I made ginger ale with ginger,sugar,honey,lemon,cinnamon and carbonated water.
It’s good in summer!
Kawasaki Daishi Furin-Ichi 
Wind-Bell Market 
I’m in the Annan-man museum!
I had afternoon tea at Grillogy Bar in Hilton Hotel Odaiba today. #afternoontea
I was able to make umeboshi earlier than usual.
Because the rainy season finished before July!
I had lunch at a Russian restaurant in Asakusa.
Near the Kaminarimon-Mon. 
It was wonderful! So tasty 💕
How can I eat?
With hands?
Maybe I need a napkin…
Tea class.
Various types of iced tea.
And summer sweets.
I had lunch with my husband in Yokohama.How delicious it was!
I want to let my daughters and grandchild eat it.
I made French toast for breakfast.I love it 💕
It’s a little cool.
So I had Nabeyaki for lunch.
Today’s dinner. I made...
Mackerel stewed with miso.
Sendai-fu jaga. 
Goya champuru..bitter ground.
They were all tasty! I like them.