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Aussie family of 4, coddiwompling around Europe in a motorhome fulltime. Snapping away on our iPhone as we go! 😀 🇳🇫🇦🇺


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How do you keep little people in an autocamp amused? Give them coloured chalk and point out the small patch of concrete! @findthemapandgo
Exploring Sofia
Welcome to Sofia, Bulgaria 🇧🇬
We can’t read the menu and have no idea what we are eating...but it tastes great 👍🏻
Fine dining? Really? 😂
Getting closer to Turkey! Can’t wait to explore Bulgaria first!
I thought we’d used up our Kuna and Lipas before leaving Croatia...Oops. I guess now we’ll just have to go back 😉 FYI The 200kn note is worth about €30
We slept here - yes, it’s a supermarket carpark! 😂The night before, it was a cemetery carpark! It’s a glamorous life 😂
Driving through downtown Niš (Serbia), in search of a spot to park for the night!
“I see where I went wrong now. The Moustache Wax Emporium is between ‘Perambulators R Us’ and ‘Max’s Discount Monocles’...”
Until today, we didn’t know much about Naïve art. Croatia opened the worlds first gallery dedicated to this art form in the 1950s. Naïve artists are self-taught painters and sculptors who developed their own unique style. Many Croatian Naïve artists painted on glass and the end result is beautiful!
According to legend in Zagreb, a great fire in 1731 destroyed every part of the city’s wooden gate, except for the painting of the Virgin and Child. People believe that the painting possesses magical powers and come regularly to pray, light candles and leave flowers. Engraved on these stone slabs are messages of thanks and praise for Our Lady.