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Engaging our senses through imagery, the energies encountered, natural scents, sound, movement, word, and the sensuality of life - is good medicine


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Moving house always has an element of the mysterious doesn't it?
Juicy with question
like an empty, ornate box 
full of possibility and imagination.
Schrödinger style.

If we care to, we are rich with freedom to create, to discern, to cultivate contents while discovering what fits
and what will not.

This box/life...
I notice some are relegated to contain that which is meant to be left behind or ceremoniously burned. I've noticed some covet treasures perpetually in waiting to be enjoyed...but somehow never are. Some beg to be looked into, and when we do, there is little of substance to hold our attention. Others become a catch-all for whatever comes along.

Then there are those that engage all of our senses when we pause, almost ritualistically, to fully experience. These ones smell like herbs and spices. To touch inside is an honour of the humbling kind. What we see sparks intrigue and invokes a sense of the sacred. 
There is medicine to savour here.

I can tell what is chosen now is meant to be done mindfully. To feel both familiar yet still sweetly fresh. I choose to fill this one gifted to me with soul food over utilitarian, perfunctory, mass produced, disposable, junk drawer variety. There are other boxes and compartments for that.

The nugget to remember is I can always dump everything out, spread it all apart, have a good look, and take the time to remove what has a more harmonious place elsewhere.
What fits today may not tomorrow. Space can boldly be made and the favored curios invited to stay.

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Completion. On to the next chapter.
I'm giving myself permission to not plan when/how/where/timing of hosting community journey circles may or may not resurface.
It's been beautiful. It's put me through my paces. I've learned more that I could have anticipated. I've witnessed people embody their wisest selves and share most profound epiphanies. There have been some incredibly moving moments. Some really challenging ones too. These medicine gatherings have kept me dedicated and committed to my own path and one of service. 8 years. The wind will whisper to me if there will be more. Time to gently let go.
Deep rich gratitude to each of you who have sat with me. 🙏🏼❤
I hope you'll come up for Summer Solstice at the Sanctuary 😉

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Poplar Bud harvest time was wildly short this Spring. In preparation of living on different land, one thing I am warming up to is not having favourite patches of plant friends close at hand for a time.

I don't know the cotton woods there or where to find them, nor the devils club and ghost pipe. Not sure if amanitas will be near, or the best nooks of polypore. I'll miss all the wild bleeding hearts and sneaky sorrel. This is a tough one. I know we will seek each other out over there and relationships with new allies will be cultivated. I know I'll be back too.

But it feels big anyway.

Thank you @ambersamaya for this photo ❤🙏🏼😘 #takemetothetrees #ecoharvest #sustainable #plantkingdom #naturalmedicine #illmissmyfriends #herbs #spiritualpractice #blessourearthmother
2 of the things that I am preparing myself to be in new distance from is the incredibly jaw dropping, awe inspiring land of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh people, and the wildly soul-full, deeply creative women within this community. 
This little snippet encapsulates both.
@ambersamaya is diving into the power of digital audio & visual as a means to storytelling medicine work. Her intentions with her current piece made my heart swell and tears well up behind my eyelids. When she asked if I would be in a little part of her creation there was no way anything other than a resounding YES could have been uttered. Her mission is pure and a balm to all of us who are in a reciprocal relationship with the land.

Keep an eye and an ear out for her folks. She is a gift to know. 🙏🏼 #mamquamriver #mashittercreek #medicinedrum #songsasofferings #spiritualpractice #soultending #medicinewomen #reclamationofhealingways #theresmoreofusthanyouthink
Moments of Sanctuary

I am simply in love with preserving images and feelings with photos of my lived experiences. I am instantly transported back into the energy stream of their moments. If perhaps some of that can be picked up by others through the ethers, well, to me that is a beautiful thought to consider.

Especially when we are typically inundated with mass produced, busy, salesy, formulated visuals and contrived ways of doing. Corralled and railroaded into More Faster.

I need to mindfully and consciously cultivate peace, observe beauty, create personal sanctuary, and surround myself with textiles, images, and energies that settle my mind and nervous system. Our society has largely lost the art of rest and ease. It shuns slow movement and discourages even a pause to collect our thoughts before speaking.

My desire is to always return to reverence and live life as a sort of living ceremony - be it wild and howling or calm and still or all the places in between. Here are a few moments of just that.

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There's something unifying about celestial events such as Equinox
With fire ceremonies, rites of passage, medicine circles, solo practices of honour occurring around the world
More and more people noticing, meditating on, talking about

Like a network of good medicine
Stretching not just across vast distance but connecting through time
To the thousands upon thousands upon thousands who stepped into sacred spaces before us
And reaching forward with tendrils of resonance to the thousands upon thousands upon thousands who come after us

Tonight as I sat in circle with women reclaiming and anchoring old, time tested wisdoms, a fire ceremony at a local river was in full swing using herbs I had been carrying in their smoke cleansing, a friend in a different country was burning aspects entrusted to him from others stretched far and wide on their behalf, still another man offered a glimpse into his solo space in some of the oldest mountains in the US, earlier today a medicine woman passed rites for young women broadcast globally from Ireland - and that's not even the tip of the iceberg so-to-speak. Uncountable spiritualists, ceremonialists, medicine people, quiet practitioners, and vital observers contributed to a return to reverence. Self healing. Soul tending. Earth honouring. Medicine making.

In times when the news seems bleak and worry can be felt close at hand
is important to remember
the network of transformation and healing is real
Predictably we can trust there will be added cohesion every Full & New Moon, every Eclipse, every Solstice  and every Equinox.
These old, universal, culturally inclusive, time keepers keep inviting us to continue 🙏🏼 #equinox #ceremony #networkofhealing #spiritualpractice #healingarts #fireceremony #soultending #globaltransformation #theresmoreofusthanyouthink #celestialevent

Many of us have been experiencing discomfort these past weeks. A constriction, discombobulation, tension, or frustration. Some have snapped. Felt pulled too taut. Frayed.

And so it often is with renewal. With the last throes of labour or exhausted effort to break free from what is being shed.

In my neck of the woods, this drum is serving as a tangible, reflective process for me. It was a challenge to pull together. I was distracted by holding space for others during its birth and creative solutions needed to be incorporated more than once. At one point I even restrung it and still it called me to embrace imperfections. I let the sense of urgency to "do something" diminish, sought masterful advice for insight and stayed in a place of loving witness.

But then it offered me its wounds to tend to. No longer imperfections to get comfortable with but real wounds. So I took it to rest in sacred space. It sat in the center of our medicine circle. It was held gently and was the subject of careful deliberation. Its essence felt strong - palpable despite its brokenness.

Today while holding space once again, the lacings were carefully unbound. Now it will sleep under the Dogwood, soaking with herbs and oils. A ritual bath. Tomorrow it will be reborn again. Just like Spring brings new life after Winter. This time I will remain very present through its re-creation and listen carefully to messages coming through.

Equinox offers us all this same small breather. A pause. Even if we must be busy doing, a stillness is available to hold deep within in quiet balance. Vigorous movement is close at hand. Watch for it in the plants and trees. Notice it in projects afoot. After constriction comes renewed energy. Regained focus. Clearer vision. The invitation is to remain very present with what is being created.


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There was something about the light today
With first campfire smoke in the air
And the sound of the river
Everyone out in these natural nooks
Enjoying being without jackets and on bikes or with dogs 
A blessing of a day

#illmissthisplace #lovethisland #nofilter #mamquamriver #squamish #takemetothetrees #theearthismychurch
I am very much looking forward to an extended dive into the arts as priority. A great balm for my soul and way to deeply process what has been, what is, and what is becoming.

Over the darkest nights of Winter, my favourite elder prompted me through a journaling process exploring aspects of what we are "hungry" for in life, and in turn, how we can feed ourselves this nourishment.

These two stills from a stop motion film that I created in 2010 remind me well of two of these personal Hungers:
Connection to Land & Sprit
Living life at my full range of perception

I've survived fairly well on a maintenance diet these past years, but can see a feast buffet laid out for me over the brightest days of Summer and well beyond.

#artaslife #thehungers #stopmotion #arttherapy #remedialart #shamanicart #westcoastartist #collage #painting #cantstopwontstop
Sacred Places, Solo Spaces
This is a taste, a sample, an offering of spending solo time in the sacred space of the natural world brings.

Each month we gather for a divinatory/omen witnessing walk to a beautiful place (or sometimes to places experiencing the heavy hand of human-kind) in nature. Then we spread out to find our individual spaces to connect with the genius loci, or spirit, or the elements, or ourselves in whichever capacity calls most to us in the moment.

Some have held fire ceremony, some will meditate, others will make offerings, journey, ground and restore personal energy. Chanting, drumming, sweet silence, yoga, forest bathing, grieving, dreaming, listening, laughing, praying... all are welcome. 
Its a dedication to our connection. It's an act of service. 
I am hoping another, or a few others, will step into the small but important role of facilitating in Squamish after I go. I'd love to be in Powell River feeling the supportive network growing. Maybe other towns will start their own too? Second Sunday soul tending coordination across the lands? Mmmmmm 
It was so beautiful today the others decided to stay on  longer 🙏🏼 oops forgot the group pic again

#sacredplacessolospaces #soultending #natureismychurch #spiritualpractice #squamish #powellriver
The best party in town is happening at the International Woman's Day Art Show at the Foyer Gallery!

I look forward to this exhibition every year and truly it's best to go to this show twice - once during the opening gala and again when its quiet sometime in the month following.

This way you get to feel the buzz and excitement, dance to the music, and eat delicious food all while diving into conversations with the contributing artists and many friends attending - and then once again later for solo time with each piece, silently soaking up all that they invoke within us, and savoring the accompanying poetry.

This year's theme is "Exposure" and is interpreted in more creative ways than you can imagine through spirit dolls, regal custom clothing, woven tapestries, paintings, drawings, sculpture.... Inspiring!

#internationalwomansday #IWD #artshow #lifeasart #sacredfeminine #squamishartist
Today some beautiful new drums were birthed - and true to form, for some women the labour progressed more easily while others persevered for a very long time.

I love to consider such creative processes and what they bring up for us, how we respond to them, or what challenges and insights arise as a bit like divination or a mirror into our more usual mundane life experiences.

Some drums needed a communal approach with women coming together to support this coming into form, others flew fairly solo, some demanded left brain linear navigation while others brought up emotions as do-overs and tangles were presented.

There always seems to be a balance of mystery and planning, feeling and thinking, trust and determination. Kinda like life eh?

This drum I pulled together was even larger than the one before - a whopping 20" across! I was surprised it still fit on screen for this timelapse. Both this one and the 18" I pulled last time will have their full creation processes from saining start to finished painting in wee videos. This way, whoever calls them home can bear witness to their birth story 🙏🏼 #drummaking #medicinedrum #sacredtools #spiritualpractice #shamanicliving #westcoastartist  #artaslife #divination #framedrum