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Engaging our senses through imagery, the energies encountered, natural scents, sound, movement, word, and the sensuality of life - is good medicine


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I've got such mad respect for Danielle @squamishmedium If you don't know of her yet, it's time you did. We are both hard to catch but we managed a sweet sit down with some tea while holding one ear tuned to the Other and one ear tuned to Spirit - and of course - the cards came out.

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It's the time of year so many of us are preparing for Solstice Fire Ceremonies in our own ways. Many more of us are working unconsciously too, buffeted about without context through Autumn's final harvest of dreams, projects, and intentions on into the shedding, clearing, and sometimes chaotic descent towards the longest night of the year.

When we mindfully align ourselves with the natural phases of the seasons, a potency and deepening of our personal healing work occurs.

Some will be gathering items to burn representing that which they wish to transform, others will be creating bundles full of blessed offerings and prayers such as the Celtic Burla Ghuí or Peruvian Despacho, others will make a Spirit Arrow setting sights on, taking aim, then letting loose a prayerful intention to bring in a healing essence or quality. Grandfather Fire is an expert Alchemist and from Solstice onward, the Sun gifts us a little more growth vitality each day. Cultivating relationships with these allies is a life changer.

This is my Spirit Arrow this year. I share this personal work publicly to help normalize and usher in the return of regular soul tending in our society, to bring a sense of community to those working without like-minded gathering around them, and to support those craving something deeper than mainstream or commercialized surface living. Not everyone is comfortable being "out there" with their spiritual practice so I do my part in wayshowing and being visible.

If this medicine way stirs something within the marrow of your bones, I'm editing a video of its creation process for those who are called to make their own and either hold their own or attend a fire ceremony. I will be posting it over on facebook. If you are in the Squamish area on December 15th, I will be holding a fire riverside should you wish a supportive circle.

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Work today includes drinking tea out of my grandmother's teacup for a tea leaf reading video demonstration.

Before I could even take the first sip her love is showing up as a heart in the sediment. What a gift. A beautiful way to spend the day. Life can be so very rich!

I'm incredibly blessed to have this be my way of living in the world. A clear, concise message came to me a few months ago to keep inviting my living to be my work, rather than the common adage of working to live. No mistake - this way certainly isn't without it's very hard work!! On all the levels I tell ya! My agreement with spirit for many years has been to keep following the visions shown to me as long as I'm supported to be able to do so. It can be daunting what is asked of me. Today I will keep going. ❤ Thanks Nana ❤

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I recently received a gift that moved me to tears. The kind of tears that left me clutching my amazing friend and sobbing, overwhelmed at the richness of this surprise. I had to take time quietly soaking in this experience before I felt I could share.

For a decade I have been focused on deeply personal work. Piecing together lost-to-my-family cultural traditions and spiritual practices. I've apprenticed for years in a Celtic lineage, twisted my words into our mother tongue, I carry stones from our homelands, cook old world meals without an elder to guide me, dive deeply into research, lap up ancestral stories, &  have tracked my family's route over 7 generations to the western shores of Turtle Island. I've been given the position of Bean Feasa and do my best to live up to it. It is slow work that fills my soul and fuels my purpose. Each day I pray the healing that I receive is felt by my Ancestors and removes encoded patterns from our own history of genocide so as to clear a path for our descendants.

When @_ursa presented me with this vintage Irish cloak I felt like my clans were wrapping their loving arms around me - I could FEEL them present in an even closer way than I had before. That I really DO have a people and I am not as alone with my heirlooms and family trees, mumbling impossible looking words as I sometimes feel - especially having not yet walked where our Ancestral bones rest. It felt as a confirmation I could finally stand tall in a traditional dress of culture after so much had been lost. That my work mattered.

The story of how she came to have it is one familiar to medicine women who follow their intuition. Full of trust, a little mystery, and serendipity.
I don't know that I can ever fully portray to you Amanda how your gift has, and will always, move my heart and comfort my soul. Thank You. Thank You 🙏❤ A big Thank You to Miss. E too for snapping a few pics of me at the river in it today 😘 Here are a few of wild frost and beauty along the Mamquam as well.

Íslím don diagacht ionat

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I'm slowly and purposefully feeling ever so slightly into the energy field of Possibilities now that Winter Solstice is closer at hand. Im a bit early but this fine thread to follow provides great comfort. This is a time where so much has fallen away that there is an element of stillness. A quality of Not Knowing. Constructs perhaps once thought of as solid structures to build on have succumbed to inevitable atrophy. These darkest, longest nights of the year signal what I call "the Void". The natural world is reflecting my inner processing. It's hard to see far along the path with so little light - even when I know where I'm going. In life as in forest. Within as is with out. And yet. And yet, this space and place of stillness where ideas and plans seem too unformed to grasp onto also holds the space and place for great possibility. The cauldron is too deep to see what will be brought up to the surface - but things are just beginning to smell good. The night is dark and cold - but there is a wisp of magic in the air. Not a lot, but enough to keep putting one foot in front of the other and trusting the process.

Making art at these times helps me to keep those life creating channels open - even if it's just 1 mandala a day. Holding a quality, intention, prayer, or feeling while drawing anchors it like a trail of lanterns as I go on into the Void. I can look back and instantly see little beacons illuminating what I've learned.

Today was about Possibility.

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When the going gets tough, the Tough get... more gentle 
I'm shifting my mindset to regularly use these incredible (and local!) herbal healing supports * each day * instead of only when I see them or when I hurt bad enough.

My dream team for chronic soft tissue ailments is a devil's club & fireweed cream made my a first nations man in Powell River, a dandelion salve made by one of my favourite medicine women in Squamish, cannabis salve also made in Squamish, and a calming herbal tincture by the island's popular Harmonic Arts.

I have such reverence for this collection. Such appreciation for the time is takes to ethically gather and step into the big process of informed medicine making. I feel connected to the plants and to the people who made these when I open the jars and smell and feel them. How silly that I can forget to use them or even think to save them for "worse pain". I'm sure I'm not alone in this. If you were to look in your medicine basket or cabinet - what helping remedy is waiting, just waiting for it's full potential to support you?

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When the going gets tough, the Tough get more... gentle.

As the Autumn descent crawls closer to the mysterious void of the darkest days of the year, my personal work (and that of many many others) deepens. For some it might present with feelings of a full stop or stagnation in the progression of life situations around us. For others it might appear as internal or external chaos (or both!) These are times we are really being called to drawing on our tools, implementing the medicine ways we have on hand, and dedicating to tending to what is at the very deepest root of what our winter work is each year. The clues to what that is comes from what our day-to-day experiences are lately, then bringing awareness internally by self reflecting on our reactions to them and hunting out what it is at it's simplest essence. 
This year's winter work for me is a bit deeper and more profound than some other years. And it's certainly providing a lot of opportunity to know myself more and tend to some very personal aspects.

Two ways I am supporting myself and balancing with gentleness through this is beginning a dedication to doodle, draw, or paint a Mandala every day. No set rules or number of days. No mission of artistic result. Purely as a medatitive means to keep that channel between my left and right brain open. Keep the flow between my physical reality and the unseen realms moving and in dialogue.

The other self dedication is to consistently remember to tend to my physical body. Too often I use incredible natural slaves, tinctures, or healing oils only when I see them and think, "Oh right! I love this. Where could I apply this right now?" Instead of, "Shoot, my tendinitis/back pain/migraines/fill-in-the-blank would benefit from applying this EVERY day...even when it's not flaring up" 
So here's to an extra dose of self tending and gentleness. Keep our bodies a bit warmer and our spirits a bit lighter everybody. We work hard and deserve some ease too 🙏❤ #whenthegoinggetstough #mandala #autumn #wintersolstice #medicinewheel #selfcare #thedescent #spiritwork
WOW! Biggest shout out to @becleannaturally for being such a wonderful supporter of The Sanctuary! We all love love love your delicious smelling, effective, and health promoting products 🙏❤🌷 What a beautiful surprise to great us and our guests 😊 My top most favourites are the Thieves liquid hand soap and the Frankincense & Vanilla WHIPPED body butter - Just. Wow!

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When we spend time with an intention, the real and focused time it takes to paint, draw, or doodle a symbol, art piece, or Mandala - we truly get to know and refine the essence of just what it is we are calling in and creating.
Our etheric bodies, our subconscious minds, and of course our beta state, waking, walking, talking consciousness instantly recognize all of the layers of meaning infused into and emanating from it.
It's been great to draw mandalas with @annmariemckenzie13 and anchor some intentions 🙏

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I'm anchoring the beauty of stillness and a deeply grounding peace into my heart this weekend.
When a bay like this is at our fingertips full of seals, ravens, and eagles, with cacao, art, and conversation up in the Sanctuary - it's an opportunity to dive as deeply as possible into personal medicine work and nervous system balancing.

What a blessing to be alive on such a beautiful day 🙏

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Last weekend was our last Sacred Places Solo Spaces gathering of the year. It was both difficult and beautiful for me; comprised of the very stuff of life... and plenty of death too.

During our walk in, we opened our awareness to signs and omens relating to situations we each had on hand - and paused together in silence mid trail at 11:11 to remember those fallen in battle. My body felt anchored and grounded into the concept of Standing for Peace and asked for all experiencing war to truly come to know safety. I remembered how as a child that minute felt like forever and now my prayers were just getting really good and started when it was time to move deeper into the forest.

The first half of my time solo was spent moving from the discomfort of literally sitting in the stench of death into surrender, acceptance, and the perhaps too often overlooked beauty of it all. This was my hardest sit yet. I did not journey nor leave elaborate mandala like offerings - only a pinch of tobacco and a single rose petal. I was anxious and my body fought resting into my surroundings the entire time. It's taken me 5 days to even post about it. I was acutely aware of what needed to die in my life alongside these Salmon when I noticed this muddy water's edge with decay FULL in my nostrils was also speckled in sunlight, held hidden mushrooms, and a soothing babbling brook filled my ears until a haunting and alluring flute song gifted grace to the spawning and dying layered into the air. There was life here - mixed with sacrifice. Rot and nourishment both.

Knowing a fire ceremony in the open fresh air was waiting called me out of the discipline of staying and into expanse, space, and like-minded company. Like when the most simple of foods taste like heaven after a fast - so too did I savour.

Bless these good lands. Nch'Kay & Mamquam. The returning Salmon & Grandfather Fire. Bless each heart who joined us & @tammrablove 's newfound song. And bless too our discomforts, even in extreme, and the medicine of always finding our way home. (Sound on for these!) #sacredplacessolospaces #shamanicliving #salmonmedicine #fireceremony #squamish #shamanism #liamala #uncededterritory #Mamquam
I don't always work for pie
But when I do it's for @_ursa 's famous homemade pecan pie!

Just like our time together - rich, deep, and a bit like a party even when serious stuff is being done.

She didnt know this but my Nana used to serve pecan pie often when I was young, it was her favourite. So there was a sweet dialogue between us through this thinly veiled time while I savored the last (and carefully guarded) piece. I love the layers upon layers that come with our human experience ❤

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