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We traveled the 48 continental United States without taking an interstate. Now we're sharing tips to help you plan your own back roads road trip!


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A round barn!  They’re pretty rare, and the few I’ve seen, I’ve been too slow to capture with a camera.  The others live in my memory, but I'm excited to finally have a photograph of one. #offthebeatenpath #roadtrip #countryliving #farm #barnaul #roundbarn #silo #barnsofinstagram #barnsofamerica #midwest #whitebarn #viewfrommywindow #shotfromamovingcar #abmtravelbug #postcardsfromtheworld #travelblogger #cloudgram #stateology #igersusa #discovertheroad #Indiana #naturalindiana #H2GIndiana #igersindiana #indy_visit #travelphotography #backroads #lovetotravel #mytinyatlas #traveltheworld
A field of wind turbines was under construction as we cruised through southeastern Indiana. You don’t realize just how massive these things are until you’re up close.  For size reference, there’s a Dodge Ram beside/below the center of the propeller piece! #windturbine #windturbines #alternativeenergy #naturalindiana #H2GIndiana #igersindiana #indy_visit
When you’re on a back road in the heartland, you expect to see lots of corn.  We did see a lot of corn, but we also encountered a lot of this pretty, fall-colored mystery crop.  Talking to a local solved our mystery: we found out that soybeans are a common crop to rotate with corn for ideal soil conditions.  They also look really pretty this time of year! #heartland #midwest #crops #farmland #farm #cloudgram #myperspective #myview #epicskyshots #shotfromamovingcar #countryliving #Indiana#naturalindiana #H2GIndiana #igersindiana #indy_visit
We stopped for lunch at the Village Ice Cream Parlor in picturesque downtown Lebanon, Ohio.  An attractive little town full of historic buildings and local businesses (and a stunning library!), it was surprisingly busy at midday on a Friday.
Such a pretty pastoral scene: a weathered barn complete with a barn quilt square, next to a yellowing crop of soybeans, under a blue sky full of big, puffy clouds.  Views like this one on US 68 in Ohio are among my favorite sights from the back roads of America.
We're back! We're on the road this week, heading to Indiana for a short work trip. Passing through Elizabethton, TN, we encountered the State Line Theater and talked about how cool it would be to watch old movies from the back of our truck at an old drive-in under the shadow of the Appalachians.
Fortunately, conditions were clear and perfect for viewing totality in our backyard.  Unfortunately, that's not where we were, and the clouds rolled in precisely at the big moment. Good news though, I figured out a lot about eclipse photography and am ready for #eclipse2024!
Don't miss the World's Largest Garden Gnome in the Hudson Valley!  I forgot to pack my telephoto lens, so the poor guy's a little blurry.
Ogunquit was such a pleasant surprise.  We loved walking through town and across the bridge over the Ogunquit River to the beach, and were surprised by how blue - and how cold - the water was!
Boats drift in the harbor in Kittery Point, ME.
A beautiful, peaceful evening out by the creek in Kittery Point, ME.
The hour we spent in Kennebunkport left me wishing we'd had more time to roam its charming streets. But we left with two incredibly delicious slices of wild Maine Blueberry pie from Alisson's Restaurant, which we heated up and enjoyed a la mode later.