside my door witnessing days and nights passing. She has stood on altars, traveled in baskets, been tucked away and on display, attended gatherings or held space in my room.

I created her under the guidance of a dear visiting friend and medicine woman. She was the first of few for me so far. Each being potent experiences of change making in my day-to-day living. So much so, that I don't take this work lightly. There is responsibility too. Like us all, they come into being with purpose to carry out in their particular ways, and like us all, they have their injuries and deaths too.

She was given form by my hand after retrieving and receiving insight into the medicine she was bringing from the hidden realms. Each fold of fabric, each dot of paint, each attachment thereafter was an act of conveyance - bringing into tangible form what could be felt and seen from beyond the veil.

And so it is with a Spirit Doll.

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On this day, as on many many days, I send my prayers deep down into the earth and sent on the wind with my breath. May all peoples receive the healing they deserve. I am grateful and humbled that my ancestors survived their own genocide, and am ripped in my heart it came at the expense of those who lived/live on Turtle Island. I can only tend to this small piece of a massive wound and keep dreaming in the new dream, bit by bit. I don't "celebrate" Canada day. It's a day for prayers that we can do better.

#turtleisland #awareness #truthandreconciliation #soultending #historicaltruthsneedteaching #stopcallingitafamine #irishroots #canadiangenocide #canadaday
Five-ish years ago I cut out 40 felt flags to paint or sew some things on.
Symbols. Bits of Nature. Embroidered scenes. Prayers. Whispers.

And I tucked them into a box.

Sometimes I'd find them and hold them and feel all the feels of the future.
Then put them back.
It wasn't right timing.

It's time now.

#medicinalartimmersion #prayerflags #soulfood #palmbeachsanctuary
Tapping into an energy stream or holding an intention while I let that great muscle of intuitive drawing flex is one of the ways that I work.

They keep the channel open for healing in the unseen realms come through into our physical mundane plane. They inform our subconscious minds and invite our conscious thoughts to keep returning to the medicine that is afoot long after they have been drawn. Such is the power of symbol.

Sometimes I'll draw them while connecting with someone via conversation or during prayer making on their behalf, then I'll send a photo or tuck it into their bag.

This one, one of Gratitude, is a colouring page sent to patrons of my new patreon account. Periodic printables such as tracking sheets, artwork, photos for framing, colouring sheets, or inspiring verse will be offered to all levels of pledged membership (starting at $5/month!) If you are curious about what else there is, links to the account are now at the bottom of my website www.3foldbalance.com or check my IG bio.

le beannachtaí
with blessings

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10 of my favorite sounds and images from our 8th annual Summer Solstice celebration and camp out 🙏🏼☀️ My most favorite time of year!

There was magic. There was healing. There was honour. There was connection.
Bravery. Beauty. Sweetness and Raw bare-it-all-and-get-it-out ness. Familiarity and Newness. Dancing. Creating. Calling and Singing. Inspiring seed planting. Labyrinth walking. Beach meditations. Offerings to the sea. Fire feeding. Prayer ribbon tying. Feasting. Minstrel music. Flowers. Laughter. Stone medicine. Ravens...... #summersolstice #spiritualpractice #healingarts #shamanicliving #soultending #ceremony #offerings #minstrel #irishwalkingcloak #medicinegathering #solstice #palmbeachsanctuary
for Beth
I am in love with the divine taste and smell of my new favorite tea - it's absolutely perfect for tea leaf reading to boot!
Locally grown and sweetly offered by Owl and Bear at the Townsite Market should you be in #powellriver 
If you would like a video demonstration of Tasseomancy for reading at home, click the link in my bio, navigate to the Online Courses page, and watch the free preview offered in the "Divination Techniques ~ a strong foundation in 7 methods" course.

Don't forget to have your favorite loose tea on hand!

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I am thrilled to be deepening relationships with the medicinal and edible plant kingdom here at The Sanctuary. To witness the cycles of who comes into bloom, who is ever present, who pops up by surprise or creeps hidden along the ground.

So far I've noticed:
Heal All
Dead purple nettle (just a wee bit!)
Rowan Berry
Salal berry
Dogwood fruit
Lamb's Ear (planted by those who came before me)
Mouse-eared Hawk weed
Still need to identify the mushrooms and of course see who else shows up!

Currently I am cultivating a deeper knowing of dandelion by drying and sprinkling into food & powdering its roots, and now hawkweed by infusing high quality olive oil - old school on a windowsill! All very Sunshine feeling and in alignment with Solstice so soon.

#summersolstice #herbalmedicine #edibleweeds #plantspirit #naturalremedy #gettingtoknowtheland #lovewhereyoulive #palmbeachsanctuary