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Here, we innovate with purpose & use science every day to create real impact in every life around the world. #LifeWith3M #WonderWithUs


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The #YoungScientist finals are here! Tune in to @3M, @DiscoveryEd & @AstronautAbby today & tomorrow for challenge updates. You won't want to miss it!
Many skilled trade jobs also use #STEM. Are you in a career that uses math and science? Read about other #skilledtrades careers. (Link in bio) #FutureOfWork
As modern #manufacturing evolves, how do we prepare the workforce for their future careers? Read how companies, schools and the government are working to close the #skillsgap. Click link in bio to learn more or visit 

#MFGDay18 #skilledtrades #FutureOfWork
Working safe while preparing a classic car for priming and painting at Innovative Restoration’s Wallingford, CT shop. 📷: @innovativerestorations
Inspired by the solar system, “Orbit”, an installation at #singaporenightfestival, creates an out-of-this-world experience. Visitors use light from flash photography to reflect off 3M retroreflective materials, giving the “planets” an iridescent glow. #sgnightfest
With cars processing data in real-time, how do drivers safely use that information on the road? Check out our Instagram Story or visit
 www.3M.com/futureofmobility. #FutureOfMobility
Future #YoungScientists, how do you personalize your study space? @commandbrand has a few tips for you! (Link in bio.) #BacktoSchool #DIY #YoungScientist
Everyone's career path looks a little different. Sue's included English Lit and the support of a good friend, which led her to a career as an IT Manager at 3M. Learn about the career opportunities that are right for you. Link in bio. #LifeWith3M
Are you a #YoungScientist in the making? @postit has a few #STEM study tips for you! See link in bio.

#BackToSchool #MakeItStick #CelebrateScience
Everyone's career path looks a little different. Angelines' brought her to different countries, roles and career opportunities, ultimately leading to her role as a Technical Supervisor at 3M. Learn more about #LifeWith3M. Link in bio.
Curious how this 12-story installation came to life? We partnered with The Vomela Companies to fit nearly 1,000 pieces of @3mfilms on two sides of our HQ building, like a mosaic. #WonderWithUs
Why did we transform our HQ? Here, passionate problem-solvers leverage curiosity to make positive impact. We want to invite the world to join us. What fuels your curiosity? #WonderWithUs