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Adam, Jason, Mikey, Scott and Tim...Just 5 awesome guys talking about Disney in the adult way.


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Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Disney Couples our there! #keepitdisney
Build that Spanish Pavilion NOW!!!! #vivaespana #paella
Mornings on the Savanna #DAK #3sheetsnation
Happy Olympics Day!!!! What sport are you most excited to watch. This morning Mixed Doubles Curling was on...best sport ever! #curlbabycurl
Thank you Walt
Let me tell you, go take  Disney cruise...it’s amazing. Check out episode 44 for the deets on the DCL.
Cruise Director Minnie and my wife and I on our November 2017 sailing aboard the Disney Magic. If you’ve been on a cruise, post a pic and tag us @3sheetspodcast
What, you don’t have this magical glassware?? Get over to www.themagicalmeltdown.com and pick up a set of beautiful glencairn glasses. #3sheetstothemouse #disney4adults
Guys...the things I have to go through to edit the show...it’s a rough life.
Happy Monorail Monday!!! #3sheetsnation #disney4adults
A little glimpse into where I (Scott) record. My “Mangeon” is coming along nicely.
Gotta start posting more to our Instagram. As an apology, here’s a 2011 photo of Me and my Best Friend in Morocco...oh and there’s a guy named Bobby in the picture too. #3sheetsnation #wdw4adults