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I have kids🦕.
I does hair.
I is regular af.

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The only one who walked out of the gun show with a gun 😂
If he isn’t my twin. I don’t know who is. My baby boy. Love him so much. He gets on my damn nerves with his little man antics but it’s apart of growing up. I don’t expect perfection, just never stop trying ♥️♥️♥️. You’re not a loser when you don’t win. You’re a loser when you stop trying. I feel like a lot of parents put too much pressure on their kids and not enough love and affection. Don’t let expectations overshadow your children’s accomplishments, big or small. And stop comparing your kids to other kids. Have y’all not learn your own lessons through our traditional old school ass Asian parents? Damn..
Oh and that’s my cat. His name is Mr. Bags but we call him Bags or like my father says “BAAAAGGHH!” 😂😂🤫
If this ain’t me, I don’t know what is.
The next snow storm, I’m going to call you for some fries with salt pepper ketchup from the spot down the street from my house and you just better show up with them salt pepper ketchup fries. That’s the equivalence of us standing in the rain and sharing umbrellas with strangers because everyone’s there for the same reason, to celebrate the success of y’all mfers 😂. Shoutout to @drmartensofficial because my Jadon’s kept my feet nice and dry and above the mud! 😂😂😂👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿🤙🏿🤙🏿 HOLLA
Slumber party.
I have the greatest obsession with clouds.
We’re just enjoying this banging ass breeze lol... before the storm comes 😭
He called the clouds stupid🙄
We love the hammock 😂 - when Oliver was still an infant, I used to take him out here to lay out on the hammock and enjoy the sun and breeze - good times, now he’s a dick and won’t leave me alone 😂 just playing. I love my kids
Damn. That was deep. 😂
My bubbubbbbb.
New mugs lol