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Am a mom🦕.
I does hair 👉🏿 @injuliewetrust .
Be better, not bitter.
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Oliver handed this photo to me ♥️.
Kamerin Overload🤗. #6thGrader #KAMERIN
When you set a goal and your goal has been met *dark black sunglasses drops to eyes* 😎. I know I wanted to sit front row and literally center and guess what mfers... HhhahHhHhahahahaha I did. Thanks to my team (y’all knows who y’all is) - sacrificing sleep and dealing with my psycho antics - couldn’t have done it without y’all 😂😭😍. Not quite sure if they had a choice but hey, they love me. Duh.. 😂.
Today I met really incredible people - They’re ALL individually talented AYE EFFF! And also made a new hair friend!! Give her a follow! She’s so precious! We both showed up before the doors even opened 😂 GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE... I AM SO EXCITED to utilize all of the brains we picked from today’s collab class. It isn’t just about hair, it’s life.
Currently driving through NY, can’t wait to get home and be with my babies and sleep. Mama tired af. I have finals this week. Shit, it’s tomorrow. I’m dead.
Last week, Benson’s Bowling Birthday Joint😝.
Kamerin, my precious.

You know what’s the hardest part about being a parent? Sometimes you have to wait a really long time for your kids to understand. This caption isn’t meant for the narrow mindedness.
My parents.
The crew stopped growing after Mr. Benny Benson was born. This full of attitude little turd, love his sassy ass🙄😂♥️. I can’t take him seriously because his eye rolling is so legit and his cheeks are so 😂😂😂. Lil chunky turd. Happy Birthday to my ugly nephew Benson. Oliver’s part time best friend. 😂
Puahahahaha.. he didn’t cry this year but he definitely was stiff af about it. #santapictures2018 #photographermadeustakeoffourglasses #becauseoftheringlightglare #lawd.. #2blindmice
Telling him secrets ♥️
You’re welcome. 😂
Thankful for some apples.