Kamukura ramen.
This is Osaka ramen. 
I had it at Kawasaki(^_^;)
It窶冱 nostalgic taste for me.
Happy Valentine窶冱 Day!
Gateau au Chocolat汳
I will listen to the classical concert.
#concert #classic
Lunch in Ofuna.
Sapporo Ramen with butter and corn.
Delicious 汳
Kawasaki Daishi 
It窶冱 one of the most famous temples in the Kanto region.
And near my house (^^)
Pancakes with fruits for breakfast. 
#pancake #maplesyrup
The first tea class this year.
Uva and tiramisu.
We tasted various kinds of tea with milk. #tea
Kingo Hamada.
I went to his concert in Akebonobashi.
 #luna eclipse #譛磯」
Chijimi:Korean pancake.
The turnip soup.
Today窶冱 breakfast.
Sliced bread with dried fruits and nuts(olive oiled confit),
sausages and cabbage soup,
Avocado and tomato salad.
Soup is good in winter morning シ遺鴬竏竕ヲシ
Afternoon Tea.
At an Italian restaurant in the Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku.