I had lunch with my friends at Monarizan. It is a famous restaurant in Kawasaki. 
This is crema catalana.
So tasty 〜(´∀`)
I’m staying at the Kyoto Tower Hotel with my family.
This is Nikujaga, famous Japanese dish.
There are various kinds of it.
I made it with new potatoes and pork for dinner. #肉じゃが
I had rice and curried ingredients such as meat, onion, raisins, walnuts, cheese and more.
It’s a kind of dried curry .
I like it very much 💕 #ドライカレー
I had hushed beaf and rice for lunch at Ueno-Seiyoken in Ueno Park.
It’s the best I have ever eaten! #ハヤシライス
Today’s lunch in Harajuku.
Bouquet of vegetables.
I usually make strawberry jam in spring.
It’s so tasty!
I’m in Tokyo Dome now!
I went to Kawasaki Zoological Park yesterday.
The cherry blossoms were in full bloom. So beautiful 💕
I’m coming the Sakura Festival in Gumyoji.
I wish it was fine.
However, sakura blossoms are beautiful 💕
Afternoon tea with friends on the internet at the Imperial Hotel.
I met them for the first time.
We had very comfortable time.