Lunch in Shibuya.
Heavy for lunch? But it was so good! 
I won’t be able to eat dinner (^◇^;)
I’m having lunch at Akita restaurant in Shinagawa Wing.This is Inaniwa Udon. It’s a very famous product of Akita. I like it very much💕
Lunch in Central Wholesale Market.
Lunch with members of English class. 
My first Unaju of the year.
I went to Shibuya to see the exhibition of “What did you have yesterday?”. I like the original manga of this television drama . Their recipes are so good!
Today’s dinner by myself .
Where am I now?
I’m in a dreamland …TDL!
At Harrods Cafe. 
I’m leaving London this evening.
Virgin Trains!
I went to Liverpool.
221b Baker Street !
Finally, I’ve come here!
Afternoon tea at Marriott Hotel in London 💕💕