50 Cent
No pain, no Gain LET’s GO!!! 👀wait what the fuck are you doing? LOL #POWER #THEOATH
🏃‍♀️🏋🏼‍♀️💃🏻Gains baby LETS WORK ,or next time. LOL#power #theoath
🤔Damn give the phone back you play too much. I️ can’t even be sick wit out you acting crazy.🤦‍♂️LOL #POWER #theoath
Let’s make America great again, take her out to the ball game. Then just grab her by the 😻 👀#power #theoath
I’m almost back, 4 weeks left FRIGO, let’s work people. #power #theoath
👀Damn why you gotta lie to grandma, just tell her where you got the butt shots DAMN🤕.#power #theoath
LOL man I’m snowed in, I’m bored🤕#power #TheOath
🤕look I️ know l need help LOL😆. I’m a go see somebody in the morning ok. #Power 🤭
I’m not showing y’all shit,😡that’s how shit get confused, 100 motherfvckers in a DM at once. 🤕 y’all better go some where wit that shit. LOL
🤔you ladies gotta stop being crazy because y’all feel like it. 🤕#power
👀I’m waking up to this shit, that was14 years ago. 🤦‍♂️smh who does this? What the fuck!🤨
Damn you sent Sade to a shelter, come on man. l will look out for her but you get a job, you fucked up $1.3 million in support already.